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Wisconsin Insurance FAQs

A good health insurance plan in WI can save you from large financial losses if you are injured or diagnosed with a serious or chronic illness. Some individuals in Wisconsin qualify for free or low-cost health insurance through Medicaid. To be eligible for Medicaid in this state, you must be a resident of Wisconsin and a US national, citizen, permanent resident, or legal alien, and your household income must be characterized as low or very low. Additionally, you must be at least one of the following:

  • Pregnant
  • Caring for a child under the age of 18
  • Blind
  • Disabled, or caring for a disabled member of your household
  • 65 years old or older

If you are not eligible for Medicaid in this state, you still have options. Talk to a local independent insurance agent for assistance with finding affordable health insurance in WI. 

Homeowners insurance in Wisconsin is designed to absorb the financial losses related to many of the hazards property owners in this state are likely to face. Home insurance in WI typically includes:

  • Dwelling coverage: This pays for damage to the structure of your home
  • Other structures coverage: This pays for damage to other, detached structures on your property.
  • Contents coverage: This pays for loss or damage to your personal property.
  • Loss of use coverage: This pays for extra living expenses if a covered disaster leaves your home unsafe for habitation.
  • Liability coverage: This covers costs associated with personal liability lawsuits brought against you or members of your household.
  • Medical payments coverage: This pays for accidental injuries to others.

Learn more about homeowners insurance in Wisconsin and get help finding a competitively priced policy by talking with a local independent insurance agent.

If you are at fault for a collision, you can be held financially responsible for other people's injuries and property damage. Car insurance in Wisconsin protects you from facing unmanageable losses as a result. In WI, all car insurance policies must include:

  • Liability coverage: This covers what you owe to other people if you are at fault. Your policy must include, at a minimum, bodily injury liability coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident; and property damage liability coverage of $10,000 per accident.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage: This covers your medical treatments if you are injured in a collision caused by an uninsured driver. Your policy must include, at a minimum, uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.

You can also cover your own property damage and injuries regardless of fault by including optional coverage like collision, comprehensive, and medical payments coverage. When you're ready to purchase a car insurance policy in Wisconsin, a local independent insurance agent can help.

Business insurance in Wisconsin can protect your company from large financial losses in the event of a disaster, liability lawsuit, or other common hazards. A typical policy will include:

  • Commercial property insurance: This covers loss or damage to your company's building (if owned) and to business-owned property if it is caused by a covered event like a fire, severe weather event, or property crime.
  • Commercial liability insurance: This covers expenses related to liability lawsuits if your company is sued for a covered event.
  • Business interruption insurance: This covers loss of income if your business must close for an extended period due to damage caused by a covered event.

Some businesses will need additional coverage such as workers' compensation insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, inland marine insurance, and other business policies. A local independent insurance agent can help you get the coverage you need at a competitive price.

Workers' compensation insurance in Wisconsin is designed to cover medical treatment for employees if they are injured on the job or are stricken with an occupational illness. In addition to fully covering all necessary medical costs, this insurance can provide disability pay, occupational rehabilitation, and death benefits to surviving family members.  

In Wisconsin, all businesses with at least three full-time or part-time employees must carry workers' compensation insurance. For help finding a suitable policy, you can consult a local independent insurance agent.

Restaurant insurance in Wisconsin is designed to cover against risks that are common in the food industry. A typical restaurant will need the following types of coverage:

Some Wisconsin restaurants may need additional coverage, for instance:

A local independent insurance agent can help you identify your restaurant's risks and can recommend the right insurance policies to protect your business against each of them.  

Business-owned vehicles need to be covered by commercial vehicle insurance in Wisconsin. All commercial vehicle insurance policies in WI need to include liability insurance. This covers other people's injuries and property damage if you or one of your employees causes an accident in a company-owned vehicle. Large trucks, vehicles used to transport hazardous materials, and vehicles designed to transport several people will require higher liability coverage limits than smaller vehicles like delivery vans.

You may also purchase additional coverage, like collision and comprehensive coverage to cover damage to your own vehicles regardless of fault. A local independent insurance agent can help you review your various options and obtain customized quotes from multiple insurers. 

A good hotel insurance policy package in Wisconsin will include the following types of coverage:

  • Commercial general liability insurance
  • Commercial property insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Workers' compensation insurance
  • Cyber liability insurance
  • Equipment breakdown insurance

Some hotels in Wisconsin may need additional coverage, such as:

  • Hotels that provide shuttle services will need commercial vehicle insurance.
  • Hotels that include restaurants may want to have food spoilage insurance.
  • Hotels that include bars may want to have liquor liability insurance.

A local independent insurance agent can recommend the right insurance products for your Wisconsin hotel. Contact an agent near you to learn more.

Umbrella insurance in Wisconsin works to expand the liability coverage you already have in policies such as homeowners, renters, auto, and business insurance. This secondary insurance kicks in when the coverage offered by your other, primary policies is exhausted. Umbrella insurance is typically purchased in million-dollar increments.

Talk to an independent insurance agent in Wisconsin to learn more about umbrella insurance. You may be surprised by how affordable these policies can be. 

Tenants in Wisconsin can benefit from the protections offered by renters insurance. These affordable policies are designed to cover:

  • Loss or damage to your personal property
  • Extra expenses if you are displaced from your home due to damage caused by a covered event
  • Protection against financial losses related to personal liability lawsuits

To find out how little this valuable coverage will cost you, you can contact a local independent insurance agent who can provide you with a selection of customized renters insurance quotes.

Life insurance in WI can provide a financial safety net for your loved ones if you should pass away. A large policy can provide for your spouse and children for years to come, while a small policy can cover things like estate settlement and burial costs. There are a few different types of life insurance available to residents of Wisconsin. They fall under two main categories of coverage:  

  • Term life insurance: These policies last only for a set period of time, or "term." Once the term is up, the policy expires and you will need to purchase a new policy if you want to continue having coverage. These policies enable you to affordably purchase high levels of coverage during the years you need it most. 
  • Permanent life insurance: Also referred to as "whole life coverage," these policies last as long as you continue paying your premiums. Though more expensive than term policies, this type of coverage can serve as an investment vehicle and may be cashed in at any time.

If you want to learn more about your life insurance options, talk to an independent insurance agent near you.

Independent insurance agents have relationships with multiple highly rated insurance providers in Wisconsin. Whatever your insurance needs, these agents can help you obtain and compare customized quotes for suitable coverage so you can choose the policy that offers you the best value. Discover the many advantages of working with an independent insurance agent by arranging a free consultation with an agent near you today.

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