Popular Questions about Colorado Home Insurance

The average homeowner in the United States pays a yearly average premium of $1,132 for homeowners insurance, while the Colorado yearly average is $1,383. It's fairly close, but because of the unique risks that Colorado homeowners face, and depending on your own personal situation, this number could be much higher.

Think of homeowners insurance as your financial backup plan for the times when bad things happen to your home unexpectedly. It's important to protect one of your most prized possessions so you can bounce back financially when the going gets rough.

  • Pays for repairs to your home and your belongings
    • Example: A tree falls on your house, and rain ruins your 60" Samsung TV.
  • Pays for someone else's injuries or property damage when it's your fault
    • Example: Your kid is playing baseball and accidentally smacks the ball through your neighbor's window.
  • Pays for temporary living expenses when your home is damaged
    • Example: You need a hotel while your house's roof is being repaired due to a fallen tree.

  1. Wind and hail damage
  2. Water damage and freezing
  3. Property damage
  4. Theft
  5. Fire and lightning damage

In 2017, $1,823,339,000 was spent by insurance companies on homeowners claims in Colorado.

(That's a lot of unfortunate events happening to Colorado homeowners.)

Insurance carriers calculate the cost of a home insurance policy by asking, "How likely is it that something bad will happen?" The more likely it is that something bad will happen, the more expensive the home insurance policy will be, and vice versa. We call these potential disasters "risk."

Here are two examples of risks facing homeowners in Colorado.


Colorado sees an average amount of criminal activity as compared with other states. While the risk varies depending on where you are — metropolitan Denver vs. serene Idaho Springs — you should always be properly protected just in case.

  • National average number of burglaries: 37,814
  • Colorado average number of burglaries: 25,081


Winter weather in Colorado can be disastrous for homeowners — especially those in the mountains. Think extreme cold, frozen pipes, melting snow that floods, hail and more. But bad weather can strike year-round. Just take a look at the damage it's done in The Centennial State:

  • Number of tornadoes: 52
  • Number of catastrophes: 343
  • Property damage from weather in Colorado: $215,290,000

Yes, there are. And unlike a specific carrier or an agent who works for a specific company, an independent agent can quote with multiple companies to make sure you receive the most appropriate coverage for your needs. It's the best way to receive 360 degrees of insurance protection for any unexpected event that may come your way.

  • 378 agents in Colorado are ready to help.
  • 3,132 Colorado residents were helped by an agent in 2017

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An independent agent compares policies from multiple companies to find you the best coverage for your needs and budget

How does home insurance work?

Find the Best Insurance in Your City

How does your city measure up to the national average?

National average burglary rate 4.69 per 1,000 homes

National average home value $188,900

National average home insurance cost $1,173 year

CityAnnual insurance costAvg. home valueBurglaries / 1,000 homes
Broomfield                         $1,177$383,6003.23
Castle Rock$1,153$389,0601.59
Colorado Springs$801$243,6005.76
Commerce City$907$290,0804.16
Fort Collins$1,022$338,1002.74
Grand Junction$718$215,5705.97
Wheat Ridge$1,110$336,1906.50
  1. $176
  2. Denver, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average cost of Denver home insurance: $176/month
  4. The safety of your neighborhood is an important factor in calculating the cost of your homeowners insurance. The property crime rate in Denver is higher than the national average, which could increase your premium.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Denver: Theft or Burglary
  6. Living in a metropolitan area means you're more prone to experiencing a home invasion or burglary. That's why you need proper protection if a thief damages property like windows and doors or steals your personal items like electronics and jewelry.

  1. $163
  2. Colorado Springs, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average cost of Colorado Springs home insurance: $163/month
  4. Your home insurance could be less or more, depending on factors like the size of your house, your credit score, your house's construction materials, the crime in your area, etc.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Colorado Springs: Physical Damage
  6. Physical damage to your property can happen a number of ways — all when you least expect it. A burglar can break a window, an intense snowfall can damage your roof, and a strong summer storm can cause lightning damage.

  1. $117
  2. Aurora, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average  cost of Aurora home insurance: $117/month
  4. Homeowners insurance should be personalized and designed around your unique living situation. Let a Trusted Choice insurance agent help you find coverage that is comprehensive and affordable for you.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Aurora: Freezing Water and Pipes 
  6. Winter in Colorado can be treacherous. It can cause damage to roadways and properties, and freezing temperatures can impact your home's plumbing system. But you won't have to deal with the financial stress of frozen pipes and water when you have comprehensive homeowners insurance.

  1. $104
  2. Fort Collins, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average cost of Fort Collins home insurance: $104/month
  4. Your home's age, location, building materials and proximity to a fire station will determine how much you pay for insurance. That means your rate could be somewhere around this average, so keep it in mind when you're comparing home insurance quotes.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Fort Collins: Theft or Burglary 
  6. Home to Colorado State University, Fort Collins has a big population and its own unique risks that homeowners must protect themselves against. One of the most common threats is home theft and burglary. Ensure your homeowners policy covers against damaged property and stolen items just in case.

  1. $117
  2. Lakewood, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average cost of Lakewood home insurance: $117/month
  4. Take this average with a grain of salt. Your insurance will be customized and tailored to your unique risks and a number of unique factors. Talk to a Trusted Choice agent to learn more.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Lakewood: Wind and Hail Damage
  6. Personal property owners in Colorado can easily experience the unfortunate aftermath of a winter storm. An unexpected hailstorm can bring high winds and damage windows, roofs and siding. Your insurance should compensate you for this type of damage so you can make repairs quickly.

  1. $180
  2. Thornton, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average cost of Thornton home insurance: $180/month
  4. Do you know how home insurance should be calculated? If you think it's based on average risks and rates, you're wrong. A Trusted Choice agent will look at your individual home and your area's unique risks to find something personalized and comprehensive.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Thornton: Physical Damage
  6. Anything that causes damage to your home's exterior or interior is considered property damage. This includes an accidental fire, unexpected winter storm or break-in. Whatever happens, you will have peace of mind knowing you are properly insured and have a trusted agent on your side.