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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert Written by Ann Herro
Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
Written by Ann Herro

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Parts of the Palmetto State are prone to forest fires. Recently, a major forest fire in Carolina Forest damaged or destroyed dozens of homes and other properties. Forest fires are not the only cause of fire damage in this state, however. Residential fires are most frequently caused by cooking accidents, faulty wiring or carelessness with candles or cigarettes. Fortunately, South Carolina fire insurance can help you rebuild after the devastating effects of a fire.

An independent insurance agent in our network can ensure that you have sufficient coverage to protect your home and belongings. These independent agents work with several different insurance companies to find you all the coverage you need at competitive rates. Contact a member agent near you to learn more and to start comparing South Carolina fire insurance quotes.

South Carolina Fire-Related Deaths and Injuries

  • In previous years, more than 1,400 SC residents were injured by fires
  • 86 of these injuries proved fatal
  • Of these deaths, 78 occurred in residential fires
  • In nearly 30% of the instances where someone lost their life in a residential fire, there were no working smoke alarms in the home

The South Carolina Fire Injury Prevention Program (SCFIPP) aims to reduce the number of fire-related injuries and deaths by supplying residents with fire education, smoke alarms and assistance with smoke-alarm installation.

The Importance of South Carolina Fire Insurance

The National Fire Prevention Association estimates there are over 370,000 domestic fires causing around $7 billion in damage every year. A lot of these fires turn out to be relatively harmless incidents that are contained quickly. A fair number, however, turns out to be more significant and causes a great deal of loss, damage, and inconvenience.

You do not need to purchase a specific fire insurance policy. You should have sufficient coverage available through your home, business, car or even boat insurance policies. What you will need to do is review your currently-held policies to ensure that the coverage you have is sufficient in the event that a major fire destroys all you own. This is where a member of our network can help.


Save on Fire Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Does South Carolina Fire Insurance Cover?

Fire insurance can provide you with compensation for loss or damage to your personal property. You can obtain coverage through a number of different insurance policies that you may already have. Among them:

  • Home insurance: Your home insurance policy will provide you with coverage for damages to the structure of your home as well as for the contents kept within. When purchasing contents coverage, you can opt for actual-value or replacement-value coverage. While replacement-value coverage is more expensive, it can provide you with enough compensation to repurchase all lost items in your home, regardless of their actual, depreciated values.
  • Renters insurance: If you rent your home and your belongings are damaged in a fire, your landlord is not responsible for compensating you for your losses. You will need to be certain that your property is sufficiently covered by a renters insurance policy.
  • Business insurance: If you own a business, your business insurance policy works as does a home insurance policy. You can purchase specific coverage amounts for both the structure of the building if you own it, and the materials and property kept inside. You will want to be sure that your business contents coverage is sufficient to allow you to replace all damaged items. Your business insurance policy may provide income while your building is closed for repairs. An agent in our network can explain more.
  • Car or truck insurance: If you have comprehensive coverage as part of your vehicle insurance policy, you are covered against fire damage. Comprehensive coverage is often required by lenders if you finance the purchase of your vehicle, otherwise, it is optional.
  • Boat, ATV, and other insurance: Many recreational-type vehicles are covered against fire damage by your home insurance policy, but only if they are damaged by fire while they are on your property. If you store your property elsewhere, you will need to have comprehensive insurance coverage on it, otherwise, it will not be covered.

Learn More About South Carolina Fire Insurance

You can reduce your risk of fire-related injuries and loss by taking precautions like installing smoke alarms and developing a fire-escape plan for you and your family. If you live near woodland or scrubland, be vigilant about clearing brush and other inflammable material from around your home. Most importantly, make sure that you have adequate fire insurance to protect your finances if you suffer significant property loss due to a fire. An independent insurance agent in our network can help you find competitively-priced policies that meet all your fire coverage needs. These agents can answer your insurance-related questions and can help you review the coverage options available to you. 

Contact a member agent near you today for help comparing South Carolina fire insurance quotes.

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