Honda Pilot Insurance

How Much Should You Be Paying for Honda Pilot Insurance?

(Finding the right coverage easily and affordably)

Honda Pilot

If you are looking for a three-row SUV that offers modern safety features, plenty of room for large families, and surprising efficiency, the Honda Pilot is probably at the top of your list.  

With lower costs to own, such as car insurance of around $745 a year and lower-than-average vehicle repairs, the Pilot appeases the inner penny pincher. Less expensive doesn't mean less reliable, however. Honda is known for making solid vehicles, and the Pilot delivers on that reputation with excellent crash test safety results.

An independent insurance agent can help you find the best policy for your vehicle, but first find out what determines insurance costs for the Honda Pilot.

How Much Does Honda Pilot Insurance Cost?

The average annual cost to insure a 2011 Honda Pilot can be around $745; that's almost $700 lower than the national average of $1,474. It is certainly less expensive than paying for any repairs or injuries out of pocket, as the 1 in 10 drivers who fail to purchase a policy eventually discover.

Your costs will most likely deviate from the national average based on your location, but no matter what you pay, you should consider these coverage options in your car insurance:

  • Liability coverage: Provides benefits, up to a limit, for property damage and personal injury that may be inflicted on others in a collision with your Honda Pilot. It also provides coverage for legal fees and court costs if a covered incident results in a lawsuit.
  • Collision coverage: This portion of your policy will cover the cost to repair or replace your Pilot if it is damaged in a collision, regardless of fault.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage: If you are involved in an accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver, you will have coverage for damage to your Pilot and for medical costs if you or your passengers are injured in the collision. It will also provide coverage if you are the victim of a hit-and-run driver.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Comprehensive coverage will provide compensation if your Honda Pilot is lost or damaged due to something other than a traffic collision. This includes coverage for theft, vandalism, fire, falling objects and natural disasters.

Other factors that will affect the cost of car insurance for a Honda Pilot include: the MSRP; your age and driving history; the size of the vehicle; and the coverage options you choose.

You can save even more money on a Honda Pilot insurance policy by taking advantage of these popular discounts:

  • Bundling your car insurance with another policy, such as your homeowners insurance.
  • Insuring all of your household's vehicles under one policy.
  • Paying your premiums in a lump sum once a year.
  • Taking a defensive driving course.  

What Influences Insurance Costs for Midsize SUVs?

All states require that drivers carry minimum liability limits in order to legally drive on public roads, but those requirements differ. That means the cost to insure a Honda Pilot varies from state to state. If you have a claim-free driving history, you could pay less than the state average.

You may be aware that sport utility vehicles such as the Honda Pilot are generally 15% to 20% more expensive to insure than sedans. This is because SUVs tend to be more expensive to purchase and more expensive to repair, and they can cause more damage to other vehicles.  

The MSRP weighs heavily on the overall cost to insure a vehicle, which is another reason SUVs tend to be more costly to insure than smaller, less expensive cars. For most insurance companies, the cost of the vehicle is the first and primary consideration when setting the price of the policy. 

Hondas tend to have significantly lower MSRPs than similar models from other car makers. This is the biggest reason insurance costs for this particular vehicle are so much lower than for cars from competing manufacturers.

Honda Pilot Auto Theft and Safety Ratings

The crash test data results for the Honda Pilot make this model a popular choice among drivers who have safety concerns. This SUV received outstanding ratings from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). "Good" is the highest mark a vehicle can receive for crashworthiness, and the Pilot was given the following ratings:

  • Small overlap front: Good
  • Moderate overlap front: Good
  • Side: Good
  • Roof Strength: Good
  • Head restraints and seats: Good

The crash avoidance and mitigation system equipped with optional dealer features also received a "Superior" rating from the IIHS, which named the 2016 model a Top Safety Pick. 

The safety performance of this vehicle can not only save you from injury or worse, it will save you even more on your car insurance. A safer vehicle is less expensive to insure than one that performs poorly in crash tests.

Unfortunately for Honda owners, these cars seem to be a favorite among car thieves, which can increase your car insurance rates. Honda models are rated in the top two most stolen vehicles in the U.S. 

Older vehicles are also more likely to be stolen than newer ones, because of the popularity of anti-theft devices that manufacturers add to their newer models. 

This is why your location matters. If you live in an urban area with higher rates of vehicle thefts, your Honda Pilot insurance will most likely cost more than if you lived in a suburban or rural neighborhood with lower crime rates. 

Costs of Repairs for the Honda Pilot

When it comes to repairs, the Honda Pilot can be described as average. This means that it will cost you about the same to replace the front bumper of this SUV as for any other vehicle. You can expect to pay to the national averages if you damage your Pilot in a crash.

Vehicles that cost more to repair have higher insurance premiums. Fortunately, the Honda Pilot comes in well below average on other work, such as engine problems, brake jobs and other routine maintenance. Not only is the Pilot more reliable than most SUVs, when something does break down, it doesn't cost as much to fix.

Where to Find Car Insurance for Your Honda Pilot

Once you decide to purchase a Honda Pilot, it's time to find the right car insurance for your new SUV. Knowledgeable, independent insurance agents are always available to answer any questions you may have about insuring this particular vehicle. 

These experienced agents can assist you in comparing a variety of quotes from a number of different insurance companies, enabling you to pick the best policy at the most affordable rates. Contact a Trusted Choice agent today to find out more.

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