Popular Questions about Colorado Business Insurance

Small businesses in Colorado have made a total of $158.4 billion, but accidents happen, too. Without insurance, business claims have to be paid out of your pocket. That means they have to be paid out of your business’s revenue and can cause financial damage to your company.

40% of small businesses are likely to experience a property or general liability claim in the next 10 years. Here are some things these companies have been using their insurance on:

  • Theft or burglary: Average cost per claim - $8,000
  • Water damage & freezing pipes: Average cost per claim - $17,000
  • Wind and hail damage: Average cost per claim - $26,000
  • Fire damage: Average cost per claim - $35,000
  • Customer slips and falls: Average Cost Per Claim - $20,000

Colorado business insurance will pay for covered claims so your business doesn’t have to. It gives you financial protection, which means your small company can stay focused on the bottom line.

Here’s what a standard business insurance policy should do:

Pay For Damage To Your Building

  • Example: A tree falls on your office building.

Pay For Damage To Your Business Property

  • Example: A fire destroys all your computers.

Pay For Damage To Someone Else’s Property

  • Example: A contractor does a poor job of installing a cabinet, resulting in its falling and breaking homeowner's kitchenware.

Pay For Someone Else’s Medical Bills

  • Example: A customer slips and falls on your recently mopped floor and breaks an arm.

Pay For Accidents in Company Vehicles

  • Example: Your salesperson rear-ends someone while driving to an appointment.

Pay For Employee Injuries & Compensation

  • Example: An employee falls off a ladder at work and can’t work for two weeks.

Commercial insurance is not required of all Colorado business owners, but certain aspects of it may be. For example, businesses that employ one or more people must carry workers' compensation insurance. 

Additionally, businesses that have company-owned vehicles must carry commercial auto insurance. To learn more about coverage that you may need to carry, you can talk with a local Trusted Choice insurance agent.

It primarily depends on how risky your business is. The riskier your business is, the higher your insurance will be. Here are two examples.

  • A sole proprietor who owns a garment hemming business: $260 per year
  • A commercial landscaper with five employees who operate heavy machinery: $22,700 per year

Business insurance rates are calculated using a number of factors such as the risks to your business property, your liability coverage needs and the amount and types of coverage you want. Policies can vary significantly by business industry, so it is best to talk with an experienced insurance agent when building a suitable and comprehensive policy for your business.

  • There are 378 independent agents in Colorado who are ready to help.
  • Last year our agents helped 3,132 people.

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An independent insurance agent compares policies from multiple companies to find the best coverage for your needs.

How does business insurance work?

Find the Best Business Insurance in Your City

National Business Insurance Stats

Number of businesses in the US: 27,626,360

Burglary rate per 1,000 residents in the US: 3.76

Auto theft rate per 1,000 vehicles in the US: 2.29

CityNo. businessesBurglaries / 1,000 peopleAuto thefts / 1,000 cars
Castle Rock5,3491.590.73
Colorado Springs39,4245.764.47
Commerce City3,6814.160.74
Fort Collins16,2992.741.22
Grand Junction7,3895.972.66
Northglenn                 2,7324.117.32
Wheat Ridge4,1946.57.52

  1. Denver, CO
  2. Business Insurance How it affects rates
  3. 1 in 28 people experience property crime
  4. As a metro area, Denver sees more crime than most other places around the state. And because the property crime rate in Denver is higher than the national average, insurance may be more expensive. Keep that in mind when you're looking at policy options.
  5. 4,384 auto thefts in Denver, 2017 
  6. If your business owns a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, you will need commercial auto insurance. Your rates will be based on a number of factors, including the number and types of vehicles you are covering and the risk of collisions and of vehicle theft in your city.
  7. Workers' compensation for popular Denver business industries
  9. Of all businesses in Denver, 14% are in the construction industry — it's a growing city. But another 13% are in professional services and another 9% are in retail. Not all industries or business have the same workplace environment, which means each  has its own insurance needs. Workers' comp is no different; it uses the number of on-the-job hazards an employee may have to determine these average rates.

  1. Colorado Springs, CO
  2. Business Insurance How it affects rates
  3. 1 in 28 people experience property crime
  4. In addition to severe weather events, property crimes like theft and arson can lead to large business losses if you do not have the right insurance. The crime rate in Colorado Springs can also affect your coverage rates, so remember these factors when you're looking at commercial insurance.
  5. 1,729 auto thefts in Colorado Springs, 2014
  6. You will need commercial auto insurance if you have company cars or have employees who regularly drive. Your rates will be based on a number of unique characteristics, including the number and types of vehicles you are covering and the amount of vehicle theft in your city.
  7. Workers' compensation for popular Colorado Springs business industries
  9. A construction worker has many more workplace hazards and is more prone to being injured than a salesperson behind a counter. That's why the rates for these two industries are different and why your company needs to consider the unique situation you're in when you look at workers' comp coverage. Just keep that in mind if you're in the 14% of Colorado Springs businesses in the retail industry or the 11% in the construction world.

  1. Aurora, CO
  2. Business Insurance How it affects rates
  3. 1 in 34 people experience property crime
  4. The crime rate in Aurora isn't the only thing that affects your insurance coverage rates. Things like severe weather events and property crimes impact how much you pay, which is why it's important to know what risks you're up against.
  5. 1,261 auto theft in Aurora, 2017
  6. Does your business own a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles? If so, you will need commercial auto insurance. It's necessary coverage, especially since you can't control other drivers on the road.
  7. Workers' compensation for popular Aurora business industries
  9. Did you know that 13% of all Aurora businesses are in construction and another 12% are in retail? These may be the two most common industries in the area, but they are significantly different from one another when it comes to the amount of workers' compensation coverage needed. Each workplace comes with its own hazards, and you need to protect yourself against  unexpected injuries or illness.

  1. Fort Collins, CO
  2. Business Insurance How it affects rates
  3. 1 in 38 people experience property crime
  4. Fort Collins is generally a safe place. But that doesn't mean you can't experience crime and theft affecting your property. Protect your office space or storefront with the right kind of insurance at the right limits, though, and you'll feel peace of mind.
  5. 239 auto thefts in Fort Collins, 2017
  6. Your commercial auto insurance rates will be based on a number of unique factors. That's why you need to talk to a Trusted Choice agent to get your questions answered and find comprehensive coverage you can trust.
  7. Workers' compensation for popular Fort Collins business industries
  9. If you don't know how workers' compensation insurance rates are calculated, take note. Each industry and workplace comes with its own risks; an employee is more likely to be injured at a factory than in a classroom. And since workers' comp covers injuries or illnesses related to one's job, you need to keep the associated risks in mind.

  1. Lakewood, CO
  2. Business Insurance How it affects rates
  3. 1 in 20 people experience property crime
  4. Be prepared. If you aren't, you can encounter large business losses from a wide variety of incidents. Criminal activity is one of them, and the average rate in Lakewood can affect how much you pay for coverage.
  5. 882 auto thefts in Lakewood, 2017
  6. Do you know how commercial auto insurance should be calculated? The number of vehicles, as well as their makes and models, is just the beginning. Talk to a Trusted Choice agent to learn more.
  7. Workers' compensation for popular Lakewood business industries
  9. Workers' comp coverage steps in when an employee suffers an illness or injury related to work. It covers medical bills and legal costs so your business can stay afloat. But each industry and company has its own unique risks to consider when looking at insurance. When you talk to a Trusted Choice agent, you'll learn more about what kind of and how much workers' compensation protection you need.