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There are over 200,000 registered boats in Maryland alone, according to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. You can find a boat insurance policy right here in Maryland, to protect your finances from the cost of an accident on the water or on the road. Quotes on boat insurance are easy to find and can be customized to your vessel and coverage needs. Boating is tremendously popular in Maryland, and it is a vital part of the local economy. A recent study found that for every six boats registered in MD, one full-time equivalent job was created for the state. Having the right coverage on your boat helps to ensure that your boating activities continue to be a positive experience, and not a drain on your finances.

Boating Is Big Business in Maryland

  • Each registered boat contributes an average of $9,230 each year to the local MD economy.
  • Recently, the boating industry created $1.8 billion to the gross state product of MD.
  • Over the past 40 years, the Boating Services Department of MD reinvested over $300 million into improvement and development of local waterways.

What Types of Boats Are Covered?

Boat insurance can cover just about any type of boat you might own, from canoes to yachts. For example, you might need boat insurance for one of the following:

  • House boat
  • Fishing boat
  • Pontoon
  • Power boat
  • Cabin cruiser
  • Sail boat

Requirements for Boating in Maryland

Maryland state law requires that each motorized vessel carry a title and registration, but there is no requirement for boat insurance. If an accident occurs on the water, including running aground or hitting a stationary object, you are required to report any damage over $2,000, along with any injury that may have occurred. Boating insurance can help you recover the costs of medical payments, property damage, and wreckage fees after an accident. That is why many Maryland boaters choose to insure their vessels, regardless of the fact that it is not a legal requirement.


Save on Boat Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Can Boat Insurance Cover?

Boat insurance policies can cover a wide range of boats and scenarios. A local agent can show you quotes for the type of boat you use, and help you find the right level of coverage for your usual boating activities. These are a few of the coverage options you may need:

  • Boating liability: If you cause an accident on the water, liability coverage can help cover the cost of bodily injury and property damage claims, including your legal defense, up to the limits of your policy.
  • Collision: This can cover a portion of the repairs on your vessel, in case of a collision with an object or another boat.
  • Comprehensive: This covers a portion of the cost of damage caused by events other than a collision, like bad weather, theft, vandalism, or another covered incident.
  • Fuel spill clean-up: If you accidentally lose oil or gasoline on the water, you are usually required to pay clean-up costs. This coverage can help with that expense.
  • Wreckage and towing: If you encounter trouble on the water, or your boat capsizes, this can help with the cost of towing or wreckage recovery.
  • Fishing equipment: Sports fishermen tend to carry thousands of dollars in specialized equipment. This option can help with the cost of replacing or repairing these items, if damage occurs while boating.

How Do You Find Affordable Boat Insurance Quotes?

A local agent in our network is your best source of information on affordable quotes for boat insurance. Our agents are independent agents, which means they are free to access a wide variety of carriers and policies, to find the one that best fits your boat and your favorite maritime activities. Prices on boat insurance vary widely, based on the value of your boat, the way you use it, and the level of coverage you choose. 

Contact an independent agent today to find the right amount of boat coverage for your adventures on the water

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