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Written by Steve Dahl
Written by Steve Dahl

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The Hoosier state had 155,755 motorcycles registered in 2005. Motorcycle registration has seen a dramatic increase as many more riders are on the road today than ever before. This increase is partly due to rising fuel costs. A Consumer Reports survey of U.S. motorcycles and scooters found that bike owners ride an average of 1,000 miles per year – 82 percent of those miles for recreation and 38 percent for commuting. With that much time on the road, motorcycle owners need to make sure they are covered for unexpected accidents and damage.

Now that you have your new bike and are ready to get on the road, make sure you’re carrying the best insurance for your risks. Don’t get on that bike until it is fully insured; be prepared to recover from an accident that causes harm to you, your bike, or both. An independent Trusted Choice® member agent will help you choose the motorcycle policy that is right for you. Find an agent today to get started comparing Indiana motorcycle insurance quotes. Find an agent today.


Better Motorcycle Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Motorcycle Accident Facts

  • Motorcycle-related deaths increased by 55% in the past decade
  • 4,500 people died in motorcycle accidents in 2010 alone
  • Motorcycle injuries and deaths cost about $12 billion annually

Motorcycle accidents can happen to anyone, and with major financial consequences. If you’re uninsured and cause an accident with another motorcyclist, you’ll be responsible for any medical costs, damages, or court-related fees out of pocket. The cost of a hospital stay is rising steadily, and a judgment or fees for your lawyer in a court of law could easily push your savings to the brink.

If you’re worried you can’t afford the premium on your Indiana motorcycle insurance, consider these out-of-pocket costs. In the end, it’s going to be much more affordable to pay an annual or monthly premium than it is to shoulder astronomical medical expenses and legal fees. Your premium will be based on several factors, including:

  • Your age
  • Your experience driving
  • Where you live and park your motorcycle
  • The horsepower of your motorcycle, as well as it’s make and model

The proper motorcycle insurance policy can give you peace of mind. Comprehensive coverage will keep you protected if you’re in an accident, and if you’ve caused one. Your independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can provide several Indiana motorcycle insurance quotes with one quick phone call. Reach out today to get started.

What Types of Motorcycles Should Be Insured?

State law requires all motorcyclists to carry insurance on their bikes. If you’re taking to the road on your hog, make sure you’re covered by a comprehensive Indiana motorcycle insurance policy. It doesn’t matter if you are riding a chopper, sports bike or a dirt bike; you have more risks on the road than a driver who is protected by a seat belt, reinforced steel and an air bag.

Indiana is motorcycle friendly, and you will find everything from Harley Davidsons to BMWs and Kawasaki bikes on the road. In addition to there being plenty of scenic routes perfect for motorcycling, tons of motorcycles visit Indianapolis for Motorcycles on Meridian.


Better Motorcycle Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Does IN Motorcycle Insurance Do For You?

Indiana motorcycle insurance is important because it protects you financially from a variety of losses. Many motorcyclists feel they don’t need insurance because they are good drivers, but accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Theft is also a concern for many motorcyclists as well – because these vehicles are small and easily transported, thieves can easily take your bike and leave you with a major loss on your hands.

Getting full coverage allows you to receive compensation for your stolen bike, as well as for damages and injuries, even if the motorist who caused the accident is uninsured. Additionally, if you have a passenger who is injured in an accident, you will want to have medical payments coverage in place to cover your passenger’s medical needs. The liability portion of your policy will cover you if you cause an accident that damages someone’s property, injures them, or you are taken to court.

Contact an independent agent in the Trusted Choice network today to compare Indiana motorcycle insurance quotes. Your agent can help you review rates from multiple insurance companies and choose the policy that is best for you.

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