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Grenada Mississippi homeowners insurance

How much premium are you paying for your Grenada, MS homeowners insurance policy? Are you currently shopping for a new homeowners insurance plan? Perhaps you want to start shopping for home insurance but aren’t really sure where to begin. 

Don’t waste another minute worrying about property insurance. You can just pick up the phone and talk with your local independent insurance agent. They know your neighborhood and what really matters to homeowners like you. 

Finding Excellent Pricing for Home Insurance In Grenada, Mississippi 

If you’re not sure how to go about finding the best property coverage for the least amount of money, don’t worry. You're not alone. Most Mississippi homeowners pay a lot more for home insurance than other states. 

  • US average yearly premium: $1,173
  • Mississippi average yearly premium: $1,508
  • Grenada, MS average yearly premium: $1,351 

Insurance costs are as different as the home, the owner, and the area. The average home values in Grenada are around $111,590. Home insurers are often more competitive in one area of the country vs. other areas. Local independent agents know which companies have the lowest pricing for Grenada. They also know the best insurers and rates for car insurance and life insurance too. 

Use These Tips to Save on Homeowners Insurance in Grenada, Mississippi

  • Lower your bill by raising your deductible.
  • Extra security like deadbolts on outside doors helps discount your premium.
  • Save money by using locks and security devices on your sliding glass doors.
  • Purchase a home security system, security cameras, and burglar alarms. 
  • Upgrade your storm doors and windows and earn a discount.
  • Know that high-risk dog breeds can increase your premium.
  • Maintain gutters and roofs to keep your home premiums down.
  • Yards with dogs or swimming pools should always be fenced.
  • Remove dead trees and loose tree limbs.

A Grenada insurance agent can help you save money. Your local agent insures other local property owners, so they understand your neighborhood and can show you how to get discounts on your premium.


Save on Home Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Why Home Coverage Is Important for Grenada, Mississippi Homeowners

In 2016, insurance companies paid Mississippians over $400 million in home claims. The most common property claims in Mississippi were weather-related. In comparison with the national average, Grenada County has more floods and tornadoes. That’s a sure sign you need to be prepared. 

Your homeowners insurance will cover damage from tornadoes, but will not cover flood damage. An independent insurance agent can discuss with you all the benefits of flood insurance, and how to protect your home’s full value against: 

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Theft

Protect Your Grenada, MS Belongings with Personal Property Coverage

Ask your Grenada insurance agent about how your home insurance will pay for personal belongings that are ruined, stolen, or damaged. This includes personal belongings that you keep in your home, like:

  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics

These are all covered as part of your Grenada homeowners policy, too. In fact, spoiled groceries are covered too, as long as they go bad because of a covered event. Your neighborhood agent can discuss this benefit with you in more detail. 

Protect Yourself with Grenada, MS Homeowners Liability Coverage

Accidents and mishaps usually happen when you’re not expecting it. Your homeowners insurance protects you from liabilities too. Some scenarios in which your liability coverage will prove useful are:

  • Your dog gets out of the house and bites someone.  
  • Your pine tree falls on the neighbor’s sunroom, breaking the windows. 
  • Your daughter breaks the neighbor’s car windshield with a softball. 
  • A friend slips on your wet tile floors, breaking her ankle. 

Review your policy’s liability limits so you’re confident the coverage amount is high enough. And your Grenada insurance agent will go over your policy limits with you and answer questions. They may recommend an increase in liability limits, or suggest you buy an umbrella policy for extra coverage. 

Start Shopping for Grenada, MS Homeowners Insurance Today and Save Money 

You deserve a comprehensive homeowners policy at a reasonable price. Life can get busy and make it hard to find the time to shop for a great deal. Cut yourself a break and ask your local independent insurance agent to help find the best property coverage. 

A Grenada insurance agent will be glad to answer all your questions, identify any risks you may encounter, and put together a few insurance quotes from reliable insurers. You’ll love the fact that independent insurance agents don’t charge any professional fees for their assistance. 

Start shopping today for a new or better-priced homeowners insurance plan. Your local independent insurance agent is available to help. 

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