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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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Many South Carolina residents own ATVs and enjoy taking them out to some of the many amazing ATV trails this state has to offer. Whether you prefer taking your UTV to the many different trails at the Palmetto Motorsports Complex in Gaston or enjoying family-time in your side-by-side at Carolina Adventure World in Winnsboro, this state certainly has ideal ATV trails for enthusiasts of every age and experience level. There are also a variety of South Carolina ATV insurance plans available to protect you from liability and financial loss.

Independent agents in the Trusted Choice® network can help you find a policy that meets your coverage and budgetary needs. Because they have relationships with many different insurance companies, these agents can readily provide you with a variety of competitively-priced South Carolina ATV insurance quotes. Find an agent today

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ATV Injury Statistics:

  • In 2010, about 115,000 Americans were seriously injured in ATV accidents
  • Approximately 28,000 of those injured were children under the age of 17
  • Between 1982 and 2011, a total of 146 South Carolina residents lost their lives in ATV accidents
  • Of those, more than 40 were children under the age of 17

The percentage of children hurt or injured in ATV accidents is very high in South Carolina. This state allows children of any age to operate an ATV and does not require safety courses, protective gear or insurance for any of its residents.

While many may find the lack of regulations liberating, it is also important to remember that it means you share the ATV trails with inexperienced and uninsured riders, which means you have an increased risk of being injured in a collision with another rider.

Laws and Regulations Regarding ATV Use in SC

  • ATV riding is not allowed in state parks
  • ATV use in state forests is permitted, but only on designated trails
  • Only street-legal vehicles may be operated on roadways

Many of this state’s residents have asked for more ATV regulations for children and it almost came in the form of Chandler’s Law, but the law was vetoed by Gov. Mark Sanford. Regardless of regulations, ATV enthusiasts would benefit from following basic safety guidelines.

Safety Advice for ATV Operators

  • Dress appropriately including a DOT-compliant helmet, eye-protection, boots, and gloves
  • Avoid riding an ATV when under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Know the number of passengers your ATV is designed to carry and do not exceed it
  • Do not allow children to ride adult-sized ATVs
  • Take an online or a hands-on ATV safety course

So what happens if your ATV is damaged or stolen, or if you are involved in an ATV-collision that results in injuries to yourself or another party? Many South Carolina residents believe that their homeowners insurance will provide them with property or liability coverage in these instances, but it is typically only applicable if the damage, loss or injury occurs while you are riding on your own property. If you ride on trails outside of your property, you need ATV insurance.

What Does South Carolina ATV Insurance Cover?

Owners of all sorts of all-terrain vehicles, including three-wheelers, four-wheelers and side-by-sides, can greatly benefit from an ATV insurance policy. A basic policy will provide liability coverage only, but you can also choose to purchase comprehensive and uninsured-motorist coverage.

  • Liability coverage: If you are responsible for an accident while operating your all-terrain vehicle, liability coverage will provide compensation for injuries to third-parties as well as any property damage you may have caused. Your liability coverage will also cover your legal defense, and can help to cover the cost of settlements or judgments if you are sued.
  • Personal property coverage: If you purchase a comprehensive policy, it will cover damage to your vehicle from an accident, regardless of fault. It will also provide coverage for loss or damage due to theft, vandalism, falling objects, weather-related events or fire.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: This coverage is optional, but in a state where insurance is not necessary and where riders are not regulated, it is a very good idea to include this coverage. This way, if you are injured or your property is damaged by an uninsured rider, you can be guaranteed coverage for your medical bills and losses.
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Ready to Save On Insurance?

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How to Compare South Carolina ATV Insurance Quotes

To ensure that you are getting your ATV insurance at the best possible rate, it is a good idea to compare several policies and insurance quotes. An independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can simplify this process by doing the comparison shopping for you.

Your local member agent can do more than just find you a policy at a great rate. These agents can also assist you with all your insurance-related needs and questions, and can even advocate for you during the claims process. Contact a local member agent today to start comparing South Carolina ATV quotes today.

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