Kansas City Homeowners Insurance

(How your rates and coverage can be less expensive)

Kansas City Missouri homeowners insurance

Kansas City, MO, is home to jazz and barbecue. This lively town has many features, and being large is one of them.

If you own a home in the 488,943 populated city, you'll need insurance. Coverage can be found through an independent insurance agent. Connect with a local agent on TrustedChoice.com to get started.

Do Property Crimes Impact Your Kansas City, MO, Insurance?

When you choose to live in a safe city, your home insurance premiums will reciprocate with lower rates. Being a victim of a burglary is less likely when the crime is down. Let's look at the numbers:

  • Number of burglaries per 100,000 households in the US: 376
  • Number of burglaries per 100,000 households in Missouri: 444.9
  • Number of burglaries per 100,000 households in Kansas City: 753.8

While the burglary rate is higher in Kansas City than the state and national averages, it's relatively safe for its size. To know how the crime will affect your homeowners insurance costs, connect with your local agent.

Catastrophes and Your Kansas City Home Insurance

Natural disasters that may damage your home in Kansas City, MO, do occur. Each state and city has its fair share of severe weather. To safeguard yourself and loved ones from a financial mess, make sure your coverage is sufficient.  

Frequent catastrophic events in Missouri:

  • The average number of tornadoes: 45
  • The most common natural disaster: Severe storms 
  • The number of claims paid in 2016: 1,060,782
  • The number of federally declared catastrophes since 1953: 68

Perils are what your homeowners policy protects against. You'll want to make sure coverage is accurate for Kansas City's most common claims:

#1 - Severe storms and lightning

#2 - Flooding and water damage

#3 - Severe ice and freezing

#4 - Burglary and other property crimes

#5 - Tornadoes

Flood insurance and your Kansas City home

Your primary home policy does not account for flood damage. It will exclude coverage altogether, making your need for a flood policy high. Your independent agent can help you gather quotes for flood insurance through FEMA-approved carriers. 

An agent can also pull your elevation certificate to determine what flood zone your home is located in. Even if your property is not in a high-risk zone, every location can flood at some time. Contact your local independent agent to get a flood quote today. 


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Do You Need Liability Insurance for Your Kansas City, MO, Home?

Almost every home insurance policy will require liability coverage. Every lender and carrier will have mandates on what coverages need to be included to satisfy their requirements. Some instances that liability coverage can protect against are:

  • Injury to a guest or trespasser
  • Slander caused by a member of the household
  • Injury caused by your animal
  • Accidental injuries or property damage occurring while away from home

You'll also want to look into additional liability coverage through an umbrella policy. Umbrella insurance will give you $1,000,000 in extra liability when your underlying home and auto policy limits have been exhausted. This is a great coverage to have in the event of a larger home claim. Speak with your Kansas City independent agent to get the limits of liability you need.

The Cost to Insure Your Kansas City, MO, Home

Your home insurance premiums will be different from almost everyone in the area. This is because the carriers customize and individualize coverage to your specifications. Since no two people are alike, no two premiums are the same either. The insurance companies use multiple factors to determine your home insurance costs. Let's look at the elements used below:

  • Crime rates in an area
  • Your insurance score
  • Your loss history
  • Coverage you select
  • Year, square footage, and construction type of your home
  • Whether you qualify for carrier discounts

It's essential to know where your premiums stand compared to the state and national averages.  

Homeowners insurance premium averages:

  • National average: $2,305
  • Missouri average: $3,111

Missouri is ranked the tenth most expensive state to have home insurance. However, your rates could be higher or lower than the figures above. To know your exact pricing, contact your local independent agent. 

How to Insure Your Airbnb or Vacation Home in Kansas City, MO

The insurance companies rate your Airbnb or vacation home a bit differently than your primary home policy. Because you are not occupying the house most of the time, the carriers take that into consideration. 

Different homeowners insurance policy types:

  • Landlord insurance: This will provide coverage for the home itself as well as liability and occupancy protection. 
  • Seasonal home insurance or secondary home insurance: A vacation home is one that you and your family would occupy on an occasional basis. The carriers account for the vacancy.

Why You Need a Kansas City, MO, Independent Insurance Agent

A local independent insurance agent can help you find the carrier to suit your home insurance needs. With dozens of markets, an independent agent can save you time and money.

Homeowners insurance is just a click away on TrustedChoice.com. They can connect you with a local independent agent in minutes.

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