Popular QuestionsPopular Questions about Car Insurance in Wisconsin

How much does Wisconsin car insurance cost? $930

On average, Wisconsin drivers pay just $930 a year for their car insurance. This is significantly lower than the national average cost of $1,311 per year and makes Wisconsin one of the least expensive states for buying automotive coverage. 

As a vehicle owner in Wisconsin, you can find the best rates by comparison shopping with a local independent insurance agent. These agents can help you by obtaining customized car insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies on your behalf. That way, you can be sure you are getting the coverage you need at a competitive price. 

What can Wisconsin car insurance do for me?

Accidents can happen to anyone. Especially when road conditions are hazardous such as following a winter snow or during a torrential rainstorm.

If you are at fault for an accident, you are responsible for covering other people’s property damage and the cost of medical treatment for their injuries. Given the high cost of health care in this country, an accident that involves injuries can be extremely expensive and could cause you a great deal of financial harm if you are not properly insured.

If you are involved in a collision, here are a few of the ways that your Wisconsin auto insurance can help.

Pay to repair your own car

  • This is covered by collision & comprehensive insurance.
  • Collision insurance covers collision-related damage, regardless of fault; while comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by non-collision events like falling trees and hail.
  • Collision & comprehensive coverage is optional by law, but it may be required by dealerships if you are leasing your vehicle and by lenders if you are still paying on a car loan.
  • When you have collision & comprehensive insurance, you are covered up to the blue book value of your car.

Pay to repair someone else's car

  • This is covered by property damage liability insurance.
  • This insurance covers damage to other people’s vehicles and property if you cause a collision.
  • Property damage liability insurance is mandatory in Wisconsin.
  • Your policy must include at least $10,000 worth of property damage liability coverage.

Pay your own medical bills

  • This is covered by medical payments insurance, or personal injury protection (PIP).
  • This insurance can cover your own medical treatments if you are in a collision, regardless of fault.
  • Medical payments (or PIP) coverage is optional in Wisconsin.

Pay someone else's medical bills

  • This is covered by bodily injury liability insurance.
  • This insurance covers medical treatments for injuries sustained by others if you are responsible for a collision.
  • Bodily injury liability insurance is mandatory in Wisconsin.
  • Your policy must include coverage of at least $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident worth of bodily injury liability insurance.

Cover losses caused by an uninsured driver

  • This is covered by uninsured motorist insurance.
  • This insurance can provide you with immediate compensation if an uninsured driver is responsible for a collision with your vehicle so that you do not have to go through lengthy legal channels to collect what is due to you.
  • Uninsured motorist insurance is mandatory in Wisconsin.
  • Your policy must include coverage of at least $25,000 per person / $50,000 per accident worth of uninsured motorist bodily injury liability insurance.

… and more!

You can also opt to include other optional coverage with your car insurance policy gap insurance, roadside assistance and towing insurance, and rental car reimbursement coverage. Talk to your local insurance agent to learn more.

Who pays if the accident wasn’t my fault in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is an at-fault, or tort state. This means that the driver who caused the accident is responsible for covering the cost of damage and medical care.

How many Wisconsin drivers are uninsured? 14.3%

If you are caught driving without insurance in Wisconsin, you can face of fine of $500 and have your driving privileges suspended until you submit proof of insurance by filing an SR-22. Also, you will need to pay a $60 fee to reinstate your driver’s license.

If you are in an accident while uninsured, you can face the same fine as above but your driving privileges and vehicle registration can be suspended for up to three years. In addition to the $60 license reinstatement fee, you will also have to pay a $50 fee to reinstate your vehicle registration.

Despite these penalties, an estimated 14.3% of vehicle owners in Wisconsin are driving while uninsured.

If you are in an accident that was caused by an uninsured driver, that person is responsible for covering your damage and any related medical bills. However, if the uninsured driver simply doesn’t have the funds available, you may be forced to hire a lawyer and take legal action just to collect a fraction of what is due to you.

That is why uninsured motorist coverage can prove so beneficial. This mandatory coverage can pay for your vehicle repairs and medical expenses if you are in an accident and the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured, though you are only required to purchase bodily-injury coverage.

Once your insurance company reimburses you for your losses, it will take on the time-consuming responsibility of trying to collect the money owed by the at-fault driver and will absorb the costs if unsuccessful.

What is the best car insurance company in Wisconsin?

When it comes to car insurance, there is no single company that can be considered best for everyone.

The policy that may work best for someone with a lot of moving violations on his record might not be the ideal choice for someone with a long, safe driving history. Likewise, an elderly couple may find the best rates with one company while a middle-aged couple with teen drivers in the household may find a competing company to be the better choice.

This is why independent insurance agents do not limit their search to one company. They can obtain customized quotes from a variety of reliable insurers to help you find the policy that works best for your particular situation.

Are there any independent insurance agents in Wisconsin?

Yes! There are currently 366 independent insurance agencies in Wisconsin who are ready to help.

