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Boston has a long tradition of innovation and is a pivotal business hub in Massachusetts. Known for its education and research facilities, the city has been responsible for many U.S. firsts, including the first subway and first public school. Boston is the 4th largest “cybercity” in the country with over 190,000 high-tech jobs.

If you were around the area in 1991, you might remember “The Perfect Storm” that hit the east coast that November, causing millions of dollars in damage. Is your business prepared for the challenges of business interruption and repairs in the event of storms, fire, theft and other risks? An independent insurance agent in our network can help you choose the right Boston, MA business insurance. Contact a member agent today for personal assistance.


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Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Leading Industry Sectors in Boston

  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Professional services
  • Government

Identifying Your Coverage Needs

As the world of business becomes more complicated and various liability risks present themselves, Boston business insurance becomes more complex as well. Businesses large and small need several different insruance policies focused on different types of protection. For example, a retail store may need insurance to cover a large inventory, risks to the premises and workers compensation, whereas a team of financial advisors may be more interested in professional liability coverage and insurance to cover office premises.


Save on Business Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Types of Business Insurance You May Need

Your specific coverage will be unique to your business. You may qualify for a combined coverage policy called a BOP, or business owners policy, which includes the basic coverage you will need for financial protection. Companies with complex risks need a more comprehensive selection of coverage. Some of the coverage types appropriate for your business may include:

  • Property insurance: Covers your business property against loss or damage due to fire, severe weather, theft, and other risks.
  • General liability insurance: Covers liability risks inherent to most businesses.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance: Covers damage to your vehicles, potential injuries to your drivers, and liability risks associated with accidents, injuries or property damage your employees may cause.
  • Professional liability insurance: Provides liability coverage for "errors and omissions," particularly for businesses that provide advising and consulting services.
  • Product liability insurance: Covers risks associated with manufacturing or selling products.
  • Liquor liability insurance: Provides important coverage for businesses that serve alcohol, such as restaurants, bars and caterers.

This sampling of coverage provides an overview of the many different types of Boston business insurance available to you. Be sure to work with a knowledgable commercial insurance agent who can assess your needs and ensure that you have the right coverage for the risks you face in your line of work.

How to Reduce Your Boston Business Insurance Costs

There are many ways to save on your commercial insurance premiums. These can include everything from tightening security on your business premises to increase workplace safety. A local independent agent in our network can help in multiple ways, including:

  • Comparing multiple Boston commercial insurance quotes from several insurance providers to find the best rates
  • Bundling certain policies together under one insurance company
  • Looking for discounts you may qualify for due to safety and security measures you implement or for hiring commercial drivers who have been trained in driver safety

It is important to know that no two insurance companies are exactly the same with regard to the premiums they quote or how they determine your specific rates. This is one reason why working with an independent agent can make a difference in your bottom line. These agents have access to many different insurance providers and can quickly do the legwork for you to compare rates.

Find the Right Coverage for Your Company

Boston is sometimes called "the Hub," as it is a major center for commerce, technology leadership, and innovation. Your business is part of that, whether you run a local retailer or high-tech research company. Protect your assets and keep your business running smoothly with Boston business insurance tailored to your needs and risks. 

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