Honda Accord Insurance

How to Insure the Honda Accord

(The easy and affordable way)

The Honda Accord is a great car. Affordable, reliable and safe, it consistently earns top honors and is one of the best-selling cars ever built. Unfortunately, the Honda Accord is not only popular with drivers, car thieves love it as well.

Statistics show that the Honda accord was the #3 best-selling car in 2014, while also being the #1 stolen car in the country. This dubious honor has an impact on your insurance premium. Insurers consider many factors when setting insurance rates, and the odds of the vehicle being stolen is one of them.

Fortunately, the Honda Accord’s safety record will help drive down the cost of insurance. Working closely with a Trusted Choice® insurance agent can help you find multiple insurance quotes and additional ways to save money on a Honda Accord insurance policy. 

Contact a local independent agent for more information on how a Trusted Choice agent can help you properly insure your Accord at an affordable price.

The Cost of Owning a Honda Accord

The Accord consistently ranks in the top three best-selling cars in the country. In 2015, a whopping 355,557 Accords were sold in the U.S.

The Accord is well-equipped and reasonably priced, which contributes to its best-selling status. Prices range from $22,105 for a 4-cylinder base model to $35,055 for the Touring Coupe. 

The Accord is fairly easy on the gasoline, achieving 30 mpg overall and 40 mpg on the highway, which is better than most vehicles in its category.

Maintenance and repair costs over the course of five years run a very reasonable $4,300. The Accord’s extreme reliability and high-quality build help to keep these costs down, which in turn can help with insurance costs.

Every Accord comes with a standard backup camera, and higher trim levels include technology such as lane-departure warning, forward collision warning and even blind spot cameras. 

Insurers love all of these accident-preventing features, which helps keep Honda Accord insurance affordable.

All of these safety features, combined with a reasonable price, make the Accord a great choice for teen drivers. The IIHS named the Accord Sedan 2012 and newer and the Coupe 2013 and newer as some of its “Best Choice Midsize Cars” for teen drivers. 

Putting a teen on your insurance policy is always expensive, but putting them in the right car can make the increase less shocking.  

One more factor that helps lower the cost of insuring an Accord is the fact that most Honda buyers are simply looking for a safe vehicle that will run reliably for years. This makes the typical Honda owner a fairly low risk, which insurers like, resulting in a lower base price for Honda coverage. 

There are a number of factors that enter into generating an auto insurance quote, so to make sure you have the right options, work with a local independent agent.

Where to Get Honda Accord Insurance

Despite the attention that the Accord receives from car thieves, it’s usually a fairly inexpensive vehicle to insure, thanks to all of the safety features that come standard.

Unfortunately, safety features won’t prevent your car from being stolen, and if the worst happens, properly protecting your Honda Accord with comprehensive coverage will ensure that you can afford to replace your vehicle.

A standard comprehensive policy will pay out the actual cash value of your vehicle, which takes into account the depreciation of the car. 

Upgrading your Honda Accord insurance policy to replacement cost will up your premium slightly, but will pay the entire replacement cost of your vehicle, minus the deductible.

Consulting with an independent agent about the proper coverage for your Honda Accord will make sure your vehicle is completely protected, giving you peace of mind. Contact a Trusted Choice agent today to get a car insurance quote for your Honda Accord.  

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