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Insurance for Your Bugatti

(And how you can easily get started today)

The modern Bugatti is known to be one of the fastest cars on the road, whatever the model. The popular Bugatti Veyron has top speeds above 260 mph. 

It’s also one of the most expensive, often priced above $2 million. But this vehicle is far more than a symbol of ultimate wealth. For true aficionados, it is an extraordinarily engineered driving machine that is lavishly appointed to suit the impeccable taste of its wealthy owners.

And while the Bugatti experiences some depreciation because of the number of some models available, it’s still an investment as much as a purchase. 

If you're considering purchasing this multimillion-dollar supercar, you will want to know more about the brand's history, features and its most popular cars, as well as how to choose insurance that keeps up with the vehicle itself. 

If you already own a Bugatti, you want to be sure you have the best competitive coverage on your high-end luxury automobile.

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The Overall Cost of Owning and Insuring Your Bugatti Model

The average cost of ownership for a Bugatti is a bit complex. Annual routine maintenance costs around $21,000. Tire change is recommended every 2,500 miles and costs about $33,000 per set. 

Changing the entire wheel set every 10,000 miles is also recommended, at a cost of $50,000. This puts the average cost of ownership for a Bugatti right around $150,000 per year. That includes service, tires and taxes.

Insurance can run from $2,000-$4,000 per month. You might have to call a few insurers and be prepared to bring them your insurance history before they will insure the vehicle; this is quite common with high-end luxury sports cars. A Trusted Choice® agent can help you find a company with a Bugatti insurance program.

Insurance companies use a variety of figures to calculate car insurance rates. They consider things like:

  • Current value
  • Purchase price
  • The vehicle’s age
  • Quality of the interior
  • Any specialized parts or repairs
  • The type of engine parts the vehicle has
  • Any other factors directly related to the vehicle

Individually, they look at the owner’s criminal history, driving record, age, and how the car will be used—as part of a collection, driven for daily use, or used as a secondary vehicle.

Finding the Best Bugatti Insurance

While a Bugatti is very expensive to purchase, maintain and insure, it is the perfect choice for many affluent drivers. Before making the decision to purchase one of these high-end sports cars, be sure you factor in maintenance and insurance to get a true picture of what your Bugatti will cost you. 

If you own one already, you might need to review your insurance policy to make sure you are not overpaying for coverage.

Speaking with a Trusted Choice agent can help. They will make sure your insurance provides adequate coverage to protect you and your assets, while ensuring your Bugatti policy is competitive. 

Contact a local independent agent today for more information regarding Bugatti insurance.

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