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What You Should Know About Audi Insurance

(And how you can find the right coverage)

Jessica Huneck | March 1, 2020
Audi R8

Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz make up the “German Big 3,” the leading producers and sellers of luxury cars worldwide. Audi vehicles offer all the performance and quality you would expect in a premier luxury vehicle. These cars are known for their safety, reliability and performance. 

If you are considering purchasing an Audi, you likely have a lot of questions about these cars ranging from safety and performance to insurance considerations. If you already own one, you may be wondering if you are paying too much for your Audi insurance.

Independent agents in our network can help you by providing you with a variety of competitively-priced Audi car insurance policies to compare. That way, you can be sure you are getting suitable coverage at a reasonable rate. 

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Audi and Auto Theft

When you buy an Audi, you are making a large investment in your vehicle. You will want to be sure to protect your investment by including sufficient comprehensive coverage with your Audi insurance policy so that if your car is stolen, vandalized or otherwise damaged in a non-collision related event, you can receive compensation for your loss.

Whether or not your Audi is likely to be stolen is dependent largely on the model you own, where you live and where and how you store it when not in use. 

In a recent list of the least stolen cars in America, the Audi A6 was number one, and no Audi models appeared on the list of cars most likely to be stolen. This is good news for Audi owners and also serves to keep insurance costs from growing too high for these vehicles.

Audi and Your Safety

In 1986, the Audi 5000 model was recalled after several drivers reported a problem with sudden acceleration when braking, a problem that lead to 700 accidents and six deaths. 60 Minutes did an expose demonstrating the problem but it was later revealed that they had purposely engineered the failure.

Audi maintains that the problem was due to driver error and remedied the problem by moving the gas and brake pedals further apart and to require drivers to be pressing the brake before the vehicle can be moved out of park. 

Nevertheless, the car maker suffered a drastic decrease in sales in America following the reports of the problem, and these sales did not begin to recover until 2000.

Today’s Audis do a great job meeting all safety standards. Nearly all vehicles tested received 5-stars in all safety tests run for front impact, side impact and rear collisions and for rollovers. Only the Q7 and Q5 models received a lower 4-star rating for rollover testing.  

Audi prides itself as a pioneer of innovative safety technologies, both active and passive, that work together to effectively protect passengers. 

In fact, Audi introduced electronic stability control to the US market in 1999, and has included it as a standard feature on its vehicles since 2009, well ahead of the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration’s 2012 mandate to do so.

Safety features you can find standard on all Audi vehicles include:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Anti-slip regulation
  • Electronic differential lock
  • Electronic brake-pressure distribution
  • Electronic stability control
  • Engine braking assist
  • Hydraulic brake assistant
  • Driver and front-passenger airbags
  • Side-impact head and thorax airbags
  • Safety belt pre-tensioners for front and rear seats
  • High-strength safety design for improved crash performance

Other safety features available on some models are:

  • Lane assist technology: This monitors your position within your lane and give an appropriate warning if you start to drift
  • Adaptive cruise control: this monitors the distance of your car to vehicles ahead of you and will adjust your cruise control accordingly
  • Side assist system: This monitors your side and rear blind spots
  • High beam assist: This automatically lowers and raises your high beams according to approaching traffic
  • Dynamic adaptive headlights: These sweep around to follow curves in the road
  • Night-vision technology: This warns the driver to the presence of pedestrians at night
  • Back-up camera: This makes reversing and parking easier
  • Voice activation: This allows for hands-free interaction with features on your dashboard
  • Pre-sense technology: This monitors traffic around your vehicle and takes precautionary measures to either prevent an accident or to minimize injuries if a collision occurs.

These safety features and innovations affect your Audi insurance policy premiums in a positive way, as many work to prevent the occurrence of serious accidents in these vehicles.

How Much Does Audi Car Insurance Cost?

On Forbes Magazine’s list of the 20 most expensive cars to insure in 2012, three Audi models were included. To get an idea of what you might expect to pay for your Audi insurance, review the following averages:

  • Average cost to insure an Audi R8 Spyder Quatro: $3,384 a year
  • Average cost to insure an Audi R8 4.2 Quatro Coupe: $2,903 a year
  • Average cost to insure an Audi A8 L Quatro: $2,513

These averages are for policies nationwide. Keep in mind that insurance costs are determined not only by the make and model of your car but also by factors such as your personal driving record, your location, how often you drive your car and the amount of coverage you are purchasing. 

To get an idea of how much you can expect a policy to cost you, you will need to do some comparison shopping, and this can be done quickly and easily by simply contacting an agent in the Trusted Choice network.

Comparing Audi Insurance Quotes

Audi vehicles provide affordable luxury, and are the perfect choice for many discerning car buyers. Before purchasing one of these highly-rated vehicles, be sure to factor in the cost of insurance. 

If you already own an Audi, take a moment to review your current insurance policy to ensure that you are not overpaying for your coverage.

An independent agent in our network can help you determine whether you are sufficiently protecting your assets with enough liability insurance, and can also ensure that you are receiving your Audi car insurance at the best possible rate. 

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