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Hattiesburg is a growing city that has managed to preserve the small-town feel of its previous era. In this southern town, you’ll find some of the country’s best-fried chicken along with hometown hops and southern style sweet tea. Whether you’re headed out for a day of shopping downtown or you’re hoping to spot the popular two-toed sloth at the Hattiesburg Zoo, don’t get behind the wheel until you’re covered by the best Hattiesburg car insurance

Our Independent Insurance Agents offer one-on-one assistance to drivers in Hattiesburg, giving you the chance to compare multiple rate quotes in one convenient place. Our friendly agents will walk you through the coverage options and help you create your own customized car insurance policy with just the right amount of coverage for liability, personal injury, and property damage.

  • National Average Cost Per Year: $1,311
  • Mississippi Average Cost Per Year: $1,584
  • #12 Most Expensive Auto Premium in the US

Car insurance trends on the higher side of national averages in Mississippi, but that doesn’t mean affordable coverage is out of reach. Our Independent Insurance Agents bring years of experience to the table, helping you find discounts and incentives to whittle down the cost of car insurance and help you score significant savings on your annual premiums. Ultimately, your personalized rate will depend on factors like your age, the kind of car you drive, and your recent driving record. 

Mississippi Car Insurance Requirements

  • Body Injury Liability: Required
  • Property Damage Reliability: Required
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Not Required
  • Minimum Liability Limits: 25/50/25

According to state laws, Mississippi drivers are required to have minimum liability coverages of $25,000 for personal injury, $50,000 for bodily injury, and $25,000 for property damage. You always have the option to purchase coverage above these minimums and that’s oftentimes a wise choice. After all, if you get into an accident and the costs exceed your coverage, you’ll be stuck paying the rest out of pocket. With healthcare costs rising, it doesn’t take long for a hospital bill to surpass that $25,000 coverage for personal injury! Talk to an agent to learn more about how much coverage you really need to be protected in case of an accident. 


Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Number of Uninsured Motorists in Mississippi

  • How many US drivers are uninsured: 13%
  • How many Mississippi drivers are uninsured: 23.7%

Mississippi has a high number of uninsured drivers, which means you are putting yourself at risk every time you head out on the roads in Hattiesburg. If you get hit by an uninsured driver, the burden of paying for car repairs and medical care will fall on you. Uninsured motorist coverage is a smart way to make sure you’re always covered in case of an accident so that you can have peace of mind when you get behind the wheel. 

Number of Auto Thefts in Mississippi

  • National Number of Thefts for 1,000 Vehicles: 2.28
  • Number of Thefts for 1,000 Vehicles in Mississippi: 2.34

Hattiesburg is generally a safe place to live and work, but auto thefts do happen once in a while. If you are the victim of a car theft, it can be devastating. Not only are you stuck without transportation, but you are left to find a way to buy a new car and replace any valuables you had inside your stolen vehicle. Our Independent Insurance Agents can guide you towards the best auto coverages that include auto theft. Then if your car does get stolen, the insurance company will pay for a replacement so you can get on with your life with minimum interruptions.

Find a Great Hattiesburg Car Insurance Policy

Choosing your Hattiesburg auto insurance policy starts with a call to our Independent Insurance Agents. Our friendly agents know the world of car insurance inside and out. They will walk you through all of the minimum coverage limits you need to meet Mississippi state requirements and then they will help you determine if you need to add extra coverage for auto theft and uninsured motorists. 

Contact an Independent Insurance Agent today to get your free quote on Hattiesburg car insurance!

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