Jaguar Insurance

Does Buying a Jaguar Luxury Vehicle Mean Higher Insurance Rates?

(Here's what you need to know about Jaguar insurance)

Jaguar has certainly built a reputation in its 81-year history, and Jaguar models are still luxurious, celebrated vehicles. They are sleek, elegant, and powerful, with a personality that inspires those who drive them. Nearly 600,000 people in the United States live in a household where someone owns or leases a Jaguar. 

The expense and speed of a Jaguar can mean much higher insurance costs. For those who wish to buy a Jaguar or already possess one, insurance can be a big part of owning this car. Many people are still searching for a way to obtain the best coverage for their Jaguar at the right cost.

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Luxury and Safety of Jaguar Vehicles

Jaguar is classy, pricey, and fancy, all rolled into one neat automobile bundle. The luxury of Jaguar is evidenced by models with rear seat entertainment systems, touch screen infotainment in the front seat, comfortable leather seats, and much more. 

The Jaguar XE features all-surface progress control, intelligent driveline dynamics, and all-wheel drive. The Jaguar XF utilizes a lightweight aluminum frame that improves handling on corners and overall handling. 

The XF also features electric power steering, adaptive dynamics, and instinctive all-wheel drive. All Jaguar models come with customizable features, including the F-type. Carbon fiber additions, interior pushbutton preferences, and exterior designs can all be modified to fit the driver’s standards.

Jaguars have specific safety features that include driver assist technology, adaptive front lights, parking aids, airbags, and additional brake force. These features all help keep drivers and their cars safe while they’re on the road. These features can also help owners with the overall costs of their Jaguar insurance.  

Jaguar and Insurance Costs

The average cost for insuring Jaguars can vary. The Jaguar 2015 XF costs an average of $4,906 over five years, while the Jaguar XJ can average $6,344, and the Jaguar F-type can cost about $6,888. Although Jaguars can be expensive to insure, it isn’t impossible to find a good deal on car insurance.

Small, fast cars often incur more costs for insurance because of their safety ratings. In accidents with larger vehicles, smaller cars usually get the worst of it. 

Faster cars incur more insurance costs because they are at greater risk for speed-related accidents and traffic citations. The Jaguar XF Roadster fits into both of these categories, and insurance costs reflect that.

High-end cars can be financially risky to insure, so premiums are higher. Engine size, speed, transmission, and other factors influence insurance premiums on vehicles like Jaguars.  

How to Get Jaguar Insurance Quotes

Luxury comes at a price, but Jaguar owners shouldn’t have to compromise safety and security. Jaguar insurance can be difficult to sort through, but with the help of a professional independent insurance agent, you can find the right policy for your vehicle. 

Just as your Jaguar has been personalized, your Jaguar insurance can be as well. Contact an independent agent today to find out more about your insurance possibilities.  

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