Popular Questions about Colorado Home Insurance

On average, Colorado homeowners insurance costs $1,495 per year, which is more than the national figure at $1,211 annually. For your exact home insurance rates, you'll have to obtain quotes individually from a licensed professional.

Your Colorado homeowners insurance is meant to protect your property from damage and liability risks. Some things to consider when selecting coverage are:

  • A separate flood policy is necessary for flood damage
  • Water/sewer back-up coverage is needed to have protection
  • Coverage for high-value items
  • Cash value vs. replacement cost 

Yes, Colorado has roughly 252 independent insurance agencies. If you're looking for homeowners coverage, an independent agent can cut out the work of shopping on your own.  Independent agents can advise you on the right companies and coverage to fit your budget.

In Colorado, your homeowners insurance policy is calculated using your exposures. Insurance companies look at a combination of local and personal risk factors when rating your home coverage. Things like your policy limits, prior claims, natural disasters, and crime rates are all used to determine your insurance costs.

Colorado will come with it's own list of risks that could cause damage to your home. The top five reported losses to homeowners insurance in Colorado are as follows:

  • Wildfires and residential fires
  • Flooding and water damage
  • Severe storms and lightning damage
  • Heavy snow
  • Burglary and other property crimes

When shopping for Colorado home insurance, there are discounts that could help you save some money. Ask your local adviser about these discounts when getting coverage:

  • Multiple policy discount
  • Updated roof discount
  • Central station alarm discount

In Colorado, you'll have standard limits that come on most homeowners policies. However, there are additional coverages that you can obtain for the best protection. Insurance for the waterline that travels across your yard to your home isn't automatically covered, but can be added. Another limit to consider is replacement cost for your roof. Not all carriers offer full replacement, which can leave you in a bad spot financially.

Do You Know What Your Colorado Home Insurance Covers?

Find the Best Homeowners Insurance in Your City

How does your city measure up to the national average?

National average burglary rate 3.76 per 1,000 people

National average home value $269,000

National average home insurance cost $1,211 year

CityAnnual insurance costAvg. home valueBurglaries (per 1k residents)
Broomfield                         $1,177$413,5003.23
Castle Rock$1,153$422,1001.59
Colorado Springs$801$269,8005.76
Commerce City$907$320,1004.16
Fort Collins$1,022$367,9002.74
Grand Junction$718$215,5705.97
Wheat Ridge$1,110$383,9006.50
  1. $176
  2. Denver, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average monthly cost of Denver home insurance: $176
  4. The safety of your neighborhood is an important factor in calculating the cost of your homeowners insurance. The property crime rate in Denver is higher than the national average, which could increase your premium.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Denver: Theft or burglary
  6. Living in a metropolitan area means you're more prone to experiencing a home invasion or burglary. That's why you need proper protection if a thief damages property like windows and doors or steals your personal items like electronics and jewelry.

  1. $163
  2. Colorado Springs, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average monthly cost of Colorado Springs home insurance: $163
  4. Your home insurance could be less or more, depending on factors like the size of your house, your credit score, your house's construction materials, the crime in your area, etc.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Colorado Springs: Physical damage
  6. Physical damage to your property can happen a number of ways — all when you least expect it. A burglar can break a window, an intense snowfall can damage your roof, or a strong summer storm can cause lightning damage.

  1. $117
  2. Aurora, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average monthly cost of Aurora home insurance: $117
  4. Homeowners insurance should be personalized and designed around your unique living situation.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Aurora: Freezing water and pipes 
  6. Winter in Colorado can be treacherous. It can cause damage to roadways and properties, and freezing temperatures can impact your home's plumbing system. But you won't have to deal with the financial stress of frozen pipes and water when you have comprehensive homeowners insurance.

  1. $104
  2. Fort Collins, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average cost of Fort Collins home insurance: $104
  4. Your home's age, location, building materials and proximity to a fire station will determine how much you pay for insurance. That means your rate could be somewhere around this average, so keep it in mind when you're comparing home insurance quotes.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Fort Collins: Theft or burglary 
  6. Home to Colorado State University, Fort Collins has a big population and its own unique risks that homeowners must protect themselves against. One of the most common threats is home theft and burglary. Make sure that your homeowners policy covers against damaged property and stolen items just in case.

  1. $117
  2. Lakewood, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average monthly cost of Lakewood home insurance: $117
  4. Take this average with a grain of salt. Your insurance will be customized and tailored to your unique risks and a number of unique factors.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Lakewood: Wind and hail damage
  6. Personal property owners in Colorado can easily experience the unfortunate aftermath of a winter storm. An unexpected hailstorm can bring high winds and damage windows, roofs and siding. Your insurance should compensate you for this type of damage so you can make repairs quickly.

  1. $180
  2. Thornton, CO Monthly average home insurance cost
  3. Average monthly cost of Thornton home insurance: $180
  4. Do you know how home insurance should be calculated? Contrary to popular belief, your home insurance isn't based on average risks and rates.
  5. Common homeowners claim in Thornton: Physical damage
  6. Anything that causes damage to your home's exterior or interior is considered property damage. This includes an accidental fire, unexpected winter storm, or break-in.