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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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Maryland offers miles of wooded trails and open fields for ATV use. You can protect your all-terrain vehicle with ATV insurance. Quotes are easy to find, and coverage for your four-wheeler, UTV, side-by-side, or 3-wheeler can be very inexpensive. ATV insurance can save you from the financial fallout of an accident or lawsuit related to your ATV use.

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Maryland ATV Regulations

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports the following guidelines and regulations for Maryland ATV users:

  • ATV titling is not required by the state of MD, but you can request a title if necessary.
  • If you plan on using your ATV on Department of National Resources lands, you must have proof of registration.
  • On Department of National Resources land, all ATV operaters must be licensed, or over the age of twelve under parental supervision.

What Does ATV Insurance Cover?

An ATV policy protects you from unexpected financial loss related to the use of your all-terrain vehicle. It functions in much the same way as your car insurance. You can choose from policies that cover liability only, or you can get a more comprehensive policy that covers damage on the ATV itself. These are some of the ATV coverage options that could be included in your policy:

  • Liability: This can protect you from the cost of an accident you cause on your UTV or ATV. It can cover the cost of property damage, bodily injury, and your legal defense, up to the limits of your policy. This coverage can be especially important if you plan to ride near other ATV users on a course or trail, or if you operate it in areas where you could potentially collide with other people and their property.
  • Collision: This coverage may pay a portion of the expense of repairs after an accident.
  • Comprehensive: Just like the comprehensive coverage on your auto policy, this can pay for accidents other than collision and help you get your ATV back to work quickly.
  • Medical cost: This can help pay medical expenses if you or a family member suffer an injury on your ATV. This coverage is a great idea for those who have young, inexperienced riders in the home.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist: If another ATV rider on a trail or at a national park crashes into your ATV, and lacks the necessary coverage to pay your medical bills and repairs, this coverage option can help with the cost.

The type and amount of coverage you need depends on where and how you use your ATV. If you use a UTV regularly on a ranch, farm, or golf course that you own, collision and comprehensive coverage may be in your best interest, so that you can continue to get the best use out of your ATV after an accident.

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Who Needs ATV Insurance?

The state of Maryland does not require that you carry ATV insurance, but in many cases, it is a good idea to protect yourself from financial loss by purchasing a policy that fits your budget. This is especially true if minors will be operating the vehicle. In July 2013, two boys suffered broken legs in an ATV accident in Hermanville, MD. With medical costs coverage, liability, and collision coverage, you can get peace of mind knowing that a disaster like this does not have to result in long-term financial trouble.

Quotes for insurance on your side-by-side, 3-wheeler, 4-wheeler, or UTV can run as low as $130 per year. Your personalized quote will depend on the type of ATV you own, where and how you use it, your personal driving history, and who will be allowed to operate the ATV. A local agent can give you a quote tailored to your specific situation and coverage needs.

Get ATV Insurance Quotes in Maryland

You can get quotes on coverage for your ATV or UTV from a local, Trusted Choice® agent in your area. Independent agents make it easy to shop for ATV insurance quotes from many insurance providers. A local agent can speak with you about your ATV use and help you choose a plan and rate that fit your lifestyle and your budget. Contact an agent near you to get the ATV insurance quotes and coverage you need.

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