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The state of California has an abundance of campgrounds, mountains, scenic vacation retreats and wineries where residents and tourists can go while enjoying their motorhomes. So, having appropriate RV insurance coverage for your RV is very important, and because these policies tend to be a bit expensive, it would be beneficial for you to compare a number of motorhome insurance quotes before you select a policy.

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California RV Statistics

  • Californians bought $2.2 billion of RVs in 2017 second only to Indiana of all newly manufactured RVs, making this state second only to Texas in terms of numbers of RVs purchased and owned.
  • There are 1,055 RV parks in the state of California, 131 of which can accommodate the largest RVs.

How Does RV Insurance Differ from Auto Insurance?

As their name implies, recreational vehicles are, in fact, vehicles. As such, they need to have insurance coverage. However, because owners also use RVs as homes, there is usually a lot of personal property kept within, thus opening the door to other types of liability and property damage risks. RV owners must therefore have home insurance as well. RV or motorhome insurance provides owners with both types of coverage in one convenient package.

Furthermore, because RVs are much larger and heavier than most vehicles on the road, the potential for damage and injury to others is much greater in the event of a collision. For this reason, motorhome insurance policies frequently offer higher levels of liability insurance protection than do traditional vehicular policies.

What Types of RVs Do These Policies Cover?

There are different types of recreational vehicles. Some such as fifth-wheel trailers and other towable campers are not actually motorized vehicles. Thus, they need trailer insurance rather than RV insurance, which is exclusively for motorized vehicles that also serve as living quarters.

The following are types of motorhomes that you can cover with RV insurance in California:

  • Class-A: Shaped like a large bus, these are the largest and most expensive RVs available.
  • Class-B: With the appearance of a large van, these are the smallest and most maneuverable RVs. Many are equipped with pop-outs or pop-ups that can expand the RV's living space when camping.
  • Class-C: Shaped like a truck with bunk space over the top of the separate driving cab, these RVs are similar to Class-A’s in terms of amenities, but they are usually a bit smaller.

What Coverage Options Can You Expect To Find?

Insurers provide both auto and home insurance for recreational vehicles, so you will find insurance options for each of these two categories of coverage.

Vehicle-related coverage options include the following:

  • Liability insurance: This covers the costs associated with third-party injuries or property damage if you are responsible for a collision while driving your RV.
  • Personal injury protection insurance: This covers medical expenses for injuries sustained by you or your passengers if you are involved in a collision while operating your RV, regardless of fault.
  • Collision insurance: This compensates you for the costs associated with the repair or replacement of your motorhome if it sustains damage in a collision, regardless of fault.
  • Comprehensive insurance: This coverage compensates you for the repair or replacement of your motorhome if it sustains damage in a non-collision-related covered event such as a flood, fire, falling object or property crime.
  • Roadside assistance insurance: This covers the cost of assistance if your RV becomes inoperable while you are on the road. RVs require specialized assistance and towing, which would be rather expensive if you do not have coverage.

Home-related coverage options include the following:

  • Contents insurance: This covers the personal property you keep inside your RV including such things as clothing, cookware, décor and appliances. You may be able to receive compensation for your losses if you suffer property loss or damage as the result of a covered event.
  • Full-timer liability insurance: This is similar to the liability coverage provided by traditional home insurance policies. It is available to CA residents who live in their motorhomes more than six months out of the year.
  • Vacation liability insurance: Sometimes referred to as campsite liability insurance, this coverage is similar to full-timer liability coverage but covers you for a shorter period of time so that you have coverage during the times that you are using your RV for a vacation.

When comparing policies, be sure to ask about the coverage options offered by each insurance company. Some companies will provide you with more coverage options than those listed above.

How Much Does RV Insurance Cost in CA?

Generally, insurance rates average about $800 a year for Class-C motorhomes and can go as high as $4,000 a year for some of the more luxurious Class-A vehicles. Of course, these rates are averages. Your actual quotes may be significantly higher or lower, depending on a number of factors. Among them are these:

  • The type of RV you own (This includes its size, weight and value.)
  • Your RV’s make, model and year (Newer RVs are eligible for replacement cost coverage.)
  • How often you use your RV, including the number of miles you drive per year
  • The coverage options you choose and the coverage limits you select
  • The amount of your deductible
  • Your personal driving record and claims history
  • Whether you qualify for any discounts such as those given for multiple policies, automatic electronic payments and claims-free renewals

RV insurance rates can vary considerably from one insurance company to the next, so it is in your best interest to obtain at least three quotes before selecting a policy.

Find and Compare RV Insurance Quotes in California

Shopping for a competitively priced and inclusive RV or motorhome insurance policy in the state of California can be time-consuming. Fortunately, you can make the process of comparison-shopping much easier when you work with an independent insurance agent in the network. In addition to answering questions you may have and helping you evaluate your coverage needs, a local agent can work with a number of different insurance companies to provide you with an assortment of policies from which to choose.

There are several Trusted Choice agents with offices in California. Talk with an independent agent near you to learn more and to start comparing motorhome insurance quotes.

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