Chicago Business Insurance

How to Find Chicago, IL Business Insurance

Find the right business insurance policy for you.

In a city as large as Chicago, opportunity abounds. Residents and business owners alike have multiple chances to immerse themselves in the culture of the city. However, big city opportunity brings big city problems. As a business owner, you need to make sure you’re prepared in the face of disaster. If you aren’t sure what your business risks are or where to find the right kind of Chicago, IL business insurance, there’s no need to worry.

When you work with a local Independent Insurance Agent, your agent will help you assess your individual risks. Then, your agent takes care of the hard work of searching for quotes and policies that will cover these risks. Independent agents have the ability to compare multiple Chicago commercial insurance quotes and policies to find the best fit for your business. Contact an agent to get the best insurance out there.

  • Property Damage (fire, wind damage)
  • Liability (lawsuits
  • Income Loss (theft)
  • Workers Compensation (employee injury)

Do You Have Enough Chicago Business Insurance?

Don’t let the bright lights of the big city blind you to the fact that as a business owner, you face potential loss every single day. Not having enough coverage can be just as bad as not having any insurance at all. You don’t want to find out too late that the insurance coverage you carry won’t begin to cover the damage your company sustained after an accident. When you work with an independent insurance agent, your agent can help you identify potential risks and avoid the biggest insurance mistakes made by business owners.

Don’t Make these Chicago Business Insurance Mistakes

  • Self-assessing property value
  • Increasing coverage based on an annual percentage
  • Receiving an assessment from an unknowledgeable party
  • Using book value

The Risk of Being Underinsured

It may be tempting to go with the first affordable Chicago business insurance quote you find, but there is likely a better policy out there that will meet your needs. Cost shouldn’t be your only motivating factor when shopping for insurance – protection should also be at the very top of your list of must-haves. Running a business comes with unique risks, but being underinsured can bring its own set of problems.

If you’re underinsured for the risks you face, you run the chance of not receiving enough claim benefits to pay for the damage you suffer after a storm, fire, or burglary. In extreme cases, your coverage may be denied entirely. Some insurance companies require that you prove valuation methods before they will disperse benefits. If your business never received a formal assessment from a reliable party, your claim may not be considered legitimate, and you may never receive compensation for your losses.

The Benefits of Working with an Independent Agent

When you work with a local independent agent from start to finish, you’ll find that the search for insurance is surprisingly easy. Your agent will ensure that your property and equipment is assessed at the correct value. When you know the true worth of your business, it will be easier to find the coverage you need.

Because our agents are independent instead of “captive” like most insurance agents, they have the ability to compare multiple policies from multiple insurance companies and find the best Chicago commercial insurance quotes for you. You’ll never have to worry about endless searches for coverage or feel like you’re in this hunt for coverage alone. You’ll also get the added benefit of not overpaying for insurance that you don’t need.

Another bonus of working with an independent agent is that if something does happen, you don’t have to worry about a disrupted claim. Your agent will advocate for you during this stressful time. Don’t waste your time and effort shopping around for insurance that isn’t going to work for you. 

Contact a local agent for personalized assistance with your Chicago business insurance.

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