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Condominium living is an ideal alternative for many of South Carolina’s residents. Condo owners benefit from close proximity to shopping and dining, hassle-free maintenance of common areas and shared amenities such as swimming pools and fitness centers. Your condo association will have a master policy that covers the physical structure of your building and the common areas, but these policies do not provide coverage for damages inside the walls of your home. 

For this coverage, you will need to rely on a South Carolina condo insurance policy. With more than 22,000 independent member agencies nationwide, there is are independent insurance agents nearby to help you with all your insurance needs. Member agents have each pledged to provide excellent individualized service. Contact a network agent in your ZIP code today to receive a variety of obligation-free South Carolina condo insurance quotes.

Average Condominium Prices in South Carolina

  • Clover: $181,250
  • Fort Mill $143,283
  • Hilton Head Island: $1,900,000
  • Lancaster: $68,000
  • Rock Hill: $111,406
  • Tega Cay: $249,442
  • York: $112,900

Because of the condo association’s master policy, condominium owners do not have the same insurance coverage needs as traditional homeowners. A South Carolina condo insurance policy, also known as an H-06 is a type of homeowners policy designed to meet the unique coverage needs of condo owners. These policies provide coverage for your personal belongings and also provide liability coverage for your risks as a condominium or townhome owner.

If you are a condo or townhome renter, you do not need to purchase South Caroline condo insurance; a renters insurance policy will suffice. Your landlord will carry insurance on all major appliances already in the unit, as well as carpeting, windows, and flooring, for example.  As a tenant, you'll need to carry insurance to cover your personal belongings, including small appliances, clothing, jewelry, and other items you keep in your townhome.  Ask your agent about appropriate renters insurance coverage limits for your needs and risks.

South Carolina Condo Insurance Covers Your Personal Property

Before you purchase your condominium, be sure to read the by-laws and trust agreements of the condo administration. In most cases, condo owners are responsible for covering everything within their unit, including permanent fixtures and home improvements. A comprehensive condominium insurance policy can protect you from the financial burdens associated with replacing lost or damaged items due to fire, weather damage or theft.

Residents of condos and townhomes live in close proximity to one another, so damages caused by fires are common. A fire in a neighboring unit can cause extensive damage to your place, leaving you with big out-of-pocket costs if you're not prepared. Your personal belongings, even if not burned, may be damaged by smoke or water, especially if your unit is equipped with an automatic sprinkler system. An H-06 policy can cover you for sudden damage from fire and other hazards, and give you peace of mind when the unexpected happens.


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South Carolina Inclement Weather Statistics

  • On average, 12 tornados touch down in this state each year
  • In 1995, 54 tornados struck South Carolina
  • Since 2000, 28 tropical storms, hurricanes, and tropical depressions have affected residents of this state

Weather can also cause significant damage to your property. As a condo owner, you are not responsible for covering structural damages to your building; however, you are most likely to be responsible for covering all damages inside, including interior walls. So, if a storm causes problems with the roof of your building and you then experience water damage within your home, you will not need to cover repairs to the roof, but you will need to cover the repairs and replacements necessary within your home.

Finally, vandalism and theft can result in property loss and damage. Most condominium complexes have high-tech entry management equipment, gates, and fences, but these security measures are not always enough to keep intruders away. Knowing that your South Carolina condo insurance will provide coverage to help you replace your stolen or damaged items can make the aftermath of a robbery a bit less stressful.

S.C. Property Crime Statistics from Neighborhood Scout

  • The per capita property crime rate in S.C. is significantly higher than the U.S. average
  • 10 out of 1,000 South Carolina residents are victims of burglary each year
  • By comparison, 7 out of 1,000 U.S. residents are victims of burglary each year
  • There are nearly 47,000 reported burglaries in this state each year

An agent can help you determine your individual personal property coverage needs. Sometimes additional riders may be necessary for full coverage for your more valuable items such as jewelry or artwork. To make the process of determining your coverage needs simpler, you can create an inventory list of all your belongings and bring it with you when you meet with an agent.

South Carolina Condo Insurance Protects You from Liability Expenses

Accidents sometimes happen, and if a visitor is injured while visiting in your home, you can find yourself responsible for medical bills and punitive damage fees. This can occur if someone slips on a wet floor or trips over a loose floorboard. You may also find yourself held liable for injuries caused by your children or pets, as well as slander or libel charges. Most South Carolina condo insurance policies provide coverage for all liability claims and will also cover your court costs and legal fees if a covered incident leads to your being taken to court.


Save on Condo Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Find the Right South Carolina Condo Insurance Policy for You

When shopping for a suitable condo insurance policy, it is important that you are familiar with the bylaws of your condominium’s master insurance policy. That way, you be certain that you are neither underinsured nor paying for more coverage than you need. An independent agent in our network may be able to help you review your master policy and ensure that the policy you purchase is right for you. Find an agent today.

Every member of our network has taken a pledge to provide exceptional customer service and ethical advice to customers. Independent agents have relationships with several different insurance carriers and will be able to use these relationships to provide a variety of competitively-priced policies from which you can choose. 

Find a local member agent today and start comparing South Carolina condo insurance quotes.

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