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Experts break down Raleigh, NC life insurance costs, coverage, companies, and more.

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The average funeral in Raleigh, NC can cost anywhere between $6,000 to $9,500, and that doesn't include a variety of other expenses associated with dying. Life insurance is designed to provide a safety net for your spouse and family members to pay death-related bills and other debts you may leave behind.

Fortunately, a local independent insurance agent in Raleigh has worked with local providers and understands your options when it comes to finding a life insurance policy. They will help you find the best life insurance in Raleigh for your and your family.

Is Life Insurance Required in Raleigh, NC?

Life insurance is never required by law, but it's worth considering. More than 10% of the population in Raleigh is over 65 years of age and the average life expectancy for residents of North Carolina is 77.

In addition, expenses related to death can be very high. In North Carolina, death-related expenses cost an average of $17,756. Life insurance not only helps pay for these costs but can be used to help your spouse or family pay off any debts you leave behind or ongoing finances such as mortgages, college tuition, monthly bills, and more.

What Does Life Insurance Cover in Raleigh, NC?

You'll have several options when you purchase your life insurance policy. Your agent will help you decide between policies based on your age, goals, and budget.

The most common types of life insurance are:

Term life insurance: This policy is purchased based on a term length, typically 10, 20, or 30 years, and it only pays out if you die within your policy term. If you're still alive when the end of your term is approaching, you can renew. 

Permanent life insurance: This policy covers you for your whole life and pays out no matter when you pass away. Within permanent life insurance are traditional whole life, universal life, and variable universal life options. Each policy has unique things about it that your agent can break down further. 

Whether you choose term or permanent life insurance, there are no guidelines on what your beneficiary can spend the money on. However, the most common things that people use life insurance payouts for include:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Ongoing monthly bills
  • Mortgage
  • Debt
  • Donations to charity

Save on Life Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How Much Does Life Insurance Cost in Raleigh, NC

The price of your life insurance policy will be determined by a number of factors:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Overall health
  • Whether you select a term or permanent policy
  • Amount of coverage you purchase

It's a common belief that term life insurance becomes more expensive as you age, but that is a myth. Prices are based on numerous factors which can make either a term or permanent policy the most affordable option for you.

It's also important to understand that you have the option of funding a cash account alongside a permanent life insurance policy. This could add to the overall costs of your life insurance policy. 

Who Are the Best Life Insurance Companies in Raleigh, NC?

Finding the best life insurance companies in Raleigh, NC is easy when you work with a local independent insurance agent. They have experience working with different carriers and can guide you on their reputation and the process your beneficiary will go through when you pass away.

How Can an Independent Insurance Agent Help You Find Life Insurance Quotes in Raleigh, NC?

No one likes to think about the end of their life, but most people want to leave their loved ones in a financially stable situation when they die. With multiple options to choose from, working with a local independent insurance agent is the easiest way to find the best life insurance in Raleigh.

Agents will chat with you, free of charge, and shop life insurance quotes in Raleigh before presenting you with your options. They can guide you on the best policy for you and your family so that your loved ones have financial assistance when you're gone.

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