These experienced agents are free to work with several different insurance providers to help you find the best rate for auto coverage. That way, you can buy a policy that meets all your coverage needs at a price you can afford.

InformationFind the Best Car Insurance in Your City

Now, let's take a quick peek at what’s going on in your city. Insurance companies look at a lot of factors when determining car insurance costs. One of many factors is location. Crime rates and time spent in the car will factor into how much your car insurance will cost.

How does your city measure up to the national average?

  • National average car insurance cost:  $1311 / year
  • National average car thefts per 1,000:  2.29
  • National average time spent commuting:  25.4 min
CityAvg. Commute Time (Min)Theft Rate per 1,000 VehiclesAvg. Insurance Cost (Yearly)
Eau Claire15.00.93$1,074
Fond du Lac17.31.10$1,137
Green Bay17.20.95$1,120
La Crosse14.71.23$1,098
West Allis21.52.05$1,307

Milwaukee, WI, Car Insurance

The average monthly cost of car insurance in Milwaukee is $122.

Residents of this city tend to pay more than most others throughout the state because of the high auto theft and accident rate in this city. Of course, your actual price can differ significantly from this average. This is because insurance companies will take into account such things about you such as your age, gender, and driving record as well as details about your vehicle when they calculate your personalized quote.

Imagine walking out of your local Piggly Wiggly only to discover that your car has been stolen. Given that approximately 5,000 cars are stolen in this city every year, this is not a far-fetched scenario. The good news is that if your car insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage, you can be reimbursed for the value of your car if it is stolen. This optional insurance also covers a variety of non-collision types of damage such those caused by falling objects, floods, and garage fires.

Learn more about comprehensive coverage as well as the other coverage options available to you by speaking with one of Milwaukee’s experienced independent agents.

Madison, WI, Car Insurance

The average monthly cost of car insurance in Madison is $105.

Of course, this is just an average. Your actual monthly cost could be higher or lower depending on a variety of factors such as your age, driving record, and credit score as well as details about the vehicle(s) you wish to insure. Let an independent insurance compile a variety of customized Madison car insurance quotes so you can find the policy that offers the best value for your hard-earned money.

Whether you find yourself in a multi-vehicle collision on I-90 or you cause a fender-bender on S. Park Street, a good car insurance policy can cover your financial responsibilities. By purchasing a policy that includes collision coverage, you can be sure that damages to your vehicle are covered as well, even if the accident was your own fault.

Talk to an independent agent in Madison to learn more about how each of your car insurance coverage options can prove beneficial to you.

Green Bay, WI, Car Insurance

The average monthly cost of auto insurance in Green Bay is $93.

When calculating your actual rate, insurance companies will take several factors into account including such things as your vehicle’s make, model, and year, and details about you and other drivers in your household such as your ages and  driving records. Rates can also be influenced by the amount of coverage you are purchasing and the size of your deductible. Because of this, your actual monthly cost could be significantly higher or lower than the city’s average.

Accidents don’t just happen on highways. They can happen anywhere. Whether you T-bone someone on E. Mason Street or cause a fender bender in the Lambeau Field parking lot after cheering on the Packers, an all-inclusive car insurance policy can cover your costs. That way, you do not need to worry about how much the accident is going to set back your finances. As long as your policy includes collision insurance, your own vehicle’s damage will also be covered, even if the accident was entirely your fault.

Find out more about collision insurance and your other coverage options by talking with a local independent insurance agent.

Kenosha, WI, Car Insurance

The average monthly cost of car insurance in Kenosha is $101.

Because your car insurance rates are customized according to your personal details, your actual monthly cost could be considerably higher or lower than this amount. Several factors such as your driving record, your vehicle’s year, make, and model, and the amount of coverage you are purchasing, can influence how insurance companies calculate your premiums.

The more time you spend behind the wheel of your car, the more likely you are to be involved in a collision. Residents of Kenosha have some of the longest commute times in the state. This extra time spent getting to and from work can translate to higher costs for car insurance. If you work from home or use public transportation, you may qualify for low-mileage discounts on your coverage.

Consult an independent insurance agent in Kenosha to find out what you can do to lower your costs on car insurance.

Racine, WI, Car Insurance

The average monthly cost of car insurance in Racine is $104.

You should, however, take this average cost with a grain of salt. Your actual monthly cost could be higher or lower than this, since your Racine auto insurance rate is completely personalized according to your driving history, vehicle information, deductible amount, and more.

Driving conditions in Racine can sometimes be dicey. From beachside roads filled with pedestrians in the summertime to residential streets that are slick with snow and ice in the winter, these hazardous conditions can sometimes cause even the most experienced drivers to make mistakes. Whether you are responsible for an accident because of the weather or due to a distraction, an all-inclusive auto insurance policy can cover your losses and prevent you from facing expensive lawsuits.

Get in touch with an independent insurance agent in Racine to learn how much it will cost you to purchase varying levels of liability coverage.