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Written by Candace Jenkins
Written by Candace Jenkins

Candace Jenkins is a licensed insurance advisor with over a decade of experience. She is also a writer and loves to write on all things insurance. Candace writes for TrustedChoice.com on a continuous basis and is here with the facts about all your insurance inquiries.

Reviewed by Candace Jenkins
Reviewed by Candace Jenkins

Candace Jenkins is a licensed insurance advisor with over a decade of experience. She is also a writer and loves to write on all things insurance. Candace writes for TrustedChoice.com on a continuous basis and is here with the facts about all your insurance inquiries.

Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is rated high in comfort and luxury with some of the most advanced safety features on the market. This SUV has added value with low gas mileage, and operation and handling alternatives to suit any driver.

Insuring your Audi Q5 will need a knowledgeable resource, and an independent insurance agent will find adequate coverage for a fair price. 

Not sure where to start? 

TrustedChoice.com has a find-an-agent tool that matches you with a local independent insurance agent. This agent will find car insurance for your Audi Q5 in your area.

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for Your Audi Q5? 

To get the right coverage for your Audi Q5, you'll need to know what coverages are required and which ones are optional in your state. Discussing various coverage options with your independent insurance agent will provide the guidelines for your car insurance policy.

Most states mandate the following coverages: 

Bodily Injury Liability 

Car accidents happen, and when they do, it's important to have bodily injury liability to pay for medical expenses. Bodily injury coverage is available when you, your passengers, another driver, or even a pedestrian is hurt as a result of an accident. 

Property Damage Liability 

If you or a permitted driver of your car cause property damage to another vehicle or structure, then property damage liability will kick in. The only item this insurance won't provide coverage for is your car.

Many states require this coverage: 

Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection

If you or your passengers are hurt in a car accident, your medical payments will be available. Depending on where you live, personal injury protection (PIP) may be available. Medical payments and PIP will cover the medical expenses in this situation. PIP insurance is available in "no-fault" states, and most of the time required. Everywhere else, you'll have medical payments coverage.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you are involved in an accident and the other driver isn't properly insured or has no insurance, uninsured and underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage would front the bill. With the number of drivers who fail to obtain car insurance, UM/UIM is a vital coverage to have.

Optional Coverage: 


No one likes to be the cause of a car accident, but if you are at-fault, then collision coverage will pay for damage to the other party. Without it, your personal finances could be at risk.


Your Audi Q5 is at risk, even parked. Natural disasters, weather, and other incidents out of your control may cause damage to your vehicle and would be covered under comprehensive coverage.

Glass Coverage 

Your Audi Q5's windshield could run you anywhere from $400 to $700 to replace. Instead of paying that cost yourself, you could have your windshield replaced without a deductible by your insurance company. Glass coverage add-on usually costs just a few dollars more each month. 

Gap Insurance

If you finance or lease your Audi Q5, then you need gap coverage. This insurance will pay the difference between the car's value and the outstanding amount owed if your vehicle has a total loss accident. Without gap insurance, you'll have to pay the difference out of pocket.


Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

What Affects the Cost of Insurance for Your Audi Q5

The number of factors that go into your Audi Q5's insurance premiums is vast and it's not only about the car. If you are a young driver, you'll pay higher insurance rates because of your experience level. For instance, teen Audi Q5 drivers spend an average of $5,866 annually. The lowest average yearly premium being $907, however. For those who have at-fault accidents or a spotty driving record, rates could average $3,500 per year.

Average Cost of Audi Insurance by Model

Insurance companies charge different models of Audi's different premiums. These average rates assume that the driver has no violations or accidents, is 40 years old, and male. The policies are based on a $500 comprehensive and collision deductible, uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage, and minimum liability limits. Rates are being averaged across all 50 states. 

Average annual insurance premium for a new Audi by model
Audi A3 $1,432
Audi A4 $1,580
Audi A4 allroad $1,786
Audi A5 $1,622
Audi A6 $1,728
Audi A7 $1,848
Audi A8 $1,952
Audi Q3 $1,624
Audi Q5 $1,610
Audi Q7 $1,712
Audi R8 $2,584
Audi RS 5 $1,996
Audi RS 7 $2,266 
Audi S3 $1,526
Audi S4 $1,636 
Audi S5 $1,868
Audi S6 $1,952
Audi S7 $2,422
Audi S8 $2,684 
Audi SQ5 $1,600
Audi TT $1,698
Audi TT RS $1,722
Audi TTS $1,634

The Safety of Your Audi Q5

The amount of safety features your Audi Q5 has, the better your insurance premiums will be. Carriers associate vehicle safety with the number of claims filed. Audi goes a long way to include key safety features across its lineup of cars. 

Forward collision warning and pedestrian detection come standard in the Audi Q5. The Audi Q5 is awarded high marks in safety, according to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, and 5-star ratings across the board.

How Location Affects Your Audi Q5 Insurance

Insurance companies base your premiums on territory as well. This includes the local traffic patterns, the number of reported auto claims, and the crime rate.

Average yearly auto insurance rates are the least expensive in these states:
Ohio $1,346
Indiana $1,372
Washington $1,570
Arizona $1,870
Illinois $2,164
Average yearly auto insurance rates are most expensive in these states:
California $2,757
New York $2,547
Texas $2,525
Florida $2,341
Pennsylvania  $2,156

Average Cost to Insure an Audi Q5

On average, the annual policy rate to insure an Audi Q5 with full coverage is $1,610. Your costs will vary according to the coverage options you choose, your age, the state you live in, and your driving record. 

Here's how Audi Q5 rates change for younger vs. older drivers:

Audi Q5 rates by age for full coverage with a $500 deductible
Age Premium
16 $8,410
20 $5,952
30 $3,592
40 $3,500
50 $3,340
60 $3,310

Top Independent Insurance Carriers That Insure the Audi Q5

Your insurance company should be trustworthy, responsive, and have a consultative approach. The carrier you choose can determine your claims experience. The US Independent Insurance Agent Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power gave these companies a solid recommendation: 

  1. Progressive
  2. Safeco
  3. Travelers

Get an Audi Q5 Quote 

Reach out to a TrustedChoice.com agent today to get a quote for insurance on your Audi Q5. An independent insurance agent can shop dozens of insurance companies, providing you with the most affordable and complete auto insurance coverage.

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