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Written by Meg Stefanac
Written by Meg Stefanac

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Beautiful, luxurious House with nice landscaping in Florida. Find Orlando Florida homeowners insurance.

With a population of around 300,000 people, Orlando is a thriving city with lots of attractions and entertainment venues. If you own a house in one of this lively city’s 115 neighborhoods, you can protect the investment you have made it in by purchasing a good homeowners insurance policy.

Local independent agents are available to help you find the best policy to cover your Orlando home. Because they are independent, they are free to work with some of the best homeowners insurance companies in Florida to find you a good policy at a great price. Find an independent insurance agent near you to learn more.

How Much Does Homeowners Insurance Cost in Orlando, FL?

Because of the many severe weather risks in Florida, homeowners insurance rates in this state are among the highest in the country. Fortunately, residents of Orlando tend to face fewer hazards than those who live in coastal cities, so the rates here are not as high as they are throughout much of the state.

  • National average yearly premium: $1,211
  • Florida average yearly premium: $1,951
  • Orlando average yearly premium: $1,789

Of course, this is just an average. Actual rates are calculated on a case-by-case basis and can therefore vary significantly from one homeowner to the next. Here are some factors that can influence your costs:

Some neighborhoods have higher average insurance rates than others. For instance, houses in Orlando’s Lake Nona neighborhood, which has a lot of large and expensive homes, will have a higher average insurance rate than homes in the Johnson Village neighborhood, which is a more affordable location.

Whatever neighborhood you live in, comparing quotes from a few different homeowners insurance providers lets you be sure you are getting your policy at the most competitive price.

What Risks Does Orlando Home Insurance Cover Against?

Your home insurance policy is designed to cover you against most of the damaging events you are likely to face as a property owner in Orlando. Covered risks include:

  • Property crimes: This can include crimes like burglary and vandalism. The property crime rate in Orlando is more than twice the national rate. An estimated one in 27 people in Orlando will be the victim of a property crime at some point, so it’s good to know you have coverage.
  • Fires: Accidental fires are not the only risk that homeowners in this area face. Florida averages second in the nation for the number of wildfires per year. Whether your home has been damaged by an accidental kitchen fire or by an out-of-control brushfire, your home insurance can help.
  • Severe storms: Thunderstorms can lead to damaging lightning strikes, and hurricanes and tropical storms can bring high winds that may uproot trees and damage homes. If a severe storm causes damage in your neighborhood, you will be glad you have homeowners insurance.
  • Tornadoes: Orlando has a moderate risk of tornado activity. While most tornadoes that strike in the area are rated F0, they can still cause significant damage to your house if it is in their path. Whether you just need a new roof or your house is completely destroyed, home insurance has you covered.
  • Hail: If you live in Orlando, you can expect to experience a hailstorm at some point. When hailstones exceed one inch in diameter, they can cause significant damage to roofs, gutters, siding, and landscaping features. Fortunately, home insurance covers against hail damage.

You will want to be sure that your homeowners insurance includes enough coverage to enable you to rebuild your house and replace all your property if the unthinkable happens.

A Word about Flood Damage in Orlando, FL

Homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage, even if the flood is the direct result of a covered hurricane or storm. According to FEMA, just one inch of rainwater in your home can cause as much as $25,000 in property damage, so floods can be quite problematic.

Fortunately, only about 7% of the properties in this city have a greater than 26% chance of sustaining flood damage over the next 30 years. That constitutes about 5,000 properties in total.

If your home is among the properties at risk, an independent agent can help you supplement your home insurance with an affordable flood insurance policy through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

These flood insurance policies enable homeowners to cover their property with up to $250,000 in dwelling coverage and up to $100,000 in contents coverage at an affordable price. Flood insurance takes 30 days to go into effect so do not wait until heavy rains are imminent to purchase a policy.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Is Loss of Use Insurance?

Tornadoes are among the most damaging risks that Orlando homeowners need to be prepared for. One of the worst to have affected the area was an F3 twister that touched down in 1998. This tornado caused around $15 million dollars’ worth of damage to local homes and businesses.

If your home is impacted by a disaster like a tornado or a structure fire, it may be rendered unsafe for habitation. If this happens, loss of use insurance, which is a standard part of your home insurance, can help.

Loss of use coverage is designed to pay for your temporary living expenses while your house is being repaired. It can cover things like accommodation costs, meals, temporary storage, pet boarding, moving expenses, and mileage reimbursement.

This coverage can continue until it is safe to return to your home or until you have built or purchased a new permanent residence.

Why Do Homeowners in Orlando Need Liability Insurance?

Everyone makes mistakes. When accidents, negligence, and errors in judgement cause serious damage to others, this can lead to expensive lawsuits. That is why your homeowners insurance includes a significant amount of personal liability coverage.

If you or someone in your household unintentionally cause someone else to experience injuries, financial losses, property damage, or other harm, your homeowners liability insurance can cover expenses like:

  • Court costs
  • Legal defense fees
  • Mediation costs
  • Settlements
  • Judgments

Some situations where homeowners liability coverage can help include if a guest is injured on your property and it can be attributed to negligence on your part, if your dog gets loose and bites a neighbor, of if you are accused of libel or slander.

If you want to have more liability coverage than your home insurance company can provide, you may want to also consider purchasing umbrella insurance. This is an affordable way to boost all of your personal liability coverage.

What Is the Burglary Rate in Orlando?

Although the overall burglary rate in Florida is lower than the national average, in Orlando, the risk is much higher. Residents of this city report an average of about 2,000 burglaries a year.

  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 people in the US: 3.76
  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 people in Florida: 3.38
  • Number of burglaries per 1,000 people in Orlando: 5.01

As with any large city, some neighborhoods in Orlando have higher crime rates than others. Your insurance company will therefore take your ZIP code into consideration when calculating your coverage rates.

If your house is broken into and your valuables are taken, you may gain some comfort in knowing that your homeowners insurance can compensate you for your loss. You will need a copy of the police report when you file your claim.

Many insurance companies offer home insurance discounts to policyholders who have security features installed in their homes including things like burglar alarms, video surveillance systems, barred windows, and deadbolt locks. Be sure to ask about these potential discounts when requesting quotes.

How Can an Independent Insurance Agent in Orlando, FL Help?

Independent agents in Orlando are ready to help you find the best and most affordable homeowners insurance policy. These experienced agents can answer your insurance-related questions and can help you rest assured that your property is suitably covered by a reliable, yet competitively priced, policy.

Arrange an obligation-free consultation with an independent insurance agent near you to learn more. You will soon discover how easy it can be to review customized quotes from some of the best homeowners insurance companies in Florida.

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