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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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The state of North Carolina has nearly unlimited travel and vacation opportunities. The state offers over 300 miles of beaches, several theme parks, and 250 breathtaking miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway. For many people, these activities involve loading up motorcycles or other outdoor gear in trailers and heading to scenic recreation areas. Insuring your safety and that of the trailer are important considerations. North Carolina trailer insurance may just be the answer.

A trailer can range from a lightweight single axle storage "capsule" that a small sports car can pull to a sizable fifth wheel used to transport earth-moving equipment. One thing they all share in common is that they are attached to another vehicle and pulled behind it. Separation from the towing vehicle can result in unpredictable problems leading to accidents. An independent insurance agent in our network can help you learn about your options. One of these agents can provide you with multiple North Carolina trailer insurance quotes to compare. Find a local member agent today to get started.

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Save on Trailer Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

North Carolina Trailer Accident Statistics

The loss of life and the economic damage resulting from accidents with vehicles towing trailers in North Carolina is surprisingly high:

  • Since 1975, 297 lives have been lost.
  • Since 1988, 9004 people have been injured.
  • Property damaged or destroyed since 1988 is over $31.7 million.

Many people in NC are not aware that state law requires that any towed vehicle in excess of 4000 pounds must be equipped with a separate braking system. That law also applies to any trailer over 1000 pounds.

Types of Trailers Using North Carolina Trailer Insurance

One of the first questions your agent will ask about is the type of trailer you intend to pull. Coverage for any trailer will depend upon the type, typical load, frequency and type of use, valuation, and other specifications. Some trailers are custom-designed for a specific vehicle, such as a boat. All of these additional types are insurable:

  • Flatbed trailer: General use trailers often found on a farm for hauling just about anything
  • Horse trailer: Designed for hauling anywhere from 2 to 20 horses
  • Motorcycle trailer: Can carry one or several motorcycles, trail bikes or ATVs
  • Popup camper: Often pulled behind a van or SUV and are relatively light
  • Fifth wheel: Designed to be compatible with a pickup truck that has a specific hitch in the truck bed; can be for utility use, for hauling toys or can be large travel homes

Common Causes of Trailer Accidents

While some trailer accidents cannot be prevented, most are the result of either driver error or incompatibility between the towing vehicle and the trailer. Here are the most common preventable errors:

  • Trailer sway: A trailer swinging back and forth, especially driving downhill is usually preventable.
  • Unbalanced loads: Make sure you are not overloading the trailer and that most of the weight is forward of the trailer axle. Keep weight evenly balanced on each side.
  • Vehicle not properly rated: Check the vehicle owner's manual for towing capacities and hitch recommendations.
  • Improper vehicle tires: Be sure all tires on both the trailer and towing vehicle have adequate tread and are properly inflated.
  • Inadequate braking distances: Even if your trailer has an independent braking system, you must allow more distance for stopping.
  • Poor visibility: This especially applies when the height and width of a trailer exceed standard vehicle mirror ranges. Always use extended mirrors when necessary.
  • Mismatched hitch and trailer: The root cause of this problem is buying a vehicle with a hitch already installed. You must confirm that the hitch is rated for the trailer you intend to pull.

What Does North Carolina Trailer Insurance Cost?

Assuming the trailer is for recreational use, expect to only pay about $75 per year on top of your vehicle insurance policy. However, trailers can vary widely in value and replacement costs, and different insurance companies have different coverage expenses. That is why it is best to work with an independent agent with access to more than one company. It's a good idea to discuss property and liability limits suitable for your needs. 

It is also possible to get discounts on your North Carolina trailer insurance if you already have another policy with the same company. Drivers with excellent driving records typically pay less than those who have recent driving violations. You can also affect your insurance rate by choosing higher deductibles and/or lower coverage limits.

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Save on Trailer Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Where to Find North Carolina Trailer Insurance Quotes

There are thousands of trailers in use in NC today. With so many types and variations, the best way to get a handle on which coverage is best for you is to work with an independent agent in our network. Local member agents understand current North Carolina trailer insurance requirements. Best of all, your agent can help you compare a number of quotes from various insurance companies to find the best fit and price. 

Find a member agent today to get the coverage that meets your needs.

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