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What is an independent insurance agent?

Home insurance provides a backup plan in case a catastrophe strikes in the neighborhood. Whether it's a fire, high winds, or a burglary, it's covered by a suitable homeowners insurance policy in Maryland. Home insurance will pay for repairs to the home and replacement of belongings, pay for someone else's injuries on the property when it's the homeowner's fault, and may pay for temporary living expenses if the home is so badly damaged that it's uninhabitable. 

Car insurance can make a huge difference if there is an accident. On Maryland's congested roads, accidents are pretty common, but having insurance means not having to worry as much. Insurance is required for Maryland drivers, and most states across the nation have similar laws in place. The minimum liability coverage requirements are bodily injury liability per accident of $30,000 per person and $60,000 aggregate for all persons, and $15,000 coverage for personal property. 

Last year, small businesses in Maryland made $149.6 billion. Without the right kind and amount of insurance protection, business claims have to be paid out of pocket. That means the business’s revenue will take a big hit. 

With a few exceptions, every employer in Maryland with one or more employees is required by law to provide worker's compensation coverage for their employees. Employers must obtain worker's compensation insurance from a licensed insurance company or be approved as self-insurers, which requires prior approval by the Maryland Workers' Compensation Commission.

Restaurants in Maryland need three basic types of insurance: property, liability, and employee coverage. Keep in mind that each type of insurance has sub-types of more specialized insurance depending on the type of restaurant and the services offered. Many restaurants have added policies for delivery and buffet services. Food spoilage is also a popular add-on policy for restaurants.

Commercial vehicles can range from cars used for local deliveries to large 18-wheeler trucks used to transport goods across the country. They can include construction vehicles, buses, taxis, vans, and pick-up trucks. Basically, if a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles is owned by a company, it must be covered by commercial vehicle insurance. Different types of vehicles will have different insurance coverage requirements mandated by the state. Company cars must be covered by uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and must meet the same liability requirements as passenger vehicles.

Maryland's coastal location and its beaches offer plenty of incentive for guests to book hotel stays, but it also contributes to the risks faced by hotel owners. But what kind of risks? Well, the most common hotel insurance claims in Maryland are: windstorm damage, fire damage,  liability claims, and business interruption claims.

Although umbrella insurance is not mandatory, many high net-worth individuals make their home in Maryland. They may be concerned about shielding their personal assets from depletion due to liability lawsuits. An umbrella insurance policy is the best way to supplement coverage and ensure that liability lawsuits will not rob them of their hard-earned wealth.

One very important fact about Maryland is that property is expensive. It is so expensive, in fact, that many people decide to rent instead of buying a home. However, Maryland has high crime rates, along with a history of hurricanes. Many renters believe that as long as their personal property is in the rental, it's covered by the property owner's landlord insurance. Unfortunately, this is untrue. Repair or replacement of a tenant's personal possessions will not be covered unless they have renters insurance.

Life insurance is an insurance policy that is paid for before the policyholder passes away. There are many different types of life insurance policies available in Maryland. Some of the most popular types of life insurance are term life insurance, permanent life insurance, whole life insurance, universal life insurance, annuities, and no-exam life insurance.

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