Get the Best Indianapolis, IN Mobile Home Insurance

Find the right mobile home insurance policy for you.

With 47 manufactured home and mobile home communities located in Indianapolis, this city has a high demand for mobile home insurance. Finding the right Indianapolis, IN mobile home insurance policy to buy can be a challenge. Your premiums will depend on where you live, the materials your home is made of, and where you plan to situate your residence. With so many variables, it can be hard to know how to find the best coverage at the best price.

By using an independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network, you can find the coverage you need. These independent agents can provide you with comparable Indianapolis manufactured home insurance quotes so you can buy the most suitable coverage for your beloved modular home and your possessions. Contact an agent right now to get started.

  • Annual property crime occurrences: 47,475
  • 15,196 burglaries were reported
  • 26,974 thefts were reported

Is Indianapolis Mobile Home Insurance Different From Home Insurance?

Yes, because mobile homes or manufactured homes are treated differently from regular homes. A mobile home, also known as a manufactured home, is defined as:

  • A home which is manufactured in a factory and is then transported to a site where it is fastened to the ground
  • Made of considerably lighter materials than a site-built home
  • Considered by insurance companies to have more risks because of how they are constructed and situated on a site

For these reasons, mobile home insurance is a bit different than homeowners insurance for a site-built dwelling. While these homes are lived in very similarly to a site-built version, the risks they face and the difference in materials set them apart in the eyes of insurers.

Do I Need Mobile Home Insurance for a Modular Home?

A modular home, on the other hand, is treated like a regular home by insurance companies. Although a modular home is built in a factory in sections, these types of homes are affixed to a foundation. They are also built with building materials more similar to those used in a regular home. A modular home owner can purchase a standard homeowner’s insurance policy.

What Does Mobile Home Insurance Cover?

The types of Indianapolis mobile home insurance coverage available include:

  • Homeowner’s Liability: Provides protection should someone become injured or their property is damaged as result of your negligence
  • Property Damage: Provides protection to your mobile home if it is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced
  • Personal Property: Provides compensation for your personal possessions if they are lost to burglary, theft or from natural disasters such as tornadoes or fire
  • Medical Payments: Provides coverage to cover medical expenses for anyone injured on your property or in your home

How Much Mobile Insurance Do I Need?

There are a number of different things you have to take into account when considering the purchase of Indianapolis mobile home insurance. These variables include:

  • The total value of your mobile or manufactured home
  • The total value of your possessions; note that specialty items such as art, and collectables such as a coin collections may require additional coverage
  • Additional policies to cover risks not covered in the standard mobile home policy such as flood insurance
  • Additional policies to cover your motorcycle or ATV
  • Sufficient liability coverage so that you can cover all legal and damage awards in the event you are sued in court by another individual
  • Whether you buy coverage for either depreciated value or replacement value

Where Can I Find Affordable Mobile Home Insurance?

The easiest approach to find affordable Indianapolis mobile home insurance is to contact an independent agent in the Trusted Choice network agent who lives in your area.

These agents can advise you on the type of insurance you need for your mobile home and can help you compare the various types of insurance policies which are available. They can answer all your questions so you can make an informed decision. Contact one of these agents today so you can find the right policy at an affordable rate and protect yourself, your possessions and your mobile home today.

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