Chevy Suburban Insurance

Insurance Buyer's Guide to the Chevrolet Suburban

(Everything you need to know - and more)

You are in the market for a new SUV. Like many others who have made the Suburban the best-selling SUV in its class, this particular vehicle has sparked your interest.

The Suburban first rolled off the assembly lines in 1935. Over the past 75 years, the Chevrolet Suburban has become one of the largest and most popular SUVs on the market.  

Safety tests rank the Suburban as No. 6 for large SUVs. While it received decent marks, like many sport utility vehicles, the Suburban does have a higher chance of rollover than other types of cars. 

Repairs for this Chevy model can also be expensive compared to others. These factors and more affect the national average of $1,100 for Chevrolet Suburban insurance costs.  

An independent agent can find you the best available insurance for the Chevy Suburban whether you already own one or still researching if the Suburban is the best SUV for you.

How Much Does Chevrolet Suburban Insurance Cost?

Average Cost of Chevy Suburban Insurance

The cost to insure a Chevrolet Suburban is, on average, a few hundred dollars less than the national average of $1,474 per year. That may seem like a lot of money, especially if you have never been involved in a crash. 

But as the 12.6% of uninsured drivers usually discover at some point, it is much more affordable than the costs of repairing another driver's vehicle or paying for their medical bills.

If your large Suburban SUV is involved in a crash with another vehicle, it can do some serious damage. You want to be sure your insurance policy will help you not only repair your Chevrolet, but also the other person's vehicle. 

If you have passengers in any of the three rows of seating available to them, you want to be sure an insurance policy will help them pay for any injuries. Going without insurance means you can be held responsible for paying for any repairs or injuries to another party out of pocket.

For the Chevrolet Suburban SUV, the average annual insurance cost is around $1,100. The all-wheel drive version of the Suburban costs a few dollars less every year to insure. Why? The all-wheel drive feature is safer in many environments, impacting the cost of insurance.

Many other factors can also affect the price of a car insurance premium. Most people know their gender, age, driving history and location will affect the cost of a policy, but many insurance companies also consider the following:

  • Credit Score: Many insurance companies take your credit score
    into account when determining your rate. In general, a lower credit
    score mean higher insurance premiums.
  • Safety Rating: A vehicle with a high safety rating will cost less to insure than a vehicle with a poor safety rating, since the insurance company will be less likely to have to pay for medical bills after a crash in a safer SUV.
  • Age of the Car: As vehicles age, they depreciate significantly in value. An older car is more likely to be totaled in an accident. This is because the cost of significant repairs needed for an older car can often be higher than the vehicle’s entire worth. It is likely that the owner would simply discard the vehicle and replace it, rather than paying for repairs, increasing the cost of insurance.
  • Likelihood of Theft: Some cars are more attractive to thieves than others, and a car model that hits the top 10 most stolen list is likely to have higher rates than one that’s not a possible target. But if you have a car alarm or other anti-theft features, this can help lower the premium.

What Influences Insurance Costs for SUVs?

The price you may pay to insure a Chevrolet Suburban can vary a lot from state to state. If you have a claim-free driving history, you could pay less than the state average. Also, if you choose the all-wheel drive version of the Suburban, you could pay lower premiums, as that feature makes it safer.

Sport utility vehicles are generally more expensive to insure than sedans. However, you may find that premiums will vary from model to model, depending on how the vehicle rates on safety, likelihood of theft and other factors. 

It may be prudent to seek out an SUV that performs well on crash tests and is less likely to be stolen, such as the Chevy Suburban.

A vehicle's MSRP weighs heavily on the overall cost to insure it. For most insurance companies, the cost of the vehicle is the first and primary consideration when setting the price of the policy. 

Therefore, a fully loaded Suburban costing $60,000 or more will have a higher insurance premium than a car sold for less, or even a Suburban with factory features without all the optional packages.

Chevy Suburban Auto Theft and Safety Ratings

Deciding to buy a vehicle with high safety test marks can not only help save your life in the event of a crash, but it can also lead to savings on your car insurance premium. Insurance companies like safe vehicles because they keep drivers and their passengers safer while keeping the cost of claims low.

Not all of the crash test data for the 2016 Chevrolet Suburban is quite in yet, but ratings for previous models can be used to estimate the performance of the newest version. 

The overall safety evaluation given to Suburban by Edmonds and USA Today is "Good." This SUV does have a 21% chance of rollover, so it does not fare well in the safety department.

The National Highway Safety Administration ranks the Suburban as No. 6 in safety for large SUVs. The rollover risk does make it less safe than other comparable vehicles, which can impact the cost of insurance. 

You may pay more for a Suburban insurance policy than you would for an SUV that is less likely to roll. The Suburban has received 5 stars for a lower side crash rating, though, and this may balance out the insurance costs.

It should be noted that the safety tests were conducted on a Suburban equipped with all of the optional safety features, including a rollover prevention function and a lane departure warning system. These optional features can not only reduce your risk of crashing, but equipping it can lower your car insurance rates.

Another factor that can affect your insurance rates is the risk of theft to your particular vehicle. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, no SUV model even makes the top 10 list of most stolen vehicles, so the Suburban is less likely to be stolen than many other cars.

However, urban areas are more prone to auto theft than rural areas, so your location will affect your rates. According to the FBI, a vehicle is stolen every 43 seconds. You can protect yourself against this risk by:

  • Choosing off-street parking whenever available.
  • Never leaving valuables in sight.
  • Always keeping the doors locked and never storing a spare key inside.
  • Installing anti-theft devices such as kill switches, GPS tracking or other theft alert systems.

Following these tips can not only prevent your vehicle from being stolen, it can also help keep your car insurance rates lower. If your Chevrolet Suburban is stolen, it's important to contact your insurance agent soon as possible -- right after calling the police. 

Hopefully, you chose comprehensive coverage for your Suburban, as a liability-only policy won't help in the event of theft.

Costs of Chevrolet Suburban Repairs

Unless this is your first vehicle, you already know the cost of repairs can be a deciding factor in which car, truck or SUV to purchase. Those interested in the Chevrolet Suburban should know that among the top 5 most common repairs, the Suburban costs more (and in some cases hundreds of dollars more) to repair than the national average for other vehicles. 

For the two most costly repairs, the ignition coil and the catalytic converter, Suburban owners can expect to pay almost $500 more than other drivers.

A vehicle that is more costly to repair, like some imported autos, is more costly to insure. Since the costs to repair a Chevrolet Suburban are above average, owing one may increase your car insurance premiums slightly. 

Where to Find Car Insurance for Your Chevy Suburban

If the Suburban is the right vehicle for you, it is important to find the right insurance agent. Knowledgeable, independent agents with Trusted Choice are always available to answer any questions you may have about your car insurance options. 

These experienced agents can locate a variety of quotes from a number of different insurance companies, enabling you to choose a policy with the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Contact a Trusted Choice agent today to find out how you can protect you and your SUV.

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