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Massachusetts has many forested areas and state parks that are ideal for ATV riders.  F. Gilbert Hills State Forest in Wrentham is a popular choice for many side-by-side, 3-wheel, or UTV riders who seek outdoor adventure.  No matter where you live and ride in this beautiful state, it's a good idea to think about your risks on your all-terrain vehicle. Massachusetts ATV insurance can protect your finances after an accident.

An independent agent in the Trusted Choice® network can help you find Massachusetts ATV insurance quotes that meet your needs and budget.  Because they are independent and work with several insurance companies, agents in the Trusted Choice network can comparison shop amongst top-rated insurers to find plans that will work for you. Find a local member agent for help finding the coverage you need today.

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ATV Accident Statistics

  • More than 40% of children injured on ATVs were admitted to intensive care units
  • The injury rate for children per 100 registered ATVs is 3.41; the rate for adults is only 1.71

Everyone faces risks when they operate an ATV; children are especially vulnerable. There are several vehicles that fall into the category of ATV, including three and four wheelers (sometimes called trikes and quads), UTVs (utility terrain vehicles) and side-by-sides. Snowmobiles and Segways are also often considered ATVs. Each of these vehicles has risks based on their use and the speed they can travel.

Why Coverage Against ATV Accidents Is Wise

The very nature of ATVs as off-road vehicles tends to make them somewhat hazardous forms of transport. Riders on these vehicles often need to navigate over rocks, uneven ground, tree stumps and other obstacles.

Some of the common causes of accidents include operator error, visibility challenges due to poor weather conditions, low lighting, wooded terrain and riding while under the influence. Inexperience is also a risk; the number of accidents, injuries and fatalities among those 16 and under is on the rise.

Even if you use your ATV for farming or ranching purposes, or for working around a plant or warehouse, there are risks involved in using heavy equipment, especially around other workers.

Is Massachusetts ATV Insurance Required?

Massachusetts ATV insurance is not mandatory, but it can be a great investment in your peace of mind and financial well-being. Depending on your risks and concerns, some of the coverage options you might purchase include:

  • Collision coverage: This portion of your policy will cover damage to your ATV from collisions, regardless of fault.
  • Liability coverage: The liability portion of your policy provides protection when you cause bodily injury or property damage to a third party. 
  • Medical payments: Because you are fairly unprotected as an ATV rider, you are more exposed to risk and injury in the event of an accident, as are any of your passangers. Medical payments coverage will help cover the costs of injuries and hospitalization if you or your passengers are injured.
  • Comprehensive: Now known as "other than collision," this insurance covers risks like theft, vandalism and severe weather damage. Comprehensive is a good idea especially if you have made a significant investment in your ATV.
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Ready to Save On Insurance?

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

How Much Does Massachusetts ATV Insurance Cost?

The cost of insurance for ATVs is fairly affordable. Depending on your ATV's value and other circumstances, your coverage may be as low as $100 a year. When you consider the potential property damage and  medical costs associated with a major accident, you'll see that ATV insurance coverage is an affordable way to acheive peace of mind. An independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you compare a number of Massachusetts ATV insurance quotes so you can determine your own specific costs.

Factors that will affect your premium costs include:

  • Your age and driving history
  • The ages and driving records of any other drivers named on the policy
  • The type of ATV, amount of horsepower and type of primarily use

Additionally, if you have customized your ATV, you may want or need additional coverage. For example, if you have added expensive after-market enhancements to your vehicle, such as a snowplow, check with your insurance company to make sure that your current ATV coverage will include it.  If not, an additional endorsement can be added to your policy. If you have enhanced the horsepower of your UTV, you will need to discuss the insurance implications with your agent.

How to Compare Massachusetts ATV Insurance Quotes

Massachusetts ATV insurance can protect your investment in the event of an unexpected accident. A local independent agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you compare Massachusetts ATV insurance quotes and answer all of your questions.

Contact a local member agent today to get all the relevant information you need to make the best decision on ATV coverage for your  budget.

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