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Your Complete Guide to Cleveland Heights, OH, Homeowners Insurance

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Cleveland Heights Ohio homeowners insurance

Full of culture, history, and places for outdoor exploration, it’s no wonder why over 40,000 people call Cleveland Heights home. Owning a reliable homeowners policy to protect your biggest investment is a smart idea, and an independent insurance agent can help.

Whether you’ve just purchased a home, or want to review your home insurance policy, and an independent insurance agent can assist. They work with multiple carriers to guarantee you the coverage you want at the price you need. Connect with an agent to get started today.

What Determines Your Home Insurance Rate in Cleveland Heights, OH?

Your homeowners insurance premium is going to look different than your neighbor's. Insurance companies use individualized data based on you and your home to calculate your rate. Specifically, insurers will look at:

  • Your neighborhood crime rate
  • The replacement cost of your home
  • The replacement cost of your belongings
  • Your credit score, and claims history
  • Your ZIP code

Home insurance average premiums in Cleveland Heights, OH

Homeowners insurance average rates in the area will give you some idea of what you might pay.

  • National annual average: $1,211
  • Ohio annual average: $862
  • Cleveland Heights, OH, annual average: $818

It’s always a good idea to shop around before you purchase your home insurance policy, and an independent agent will do this step for you. They’ll help compare rates and coverage for your home.

Most Common Natural Disasters in Cleveland Heights, OH

Since 1953, Ohio has declared 59 catastrophes, with the most common being severe storms. Your home insurance policy will protect you against most damage caused by the hazards you face.

Top five risks for homeowners in Ohio:

  1. Severe storms
  2. Flooding
  3. Tornados
  4. Burglary and property crime
  5. Heavy snow

Your home insurance policy will help cover the costs to repair or replace your home and belongings if they are damaged by covered disasters. This includes your garage, shed, or fence. If your home is uninhabitable after a storm, your home insurance policy will reimburse you for living expenses such as a hotel, or meals out.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Does Your Cleveland Heights, OH, Home Insurance Protect You against Floods?

The majority of homeowners are not aware that their home policy excludes flood damage. With floods being a top threat to your home, investing in a flood insurance policy is a smart choice.

Your flood insurance policy will cover:

  • Electrical and plumbing systems
  • Detached garages
  • Permanently installed carpeting
  • Refrigerators, cooking stoves, and dishwashers

Your flood insurance policy will help you avoid spending thousands of dollars out of pocket. Enlist an independent agent to help you find an affordable coverage today.

Property Crime Rate in Cleveland Heights, OH, and Your Home Insurance

The local crime rate will impact your home insurance rate. Insurance carriers want to know how much of a risk you are, so carriers surcharge each insured to cover the expected loss.

(Rate per 100,000 people)

  • National burglary rate: 376
  • Ohio burglary rate: 412.2
  • Cleveland Heights, OH burglary rate: 141.9

Even with a low crime rate in Cleveland Heights, it’s important to make sure that you are covered in case of an break-in. Your home insurance will protect you if your belongings are stolen or damaged.

Your policy has a limit that it will pay out. If you have expensive jewelry, art, or antiques, you may want to purchase additional coverage to make sure that you’ll be fully reimbursed. Chat with an agent about what coverage you need to protect your assets.

Liability Insurance for Your Cleveland Heights, OH, Home

The liability insurance component of your homeowners policy will cover the cost of damage that you, or other people insured in your policy, are responsible for.

For instance, if someone is walking up to your house and slips and fall on your icy sidewalk that results in bad injuries, your liability insurance will cover necessary medical expenses.

Liability Insurance will cover (up to your limit)

  • Necessary medical and surgical expenses
  • Ambulance
  • Hospital costs
  • Professional nursing services

Talk with an independent insurance agent about how much liability coverage you should have. You may want to consider purchasing an umbrella policy that will provide additional limits of liability. Once your liability has been exhausted, this policy will kick in.

Find Affordable Home Insurance in Cleveland Heights, OH

Work with an independent insurance agent to find a homeowners policy that will fit your budget. They have access to numerous carriers, giving you options to pick from. Connect with a Cleveland Heights agent today to get started.

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