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The Gulf Coast is a desirable area to live in, and the city of Mobile, AL is no exception. In fact, many families plant roots in Mobile and take pride in knowing about the city's rich history. As the third-largest populated metropolitan area in Alabama, Mobile has friendly communities and offers everything from oceanside excursions to beautiful parks for residents to enjoy. 

But homeowners still face risks, and Mobile's location in the South and along the coast present various hazards to be aware of. Luckily, experienced and knowledgeable Independent Insurance agents are available to assess your needs and find you a comprehensive, affordable policy.

  • National yearly premium average: $1,217
  • Alabama yearly premium average: $1,433

Do you know how your current home insurance rate was initially calculated? With a reliable agent, specific factors like your home's age, location, building materials, and even proximity to a fire station are taken into account when determining your rate, creating a personalized insurance plan and comprehensive policy, depending on your specific needs and risks. Let a local agent help you find the coverage you deserve at the price you want.

Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance

Mobile is a hot spot for vacations, city escapes, and weekend retreats. It's no surprise that many homes in the area are secondary or vacation homes for families and retirees near and far. Plus, its proximity to Florida and Mississippi offers an extra reason to purchase these alternative residences. But when you talk to an agent, you'll find that these homes are often exposed to greater risk because they're likely to often be vacantn.

Number of Thefts in Alabama

  • National average for burglaries: 3.76 per 1,000 population
  • Alabama average for burglaries: 5.9 per 1,000 population

If a home break-in happened right now, how would you and your insurance company respond, Would your homeowners policy provide the coverage you need? To make sure all your bases are covered and to be completely aware of the details in your specific insurance plan, partner with a reliable agent. You can rely on local agents when a burglary happens and won't have to play a guessing game about how or when you'll receive compensation for stolen personal property.

Number of Catastrophes in Alabama

  • Number of tornadoes  in Alabama 2019: 95
  • Number of wildfires: 1,107
  • Alabama homeowner losses in 2019:  $911,000,000

Mother Nature can be relentless and strike without warning. If a tornado, hurricane or strong storm rolls through and causes serious damage to your home, your insurance should step in immediately so you can make repairs quickly. Walk through your Mobile home insurance policy options with an independent insurance agent to understand how easy fixing property damage can be.

What Are the Risks in Mobile, AL?

Mobile sees its fair share of weather risks due to its geographic location. Because it's on the coast, Mobile can suffer devastating high winds and strong rain from hurricanes and ocean-related weather. Alabama can also see seriously hot summers, which can damage roofs and exterior siding. Be aware of the biggest hazards by discussing them with an agent.

Compare Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

Getting comprehensive and affordable Mobile homeowners insurance is simple with an independent insurance agent. These agents will find you a policy that is personalized, so you can have peace of mind knowing one of your most prized possessions is fully protected.

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