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Between its seasonal celebrations, historical sites and great dining choices, Gretna, LA is a fantastic place to call home. There’s always something exciting to see and do in this busy Louisiana community. Although Gretna is a statistically safe place to raise a family, it’s important to remember that things can sometimes go wrong and you need to protect yourself and your property from common threats like hurricanes and theft. Investing in Gretna homeowners insurance is a small way to safeguard your home against the most common risk factors.

The best way to learn more about home insurance policies in Gretna is by making a quick call to our Independent Insurance Agents. Our friendly agents work closely with homeowners to help them determine the best kind of home insurance plan to protect against Gretna’s most serious threats. 

  • National yearly premium average: $1,211
  • Louisiana yearly premium average: $1,968
  • The most expensive premium in the U.S.

Insuring a home in Gretna isn’t cheap. The entire state of Louisiana has been saddled with some of the highest insurance rates in the entire country, which results in many people having to make difficult sacrifices. Our Independent Insurance Agents can help you save money on home insurance by looking for discounts and incentives in your area. Our agents also proudly provide multiple free rate quotes so you can compare the cost of each plan and choose an option that is right for your budget.

Gretna Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance

Gretna is a great place to invest in a second home or a vacation property. Within easy driving distance to the beautiful Gulf Coast, a second home in this community could potentially be a great short term rental or a regular getaway for your family. Choosing homeowners insurance for a second home can be challenging, but our Independent Insurance Agents can help you find the right kind of coverage for your property.

Number of Thefts in Louisiana

  • National number of burglaries: 37,814
  • Louisiana number of burglaries: 41,184

The number of burglaries that take place in Louisiana is astounding. Keeping your home safe in Gretna requires high-quality locks and security systems, and sometimes even those aren’t enough to deter a thief. If someone does get into your home, your homeowners insurance means you’ll recover all your monetary losses. It’s always terrifying to be the victim of a home invasion, but if you have a reliable homeowners insurance policy, you at least have peace of mind knowing that stolen valuables can be replaced.


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Number of Disasters in Louisiana

  • Number of recorded disasters in Louisiana: 90
  • Number of tornadoes in Louisiana per year: 37
  • Amount of property damage in Louisiana: $10,240,000
  • 1 in 15 insured homes has a claim each year

Gretna is no stranger to bad weather. Over the years, the town has seen more than its fair share of hurricanes and tornadoes. Hurricane Katrina did major damage to homes as it swept across Louisiana. If another massive storm system crosses through Gretna, your home could be at serious risk. If you’re covered with a reliable home insurance policy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can file a claim, make repairs and move on with life.

What Are the Risks in Gretna?

Homeowners in Gretna have to be primarily concerned about the weather. Each year, there is an ongoing risk of tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, and torrential rainfall. Flooding can cause serious damage in low lying areas, and high winds are a threat at all altitudes. Homeowners in Gretna can minimize their financial risk by investing in comprehensive homeowners insurance. Then if Gretna’s unpredictable weather causes damage, the process of making repairs is far less burdensome. 

Compare Gretna Home Insurance Quotes

Finding a comprehensive home insurance policy at an affordable price might be a challenge in Gretna, but it’s not impossible. In fact, our Independent Insurance Agents specialize in helping Gretna homeowners find the most budget-friendly policies. Our experienced agents can provide you with multiple quotes, giving you a chance to compare cost and benefits and find a plan that is right for your budget and lifestyle. 

Contact an agent to learn more about Gretna home insurance and get your free customized quote today.

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