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Your Complete Guide to College Station, TX, Business Insurance

(And how to know if you're getting a good deal)


Home to Texas A&M University and a famous winery, College Station has a lot to offer. If you own a small business in this 113,564 resident town, you're in a booming market. 

With college students coming and going and presidential museums to see, this city can be a great place to lay roots. When owning a business, you'll want to discuss insurance with your independent insurance agent. Go to and connect with an agent today.

Why Your College Station, TX, Business Needs Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability insurance or CGL will provide coverage for your business from financial loss. If a client or consumer sues because of injury, property damage, slander, or advertising injury, CGL will cover it. 

When you lease or own a building, you have to prove CGL coverage for the landlord or lienholder. This protects their interests and your business.

If your business operates solely online, you still want a CGL policy in place. Your policy will protect against non-physical things like advertising injury, slander, and negligence. Discuss CGL options with your College Station agent to make sure you're well protected.

If Your College Station Business Owns a Commercial Property

If you own a commercial property through your business, you could have a lot to lose. The best way to safeguard your livelihood from natural disasters, fire, and theft is to have proper coverage. A commercial property policy will protect against various hazards. Let's look at the most frequent claims that occur in College Station, TX:

A commercial property policy will help pay for any damage to your building or belongings due to these occurrences. The one risk that it won't cover is flood damage. For flooding, you need a separate policy.

Why Flood Insurance Is Needed in College Station, TX:

Every commercial property technically needs a flood policy. Some are at higher risk for flooding than others, but flood damage can occur anywhere.  

Your College Station property is assigned a flood zone that can be used for quoting your policy. Once your agent pulls your elevation certificate, they can determine your zone and provide the best FEMA approved flood insurance option. Discuss flood insurance with your independent agent. 

Business Interruption Insurance and Your College Station, TX, Business

When you live in a college town, many risks could put your business on hold. Besides the most common weather-related disasters that could strike, you also have to deal with potential protests, fires, and more. To better protect your company, get business interruption insurance.

Business interruption insurance: This will provide coverage for regular business expenses such as employee payroll, mortgage or rent, and insurance in the event of a temporary shutdown.

No business can fight nature, and College Station has had 12 natural disasters that could have rendered your operations to a halt. An independent agent can help find the best coverage and pricing for your business interruption insurance.


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Why Your College Station Business Needs Cyber Protection

Every business is vulnerable to cyberattacks. If you use email, then your business could be at risk. Identity theft of your clients' personal data can happen and ruin your business's reputation. Let's look at some numbers on cyber:

  • Number of US identity records exposed in 2019: 164.68 million
  • Number of US data breaches in 2019: 1,473
  • Identity thefts reported in TX in 2019: 75,533

The majority of business owners do not have coverage for cyber exposures. Cyber liability insurance can protect your business from a lawsuit if you or your clients' data gets stolen. Contact your College Station agent to discuss cyber liability options.

Workers' Compensation and Your College Station Business

College Station, TX, is a large town with a lot of youthful residents, which means your business may have seasonal employees who leave for the summer. To supply proper training may be a challenge with a rotating staff and could leave room for error. 

Workers' compensation insurance will pay for medical expenses and lost wages for an employee who gets injured or ill while working. 

This may bode well for your business, especially if you have a staff that is continually changing. You'll want to be prepared with the right coverage to protect you and your employees from harm and financial loss.

Employee Benefits Coverage in College Station, TX

Employee benefits could be the ticket to a longer-term staff. If you live in this college town, it may be hard to retain the right talent. By providing work that is enriching with excellent benefits, your graduates may decide to stick around. Let's take a look at the facts:

  • Employer health insurance contribution in the US as of 2018: 77%
  • Average annual health premiums for family employee coverage in 2019: $20,576
  • Average annual health premiums for single employee coverage in 2019: $7,188

If your business can afford to pay for part or all healthcare costs, life insurance, and disability insurance, you have a lot to offer. Talk with your independent agent to work up an employee benefits package that will wow the talent.

Work with an Independent Agent in College Station, TX

College Station is a lively town and a great place to own a business. The right business insurance can be challenging to find if you're not sure where to start.

An independent insurance agent works with multiple carriers, getting you the best rates and coverage in town. Connect with a local independent agent on today.

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