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What You Should Know About Kia Insurance

(And how you can find the right coverage today)

Kia makes practical and affordable vehicles that get great gas mileage and offer you a lot of bang for your buck. Whether you are looking for a compact car, a large sedan, or a crossover SUV, Kia has a car to fit your budget. 

If you are considering purchasing a Kia, you likely have a lot of questions about these cars ranging from safety and performance to insurance considerations. If you already own one, you may be wondering if you are paying too much for your Kia insurance.

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Kia and Auto Theft

There are many Kias on the road today and these common and unobtrusive cars make tempting targets for car thieves. In fact, on Forbes Magazine’s list of the Top 20 Most Stolen New Cars in 2012, two Kia models made the list. 

The Kia Rio came in at #10 with 2.9 out of every 1,000 cars having been reported stolen in that year. The Kia Optima also made the list at #18. This model had reports of 2.39 thefts per 1,000 vehicles.

Besides the ease of blending in with other cars, these vehicles may also be targeted because the vehicle owners are less likely to have anti-theft devices and GPS tracking services in place. If you own a Kia, you may want to consider investing in an anti-theft device. 

While they do come at a cost, you may be able to get most of that money back through savings on your insurance premiums. Speak with an agent in the Trusted Choice network to learn more about insurance discounts for cars that are equipped with alarms or GPS tracking.

Kia and Your Safety

When the Kia Sephia was first introduced to the American market, it was marketed as an affordable, yet reliable car. Since then, Kia has been designing and selling a wide array of cars and has been focused more on driver safety.

In most crash tests, such as side, front and rear collisions, Kia vehicles score reasonably well. The National Highway Traffic Administration rates all of Kia’s vehicles as acceptable in terms of safety.  

While these cars have passed the Administration’s tests, they often received lower marks because of problems such as occasional failure of the side airbags to deploy, or seatbelts that spooled out too much and allowed for too much passenger movement in an accident. 

Additionally, the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety includes a much of more rigorous and difficult safety test known as the small front overlap test.  

This tests how the vehicle handles a front-end collision where the corner of the car hits a smaller object, such as a pole or a tree, at 40-miles-per-hour. In these tests, the smaller Kia vehicles, such as the Forte, have failed. 

Though this test is far more rigorous than standard testing, its safety results do affect Kia insurance rates.

Safety features you can find standard on most Kia vehicles include:

  • Interior features:
    • Duel front advanced airbags
    • Full length side curtain airbags
    • Duel front-seat mounted airbags
    • Front-active headrests
    • Front and rear 3-point seatbelts
    • Front seatbelt pre-tensioners
    • Lower anchors and tethers for children (LATCH)
  • Exterior features:
    • Electronic stability control
    • Four-wheel disc brakes
    • Four-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS)
    • Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD)
    • Tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS)
    • Side-impact door beams

The lower-priced Kia Rio does not include electronic stability control or electronic brake force distribution as part of its standard package. Safety features work to reduce your risk of injury, which in turn lowers your insurance rate, so it might be worthwhile to purchase a Kia with a full range of safety features.

How Much Does Kia Car Insurance Cost?

Kia vehicles are inexpensive to purchase and are equally inexpensive to insure.  Forbes Magazine lists three Kia models on its 2013 list of the Top-16 least expensive cars to insure. To get an idea of what you might expect to pay for your Kia insurance, review the following averages according to Forbes:

  • Average cost to insure a Kia Rio5: $1225 a year
  • Average cost to insure a Kia Sorento LX 2WD: $1222 a year
  • Average cost to insure a Kia Sportage:  $1157 a year

These averages are for policies nationwide.  Keep in mind that insurance costs are determined not only by the make and model of your car but also by factors such as your personal driving record, your location, how often you drive your car and the amount of coverage you are purchasing. 

Your policy costs may be significantly greater than or less than these averages.

To get an idea of how much you can expect a Kia policy to cost you, you will need to do some comparison shopping, and this can be done quickly and easily by simply contacting an agent in the Trusted Choice network.

Comparing Kia Insurance Quotes

Kia provides affordable and reliable vehicles, which are the perfect choice for many budget-conscious car buyers. Before purchasing one of these dependable vehicles, be sure to factor in the cost of insurance. 

If you already own a Kia, take a moment to review your current insurance policy to ensure that you are not overpaying for your coverage.

An agent in the Trusted Choice network can help you determine how much coverage you need and can also ensure that you are receiving your Kia car insurance at the optimal rate. Contact an independent agent near you to get Kia insurance quotes and information.

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