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Maryland has some beautiful land. From coastal cruises to twisting mountain roads, the state offers motorcyclists some of the most pleasurable rides around. And just a short ride gets you to other nearby states, such as Washington, DC.

However, motorcyclists are at high risk for accidents. They can encounter turnovers, slips on icy roads, and other inattentive drivers, so motorcyclists should always be cautious and aware while riding. They must wear helmets at all times, and just like the law requiring helmets, there are laws requiring insurance on motorcycles in MD as well.

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Maryland Motorcycle Facts

  • Motorcyclists face an elevated risk of accidents, 5 times that of  passenger cars; and when accidents happen, the risk of a fatality is 35 times higher.
  • There were 1,568 motorcycles in 2008.
  • During 2008, there were 78 fatal accidents involving motorcycles in MD.

Motorcycle accidents can cause serious damage. Without insurance you may face not only legal problems, but also financial problems, from repairing your motorcycle to medical bills. Additionally, if you're deemed at fault for an accident, you can also be held responsible for the other party's damages. This can spell financial disaster for you and your family, which is why motorcycle insurance is imporant.

What is Motorcycle Insurance?

Motorcycle insurance is a set of policies specifically designed to protect you from the risks you face as a motorcycle rider. A typical motorcycle insurance policy may include the following:

  • Bodily injury and property damage liability: This covers the damages that you cause if you are deemed at fault for an accident. It includes coverage that can help pay for any injured party's medical bills.
  • Collision coverage: If you're involved in a collision, with another vehicle or even an animal or barricade, this insurance can help cover the damage to your motorcycle.
  • Comprehensive: This insurance is also known as "everything other than collision." It covers your motorcycle for damages stemming from incidents such as theft, fire, rain, wind, or vandalism.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorists: If you're involved in an accident with someone who is underinsured/uninsured, you may have a hard time getting what you're owed to repair your motorcycle or pay medical bills. This insurance can help cover those costs.
  • Accessory coverage: If you have a camera, saddlebags, gear, or custom parts on your motorcycle, this coverage can extend to those items.

What Types of Motorcycles Are Covered by Motorcycle Insurance?

Insurance companies know that there are many types of motorcycles, and each one offers different perks. The following is a list of types of motorcycles that are most commonly covered:

  • Cruisers
  • Sport bikes
  • Dirt bikes
  • Harleys
  • Low-riders
  • Racing bikes
  • Trikes
  • Choppers
  • Segways
  • Scooters

This list is not exhaustive, but gives examples of bikes that insurance can cover.

Motorcycle Insurance Requirements in Maryland

Insurance is required not only to protect you, but also to protect others on the road. Below is a list of the required insurance for motorcycles in Maryland:

  • Bodily injury: $30,000/person and $60,000/two people or more.
  • Property damage: $15,000.
  • Personal injury protection: $2,500 for medical expenses for you or passengers

Additionally, if you finance your motorcycle, you are required to carry collision and/or comprehensive insurance to protect the financing party's investment. It's always a good idea, however, to have collision and comprehensive insurance on your motorcycle just in case.

What Will My Motorcycle Insurance Quote Look Like?

There is no exact price for motorcycle insurance in Maryland. Since each rider has different risks, each quote will differ. When searching for motorcycle insurance quotes in Maryland, be sure to be familiar with the following:

  • Type of motorcycle
  • Make/model of motorcycle
  • Value of motorcycle
  • Your driving record
  • Where motorcycle will be driven
  • Where motorcycle will be stored
  • If passengers will be taken on motorcycle
  • Any custom parts on motorcycle
  • Desired coverage
  • Desired deductible

Each of these factors will be taken into consideration when giving you a motorcycle insurance quote, in order to give you the best coverage at the best price for your situation.


Better Motorcycle Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Are There Discounts Available for Motorcycle Insurance?

Typically, there are many discounts available. When shopping for motorcycle insurance quotes, be sure to familiarize yourself with a few of the discounts that may pertain to you, so you can ask your insurance agent about them:

  • Multi-policy discount
  • Good driver discount
  • New customer discount
  • Loyal customer discount
  • Safety system discount
  • Lay-up discount (If you only use your motorcycle during the summer months, for example)
  • Military discount
  • Safety course discount
  • Club affiliation discount

This is not a complete list, and each insurance company offers different discounts, so be sure to ask about any discounts you may not be aware of.

How Do I Get Motorcycle Insurance in Maryland?

When searching for motorcycle insurance quotes, it's important to have a professional by your side who knows the risks you face, and the passion that you hold, for motorcycles. A Trusted Choice® agent is always available to help you discuss coverages, find discounts, or even help you file a claim.

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