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Extended Warranty

Car Warranty Insurance: Is It Worth It?

(Here's what you need to know about extended warranties)

Jessica Huneck | February 20, 2020
 Mechanic Expertise and Services with an extended car warranty

At some point we have all experienced car trouble. Unexpected mechanical breakdowns can really dig into your budget. A new transmission may cost an astounding $2,500. 

There are various policies available from a variety of car insurance providers that offer an extended warranty for cars, but it is important to fully evaluate whether this type of policy covers what you want it to.

An extended warranty for cars is, in essence, an insurance policy that provides financial protection against costly unforeseen mechanical failure.

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  • What kind of deductible is attached to the policy, and is it paid per visit or per repair?
  • Is the warranty transferable?
  • Can any shop take care of the vehicle?
  • What is specifically covered under the policy?

What Is Car Warranty Insurance?

Car warranty insurance, also called mechanical breakdown insurance, can provide a financial cushion when you are faced with costly automobile repairs. 

While this is not an option or replacement for an extended warranty for cars, it is an inexpensive variation of insurance with features that are similar to other products.

Typical maintenance issues that regularly arise with any automobile are not covered by mechanical breakdown insurance. The purpose of this insurance is to prevent financial difficulty if you experience an untimely and unexpected breakdown. 

The premium for mechanical breakdown coverage can be as low as $50 per year, with deductibles that can range from $60 to as much as $500 or higher depending your car’s age and condition.

Mechanical breakdown insurance may cover items such as car rentals, trip interruptions, or towing. In line with this, the terms vary based on your automobile’s year of manufacture and even mileage, so be sure you are choosing an appropriate plan for your travel needs.

A major benefit of mechanical breakdown insurance is that the policy may be transferable if the car is sold or given to a new owner.

Should You Buy the Dealer Extended Warranty?

Many people are opposed to purchasing an extended warranty for their cars, since these policies may offer only limited coverage and sometimes even neglect to cover parts that are the most likely to go bad. 

There is, of course, always a chance that the company holding the warranty will find a reason to delay giving financial aid or even completely avoid paying some claims.

Do not rush into buying an extended warranty. Instead, take the time to see if you even need it and talk with an independent agent, who will provide an unbiased viewpoint. 

The truth behind buying an extended warranty for cars is that you can purchase it at any time, until the original manufacturer's warranty has expired. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that as the car ages, the price of the warranty will increase as well.

Dealerships typically offer a vehicle extended warranty at the time you buy your car. However, it may not be the best answer in terms of coverage. 

Consider comparing extended warranty plans through an independent insurance agent. The role of these agents is to advocate for you and ensure that you get the right coverage for your needs and budget.

Of course, there are also third-party businesses that will offer you an extended vehicle warranty. If this is the route you find yourself taking, be sure to search for companies offering low deductibles and money-back guarantees, and review those contracts thoroughly.

Before You Buy

Be sure to carefully read through any contract you enter into with a warranty provider, and make sure you understand what is and is not covered under the policy. 

Ask any questions that can help give you confidence in what you are paying for, such as where your car can be repaired under the warranty and any exclusions in coverage.

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