Alabama Home Insurance FAQ - Quick Answers

In Alabama, you can expect to pay a unique rate for your home insurance since coverage is based on your exposures. Homeowners premiums are on average $1,433 per year in Alabama. There are 1.3 natural disasters annually in Alabama, which could impact your home insurance rates. The top losses are due to tornadoes and severe storms that can cause major damage to your property. While you won't know your exact insurance premiums without a qualified quote, you can understand how they're calculated. 

The average Alabama homeowners insurance policy will come with standard coverages automatically. Every Alabama home policy has a limit of protection for dwelling, other structures, personal property, medical payments, additional living expenses, and liability. These amounts of coverage are adjusted according to the value of your Alabama home and needs. Common exclusions under your home policy are floods, earthquakes, and terrorism. Some of these exclusions can be added back in for an additional premium, or a separate policy can be purchased. 

In Alabama, homeowners insurance isn't required by law when you own a property. However, it is required if you have a mortgage or a loan out against your home. Alabama had 670,506,000 home insurance claims paid in one year alone. This makes having the right protection necessary to avoid financial ruin. 

Your Alabama home insurance premiums can vary, but the average cost is $1,433 per year. A number of varying factors can play a role in calculating your insurance pricing. If you're in an Alabama city with a higher than normal crime rate, you can expect to pay more for home insurance. The same thing goes for low credit scores, anything below a satisfactory score will get you paying higher rates on coverage. To ensure that you're obtaining competitive pricing, reviewing your individual risk factors with a qualified professional can help.   

Your Alabama homeowners insurance policy rates will be impacted, the more claims that are filed from natural disasters in your area. Some of the most reported Alabama homeowners insurance annual losses include severe storms(41/year) and tornadoes (44/year). To better protect your property from damage, consider reviewing your current home policy for any gaps in coverage.

The best homeowners insurance rates will be based on your unique situation. In Alabama, State Auto, Travelers, Progressive, and Foremost insurance companies have been known to provide the best value. To find which carriers suit your needs, you'll have to compare through a trusted adviser.

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How well do Alabama's cities measure up to the national average?

National average burglary rate 3.76 per 1,000 people

National average home value $269,000

National average home insurance cost $1,211 year

CityAnnual insurance costAvg. home valueBurglaries / 1,000 homes
Ft. Payne$1,266$117,9215.86
  1. $129
  2. Mobile, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Homeowners in Mobile pay an average of $129 per month for their home insurance coverage. This city is no stranger to natural disasters, with an average of 23 per year. This is nearly double the national average. The higher chances of water damage, wind damage, or fires from lightning can cause a spike in your home insurance premium. Fortunately, with average home values that are lower than in most of the state, insurance costs in this city are not unmanageable.
  4. Mobile has a high crime rate, with significantly more burglaries than the national average. If your home is targeted by a robber, it can be traumatic, but your home insurance will cover the cost of damage and pay to replace any stolen valuables.

  1. $132
  2. Daphne, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. The average monthly cost of home insurance in Daphne is $132. Home insurance prices are higher than in some areas because of the increased risk of property damage due to natural disasters and because, on average, homes are considerably more expensive in this city than throughout most of the state. Fortunately, the burglary rate in this city is low, and that helps to keep costs for coverage affordable.
  4. Heavy rains and serious storms can lead to roof damage over time. A leak in the roof could cause major water damage inside your home. Fortunately, your home insurance policy will cover the cost of repairs if you file a claim for water damage in Daphne. 

  1. $131
  2. Foley, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. On average, Foley residents pay $131 per month for their home insurance coverage. Homes in this area are generally more expensive than throughout most of the state, and bad weather is all too common. Foley’s higher risk for serious storms and tornadoes could drive up rates on home insurance. Several other factors can influence your personalized premium, too. Your home's size and age, your credit score, and your previous claims could all impact your rate.
  4. Each year, Foley residents have to cope with severe thunderstorms that deliver dangerous lightning to the city's neighborhoods. If lightning hits your home and causes a fire, you can rely on your home insurance to cover the cost of repairs. Likewise, your home insurance can provide compensation for loss or damage due to property crimes. This is good news, considering Foley’s high burglary rate.

  1. $101
  2. Jackson, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. The average monthly cost of homeowners insurance in Jackson is $101. Houses are valued lower in this city than throughout much of the state, and this helps to keep insurance costs in check. Jackson's frequent storm activity can spell disaster for local homes. Fortunately, home insurance protects your finances in case your home is damaged by lightning, wind, or hail.
  4. High wind gusts, blowing through Jackson during severe storms, can cause damage to roofs and even cause trees to fall in many neighborhoods. If your home is damaged by tornadoes or high-speed winds during a storm, you can file a claim with your home insurance provider and get the compensation you need to pay for repairs. You can also turn to your homeowners insurance company if your house is burglarized. Given Jackson’s high burglary rate, this is good to know.

