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MINI Cooper Drivers: Does Owning a Small Car Affect Your Insurance Rates?

(Here's everything you need to know)

The MINI Cooper, created in the late 1950s, was designed with both excitement and utility in mind. As its British creators knew, it could be fun and convenient to own a small car like the MINI and make a statement about its owner at the same time. 

Benefits of owning a small car include ease of parking, comfort when driving on narrow roads, and maneuvering through busy urban areas. Gas mileage is another consideration for small vehicle owners. If you’re curious about the MINI, here’s how it came onto the market and how you can find the best rates on MINI Cooper insurance.

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Is It Safe to Drive a MINI Cooper?

Driving such a small car, especially in the United States, may seem daunting to some drivers. The adorable MINI Cooper may not seem like such a great choice when you’re on the road with Hummers, trucks, and large SUVs. However, advances in crash technology are making smaller cars increasingly safe to drive.

Smaller, lighter cars typically come out worse in a crash with larger vehicles. Bigger cars hold up better in crashes, but with fuel prices rising and the economy tanking, large cars often aren’t an option. 

Smaller cars have seen a big increase in safety standards, implementing new crash technologies to keep drivers and passengers safe behind the wheel. 

Electronic stability control is now standard in many new car models, which helps prevent rollover accidents in vehicles of all sizes. In 2011 fatalities in the mini car category decreased by 55%, and fatalities for small cars decreased by 47%.

When it comes to insurance, small car owners have to keep a few things in mind. When looking at your vehicle’s safety rating, remember that the rating is only compared to other vehicles in the same class. A small car won’t have the same safety rating against a larger SUV as another model of a small car.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many insurance policies geared toward small car owners. Car owners can choose insurance policy coverages that fit the particular risks of their small car, like additional collision protection, medical protection, and uninsured motorist coverage. 

For drivers of small cars who may be involved in an accident, making sure they are protected even if the other driver isn’t is a detail they can’t afford to overlook.

Just as age and size of a vehicle can predict the outcome of certain types of accidents, weight and height can also influence a vehicle’s behavior in a crash situation. Heavier vehicles typically fare better in crashes with other vehicles, while lighter cars see more damage. 

Frontal crashes are made less severe if there is a lot of space in the front of the car and the driver and front seat passenger. This crush zone can save lives.

Small cars may have a smaller crush zone, but they also have a lower rollover risk than larger cars. Smaller cars tend to have a lower center of gravity, which keeps them on the ground in case of an accident. 

If you are considering buying a small car but are worried about safety, remember to look for things like side airbags and blind spot sensors.

MINI Coopers are among the safest small vehicles on the market today. The 2016 MINI Cooper provides drivers with the following safety features:

  • Driver and passenger air bags, rear air bags, and side air bags
  • Four-wheel antilock braking system
  • Brake assist
  • Front and rear tow hooks
  • Daytime running lights
  • Traction control
  • Blind spot monitor

Among other safety considerations, the MINI Cooper received good ratings in all fields, including the side impact test, roof strength test, rear crash protection, small overlap front test, and moderate overlap front test.

How to Protect Your MINI Cooper with Insurance

Buying a small car can mean improving on your gas mileage, being at ease behind the wheel, and saving money on car insurance. MINI Coopers have high safety ratings for a small car, and many people turn to them for a safer alternative to their gas-guzzling counterparts on the road. 

MINI Coopers are affordable to insure, but drivers should be aware of what their policy covers. Small cars have different risk factors, which may change how drivers buy additional comprehensive and collision coverage.

Safety ratings are just one small part of the overall insurance picture when it comes to MINI Cooper insurance. Other factors that can influence insurance include:

  • Price of the car
  • Cost of repairing the car
  • History of the vehicle
  • Your driving record
  • How much you drive your car
  • Where you live

There may be many factors that influence your insurance, but you can also use this information to your advantage. Insurance discounts can be given to drivers with a good driving history, good credit, low mileage, and fewer risk factors. Make sure to shop around for an insurance policy that works best for you, your bank account, and the car you drive.

Where to Find MINI Cooper Insurance

What insurance you buy for your MINI is determined by some personal factors as well as those related to the model you purchase. Working with an independent insurance agent who can listen to your story and knows the history of the car you drive can help you find the best insurance policy for you.

MINI Coopers are affordable, safe and reliable small cars with old-fashioned charm. They are fuel efficient, technologically advanced, and fun to drive. For owners of MINI Coopers, or for those who are thinking of purchasing a MINI, insurance is an important part of car ownership. 

An independent, local agent with Trusted Choice® can help you choose a MINI Cooper insurance policy that covers you in case of any issues on the road. They will find and compare multiple insurance quotes from several different companies so you can choose a coverage plan that meets your individual needs. 

Contact a local independent agent today to start your MINI journey.

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