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Ann Herro, Insurance Expert
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Trailers are a useful addition to a car or truck when you need to haul a large or heavy load. Whether you live in a Louisiana city or a rural part of the parish, trailers are everywhere. A blues musician might use a trailer to carry his sound equipment, and a farmer may need multiple trailers to transport his livestock and horses back and forth between farms. Although a trailer is not a motorized vehicle, it needs to be registered and covered by insurance, either through an auto policy or with a separate Louisiana trailer policy. This protects the trailer and its cargo.

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Louisiana Trailer Categories

Louisiana requires registration for every trailer which travels on public highways. The type of registration depends on the type of trailer you have. The categories are listed below:

  • Light trailer: This form has a loaded gross weight of 500 pounds or less.
  • Semi-trailer: This trailer is carried by another vehicle and has 1 or more load-carrying axles.
  • Trailer: This model must have two or more load carrying axles. Some are considered enclosed trailers if they have a roof.
  • Boat trailer: This is used exclusively for transporting boats and other water vehicles.
  • Farm trailer/semi-trailer: This model is used solely for family and carrying farm produce. Horse trailers may fall under this category.
  • Mobile home: This is meant for dwelling and requires a special homeowner policy.
  • Travel trailer: While it can be used as a mobile dwelling, trailer insurance will usually cover it.
travel trailer

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Getting the Right Louisiana Trailer Insurance

To find the right coverage, you must consider the type of trailer you have and what it’s used for. In Louisiana, it’s not a legal requirement that you purchase trailer insurance. Usually, your trailer is covered, to some extent, by the auto insurance on the vehicle that tows the trailer, but this coverage is very limited. Often the contents of your trailer, repairs to your trailer, and any extra liability you incur because of an accident or runaway trailer, is not covered by your auto policy. However, a good trailer insurance policy will cover all of these concerns and more, for a low cost. When you decide to purchase a trailer policy, you will need to answer the following questions:

  • Is your trailer a custom model?
  • How old is your trailer?
  • What is the make and model of the trailer?
  • What do you carry on your trailer?
  • What was the price of the trailer?
  • Who’s towing the trailer?

These questions will help to determine what kind of coverage you need, and how much your trailer policy costs.

Louisiana Trailer Insurance Options

Your policy could consist of the following coverage options:

  • Liability: This will provide coverage for property damage or bodily injury that you are legally liable for, as a result of an accident involving your trailer.
  • Comprehensive: This covers any physical loss that happens as a result of a collision or incident out of your hands, like a hailstorm, or trailer theft.
  • Contents coverage: The value of the items you tow determines whether this is necessary. This option will protect you from financial loss if contents are damaged or stolen.
  • Total loss replacement: If your trailer is damaged to the point that you need a replacement, this can help purchase a new trailer.
  • Roadside assistance: If you get a flat tire or breakdown, this policy will cover the cost it takes for a towing company or mechanic to help you.

Find the Louisiana Trailer Insurance You Need

Your insurance needs are unique, and an agent can develop a customized policy for you. A local agent can compare Louisiana trailer insurance quotes, to find something that fits within your budget and provides the right protection. 

Contact an independent agent for a personalized Louisiana trailer insurance plan.

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