  1. $107
  2. Montgomery, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Residents of Montgomery pay an average of $107 per month for their homeowners insurance. Your home insurance premium will largely depend on the risks you face as a homeowner. In Montgomery, severe storms often cause damage to homes, with fires sparked by lightning or wind damage to roofs. Ultimately, your rate will be determined by these risks along with the size and age of your home, your credit score, and a few other variables. Because house values in this city are lower than the state average, so too are insurance costs.
  4. Montgomery's crime rate is well above the national average, meaning home invasions and burglaries are a frequent concern. If your home is burglarized, be sure to contact the authorities and get a copy of the police report. You can then file a claim and get the money you need to repair any property damage and replace the items that were stolen. 

  1. $109
  2. Dothan, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. On average, residents of Dothan pay $109 per month for their home insurance. Living in a high-risk area can cause home insurance rates to spike. In Dothan, tornadoes and severe storms are an ongoing problem. In fact, in 2007, an F4 tornado near Dothan killed 9, injured 50, and did $250 million in damage to local homes. This increased weather threat could drive up the cost of homeowners insurance in Dothan. 
  4. A tornado touching down in your neighborhood can send a rush of fear through the whole family. As the winds pick up, the experience can be even more terrifying, and the damage to your home can be severe. In Dothan, tornado damage is a real problem, with frequent storms impacting local neighborhoods. If your home is damaged due to weather or property crimes, just file a home insurance claim and you'll be covered.


  1. $118
  2. Enterprise, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. The average monthly cost of homeowners insurance in Enterprise is $118. Higher-than-average home values are one reason for the higher-than-average rates. Your actual home insurance cost will vary depending on the size and age of your home, the crime rate in your neighborhood, and several other factors. 
  4. Though the crime rate in this city is lower than the state average, Enterprise is well-known for severe weather that sometimes brings major hailstorms, a nightmare for homeowners. If hail damages your roof, causing a serious flood in your attic, you'll probably have protection. Just file a claim with your homeowners insurance provider and the cost for repairs will be covered.

  1. $116
  2. Troy, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. On average, homeowners in Troy pay $116 per month for their home insurance coverage. Living in Troy means you'll have to deal with frequent thunderstorms, serious rainstorms, and even occasional hail. This can increase your risk for property damage, driving up your rates on home insurance. Several other factors will also impact your premiums, like the age and square footage of your home and the crime rate in your neighborhood.
  4. Homeowners insurance is designed to cover the various risks you may encounter. If you walk into the laundry room one day and discover that a pipe has burst, covering the floor with water, there's no need to panic. Water damage is a major headache, but you'll be financially covered through your home insurance plan. Just file a claim and the insurance company will pay for repairs. It can also cover against property crimes, which may come in handy given that Troy’s burglary rate is above the national average.

  1. $124
  2. Auburn, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. The average monthly cost of home insurance in Auburn is $124. This is one of the highest rates in the state, mainly because of the high property values in this city. Though the crime rate is low, Auburn homeowners have to deal with ongoing threats from serious storm systems. Depending on where you live in the city, and your individualized risk factor, these threats could cause a spike in your home insurance rates. Other factors that influence your premium will be your credit score, your previous claims, and information about the age and structure of your home. 
  4. Auburn home insurance is designed to cover several potential hazards. If you experience a fire resulting from an electrical spark, it can be terrifying. Once the fire department arrives and puts out the flames, you'll have to assess the damage. While it's heartbreaking to go through a home fire, your home insurance plan offers protection and will cover the cost of repairs or rebuilding after this kind of catastrophe.

  1. $108
  2. Anniston, AL Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. In Anniston, residents pay an average of $108 for their home insurance coverage. Your particular cost will be determined by several factors like the size and age of your home, your claims history, and the amount of coverage you are purchasing. The local weather will also play an important role in determining your risk factor for property damage. In Anniston, severe storms are common, which could increase rates for some homeowners.
  4. Unfortunately for residents of this city, the burglary rate here is extremely high. It is about four times the state average and six times the national average. This can lead to an increase in insurance rates for many city residents. In the event that you come home and find your house has been burglarized, first ensure that you and your family are safe, and then call the police. You will need a copy of the police report and a detailed list of your stolen property when you file an insurance claim.