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Daphne, AL, is located just across the bay from Mobile — offering a small community feel with proximity to a big city lifestyle. Many families set down roots here for the inclusive community, waterfront parks, and access to nearby Florida. It's a great place to raise a family and buy a home. But Daphne homeowners face numerous risks ranging from bad weather to home burglaries — meaning you need a comprehensive policy that gives you the protection you need.

Whether you've had your home for years or just signed off on a new one, an independent insurance agent will gladly work with you to find you the policy you need. Our agents can give you numerous policy options and quotes from a variety of insurance carriers to ensure you have a selection of prices and coverages. Contact a local agent to get started on finding Daphne homeowners insurance.

  • National yearly premium average: $1,217
  • Alabama yearly premium average: $1,433
  • Twelfth most expensive premium in the US

You might be paying too much for your homeowners insurance if you didn't shop around before purchasing. Each insurance company takes different factors into consideration — meaning you will have plenty of options when you partner with a reliable agent. Your home's age, building materials, location, property use, and amount of interior contents can all be considered to create a personalized policy. Get on board soon with a comprehensive Daphne home insurance plan that you can afford.

Second Home and Vacation Home Insurance

The occasional Daphne home is actually a secondary residence. The city offers a bayside escape for those looking for relaxation, a new place to go, and a home away from home. But these homes are likely vacant more often than primary residences are, which is why they need extra and different layers of protection. Our agents can explain your options and find you a second home policy that meets your unique needs.

Number of Burglaries in Alabama

  • National average for burglaries: 3.76 per 1000 population
  • Alabama number of burglaries: 5.90 per 1000 population

You can take precautionary steps such as installing a security system or getting a watchdog, but the only surefire way to be fully protected is by working with an independent insurance agent. Our agents will find a policy that has the necessary limits to compensate you for damage to property and theft of personal property.

Homeowner Claims In Alabama

Alabama had 95 tornadoes in 2019 and 1,107 wildfires. Homeowner losses were $911,000,000.

Mother Nature can cause serious damage to your property. Whether it's a strong summer storm, unexpected tornado, or bad hurricane, your home is at risk. Ensure that your Daphne homeowners insurance includes the right amount of coverage to compensate you for property repairs. Our agents will happily find you an insurance carrier you can trust and a policy you can afford.

What Are the Risks in Daphne, AL?

The biggest risks in Daphne include the weather. Because of its coastal location, hurricanes and tornadoes are always on the radar. These conditions can bring strong winds that cause damage to windows and bring down trees, as well as bring rains that cause flooding. An independent insurance agent will explain more and make sure your policy covers all the bases.

Compare Daphne Home Insurance Quotes

Receiving comprehensive Daphne home insurance is easy with an independent insurance agent. Our local agents can explain coverage details and answer your questions so you feel completely comfortable with the process and policy. Protect one of your most prized possessions by purchasing all-inclusive coverage from one of our experienced agents. We love giving families peace of mind in their own homes.

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