Massachusetts Produce Store Insurance

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Written by Meg Stefanac

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Massachusetts Produce Store Insurance

Produce markets are a thriving industry in Massachusetts. There are more than 600 produce companies operating in this state. Whether your business is a small booth by the side of the road or a large corporation, a comprehensive produce store insurance policy can help it stay profitable in times of trouble.

When you are shopping for coverage for your produce store, an independent insurance agent in Massachusetts can help. These agents can shop around to find you great coverage at a competitive price. Contact an insurance agent near you to learn more.

What Is Produce Store Insurance and Why Is It Important?

Produce store insurance is a general term used to describe a business insurance policy package that has been customized to meet the specific coverage needs of produce stores and markets.

Produce stores often have a lot of foot traffic and rely on a lot of expensive equipment to keep produce fresh. This means there is a fairly high risk of problems occurring.

Consider how your store would handle the following scenarios if it were uninsured.

  • Some fruit that was dropped from a display shelf isn’t cleaned up immediately, and a customer slips on it and is severely injured.
  • A severe storm causes an extended power outage, and several perishable food items that require refrigeration must be thrown away.
  • One of your employees accuses your business of engaging in discriminatory practices and files a lawsuit.
  • A fire breaks out in your store overnight and destroys several thousands of dollars worth of property and produce.

These are just a few examples of the many potential hazards that a good produce store insurance policy can protect your business against.

How Much Does Produce Store Insurance Cost in Massachusetts?

Produce store insurance premiums can vary. Here are some of the factors that can influence your rates.  

  • The size of your store and its expected annual revenues
  • The crime rate and weather risks where your store is located
  • The value of your produce store’s property and assets
  • The number of employees who work at your store
  • The coverage options you want to include in your policy

Every insurance company has its own way of calculating rates. That is why it is to your benefit to request customized quotes from a few competing providers before deciding which policy to purchase.

What Liability Risks Can Massachusetts Produce Store Insurance Cover Against?

Liability insurance is one of the most important components of any business insurance policy. It can cover court costs, legal fees, settlements, judgements, and other damages if your produce store is sued for a covered event.

You may want to include the following types of coverage in your produce store policy package. 

  • Premises liability insurance: This can cover third-party injuries that occur on your business property, such as if a customer slips on a wet floor.
  • Product liability insurance: This can cover third-party injuries or illnesses caused by a product sold in your store such as if your produce is contaminated with E. coli.
  • Employment practices liability insurance: This can cover against accusations of illegal employment practices such as wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.
  • Cyber liability insurance: This can cover your store’s liabilities if criminals hack into your computer system and steal customer or employee data or if they successfully install skimmers on your store’s credit card readers.
  • Commercial vehicle liability insurance: If your produce store offers delivery services, you will need to be sure that it has sufficient liability coverage if one of your drivers causes an accident.

Having the right liability insurance products in place can save your business thousands of dollars if it ends up on the wrong end of a liability lawsuit.


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What Kinds of Property Damage Can Massachusetts Produce Store Insurance Cover?

There are a few different insurance products you may want to include in your produce store policy package in order to fully cover your business property, such as the following.

  • Commercial property insurance: This can cover your business-owned property such as produce, shopping carts, cash registers, and outdoor signs if it is lost or damaged due to a covered event. Covered events include the following.
  • Flood insurance: This can cover any damage your store may sustain due to a flood. This supplemental insurance is important because commercial property insurance specifically excludes flood damage from its coverage.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance: This can cover the cost to repair or replace your store’s well-maintained essential machinery such as refrigeration units and freezers.
  • Spoiled food insurance: This is often included in equipment breakdown insurance. It can cover your losses if perishable foods are spoiled due to problems with your store’s cooling systems.

You will want to be sure that you are purchasing sufficient insurance to cover all of your produce store’s valuable property and assets.

What Additional Coverage Can Produce Store Insurance Provide?

Here are a few more insurance products that you may want to include in your policy package.

There are lots of different insurance products available to business owners. Work with an insurance professional for help determining which are appropriate for your produce store.

How an Independent Insurance Agent in Massachusetts Can Help You Find the Best Produce Store Insurance

When you are shopping for coverage for your Massachusetts produce store, you can turn to a local independent agent for help. These agents can save you time and money by shopping around to find you the best available coverage at the most competitive price.

There are nearly 1,300 independent agents in Massachusetts. Contact an insurance agent near you to schedule an obligation-free consultation.

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