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The precursor to their popular Sonic model, the Aveo was produced by Chevrolet from 2004 through 2011. This subcompact car was designed to be an affordable, entry-level vehicle that could serve as a good option for younger drivers and budget-conscious consumers. 

These marginally safe used cars can save you money not only because of their low purchase price, but also because they offer great fuel efficiency and are relatively inexpensive to insure. With annual premiums costing an average of $1,189, the Aveo costs less to cover than many other cars on the road.

Whether you already carry car insurance or you are a first-time car buyer looking for affordable coverage, a local independent agent can help you find insurance savings. 

These independent agents can help you obtain and review rates from a number of reputable insurance providers so that you can easily choose the policy that best meets your coverage and budgetary needs.  Find an agent near you to start comparing Chevrolet Aveo insurance quotes.

How Much Does Chevrolet Aveo Insurance Cost?

On average, owners of the Chevy Aveo pay about $1,189 per year to cover their vehicles. Of course, your actual rates may be much higher or lower depending on a number of factors including:

  • Where you live
  • Your age, sex, and marital status
  • Your driving record
  • Which, if any, optional safety features are included in your car

One factor that significantly adds to the average cost for coverage is the age of the driver. Chevy Aveo owners tend to be younger drivers with a higher risk of being involved in motor vehicle collisions. Additionally, this car’s less-than-desirable safety ratings add to the cost of coverage.

On the other hand, because these used vehicles are very inexpensive, sometimes going for under $5,000, many Aveo owners save money on their coverage by opting out of purchasing many of the optional coverage types, such as collision insurance and comprehensive insurance.

In some states, uninsured motorist coverage is required, and this can add to your costs. In states where it is optional, uninsured motorist coverage is something you may want to consider anyway because approximately 12.6% percent of all drivers on this nation’s roadways are uninsured.  

If one of these drivers is responsible for a collision with your vehicle, it may be extremely difficult to collect compensation for your property damage and bodily injuries because you will have to sue the offending driver.

If the Aveo is your first car, you may find your rates for coverage surprising—particularly if you are under 25. Fortunately, many insurers offer discounts to qualified drivers. 

These can include good student discounts, safe-driver discounts, and discounts for bundling your auto insurance with other policies such as home, renters, or watercraft insurance. A Trusted Choice agent can help ensure that you receive any available discounts for which you are entitled.

What Influences Insurance Costs for Subcompact Vehicles?

Subcompact cars like the Aveo have advantages and disadvantages when it comes to your costs for insurance coverage. 

Because these cars are small and light, they typically do not lead to as much property damage or significant injuries as full-size or large vehicles like SUVs in collisions. This can help keep your liability coverage costs on the low side.  

Also, because Aveos are older, inexpensive vehicles, many owners do not find it advantageous to include collision or comprehensive coverage with their policy packages.  For those who do want this extra coverage, the costs to add it will not be especially high.

Conversely, when you are driving a subcompact car, a collision is more likely to cause significant injuries to you and your passengers. You can therefore expect higher rates for bodily injury and personal injury protection (PIP), which is optional in many states. 

Trusted Choice agents can help you decide which coverage options make sense for you and they can help you see how much adding them to your Chevy Aveo insurance policy will cost you.  

That way, you can be sure that you are making an informed decision about your coverage and that you are purchasing your policy at the best price.

Chevy Aveo Auto Theft and Safety Ratings

The good news for owners of the Chevy Aveo is that thieves are not likely to target their cars. In fact, according to a report issued by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Aveo made the list of the Top 10 Used Cars Least Likely to Be Stolen. 

Nevertheless, on the off-chance your car is stolen, you can only receive compensation from your insurance company if your Chevrolet Aveo insurance policy includes comprehensive (or “other than collision”) insurance. 

Fortunately, the low risk of car theft combined with the low price of these cars helps to keep this optional coverage very affordable.

The safety of the Aveo also plays a role in your insurance rates. Like many compact and subcompact vehicles, the Aveo—particularly the 2007 through 2009 models—has moderate to marginal ratings when it comes to occupant safety.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave this vehicle the following ratings for crash safety (ratings can be Good, Acceptable, Marginal, or Poor):

  • Moderate overlap front: Acceptable
  • Side impact: Marginal
  • Roof strength (2009 – 2011 models): Marginal
  • Roof strength (2007 – 2008 models): Not Rated
  • Head restraint and seats (2010 - 2011 models): Marginal
  • Head restraint and seats (2007 - 2009 models): Poor

Because of the higher risk of collision-related injuries for you and your passengers, the cost to include personal injury protection (PIP) or bodily injury coverage to your Chevrolet Aveo insurance policy may be higher than it would be for a safer vehicle.

Costs of Chevy Aveo Repairs

Vehicles that are expensive to repair tend to cost more to insure against collision and non-collision related damages. The good news for owners of the Chevy Aveo is that these cars are relatively inexpensive to repair following a collision, and this helps to keep coverage costs low.

Because the bumpers of subcompact cars like the Aveo do not line up evenly with the bumpers of larger vehicles like SUVs and trucks, Aveos are more likely to sustain front bumper and grille damages when in collisions. 

Fortunately, because these repairs are not likely set your insurance company back too much, your collision coverage costs will not be as high as they would be for a car that requires expensive replacement parts or mechanics with more specific expertise. 

For vehicle owners who are looking for a car that is economical to purchase and insure, the Aveo is a great contender.


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Where to Find Car Insurance for Chevy Aveo

Comparing rates is an important step when deciding which car insurance company to get your coverage from.  A local independent agent can make comparison shopping easy. These independent agents can answer your insurance-related questions and gather policy information and rates from a variety of competing providers. 

That way, you can make an informed decision about which to purchase. Find an independent agent near you to get started in your search for the best Chevrolet Aveo insurance policy to meet your needs.

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