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Written by Sara East
Written by Sara East

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Jeep Patriot Insurance

Even though the Jeep Patriot hasn't been produced since 2017, it remains an affordable off-road vehicle for modest adventurers. But before you test your Jeep in the hills, you'll want to make sure you're properly covered. Finding insurance can be time-consuming, which is why an independent insurance agent can simplify the process by shopping multiple car insurance options for you.

Not sure where to find an independent agent? has a find-an-agent tool that can match you with a local independent insurance agent who will walk you through your options and help you find the best possible coverage for your Jeep Patriot. 

What Kind of Insurance Do You Need for Your Jeep Patriot?

Bodily Injury Liability

If you're responsible for causing an accident that results in injuries to passengers, pedestrians, or other drivers, then your bodily injury liability will pay for the medical expenses for those individuals. You could also be responsible for legal fees, loss of income, and any costs for pain and suffering that injury liability coverage will pay for as well, up to the limits of your policy. Most states require a minimum amount of injury liability coverage.

Property Damage Liability

If you or someone that has permission to drive your car crashes into someone else's property, including their vehicle, property damage liability coverage will pay to repair or replace the damage. A majority of states also require a minimum amount of property damage liability coverage, but for a small premium increase, you can get more coverage than the minimum amounts.  Your agent can help you decide how much liability coverage to carry for your Jeep Patriot. 

Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection

Liability insurance is great for anyone you might hurt in an accident, but it won't cover your medical needs. Medical payments or personal injury protection insurance pays for medical care if you're in an accident. This type of insurance is optional in some states and required in others. In most cases, you can file a claim with your insurance company if you have this type of coverage, which eliminates the need to deal with someone else's insurance company. 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage

Insurance steps in when you're in an accident and you have to pay for the damage you cause to someone else or someone else's property, but what happens when you're in an accident that's not your fault and the driver doesn't have insurance? Who pays?  Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage picks up the bill if you are in an accident with a driver who doesn't have insurance. 

Optional Coverage


Collision coverage is required for drivers who have an outstanding loan on their vehicle. Once your car is paid off, it's optional but still worth having. This type of coverage will replace or repair your Jeep Patriot if it's damaged in an accident with another vehicle or an object (like a light pole). 


Anything that isn't covered under collision coverage is handled by comprehensive coverage. This can include fire, falling objects, a civil disturbance, theft, and vandalism. 

Glass Coverage

Glass coverage is a zero-deductible policy that is very affordable.  If your Patriot needs a new windshield, this coverage could save you from having to pay for it out of pocket. 

Gap Insurance

If you have to lease your Jeep Patriot, then you may owe more than what it's worth. If you're in an accident where your Jeep is totaled by your insurance, gap coverage pays the difference between what your insurance pays you for the vehicle and what you owe on it. 

What Affects the Cost of Insurance for Your Jeep Patriot?

  • Annual mileage: If you drive your Patriot more than 10,000 to 15,000 miles each year, you can expect to pay slightly higher premiums on your car insurance.
  • Your driving record: If your record has at-fault accidents and moving violations, it can increase your insurance premium. Your agent can help you understand how to get violations off your record and find affordable rates when your record isn't so clean.
  • The value of your vehicle: The fact that you can't buy a Jeep Patriot brand-new bodes well for insurance premiums. The newer and more expensive your vehicle is, the more costly it is to repair or replace. Choosing an older Patriot model can help keep your rates low. 
Model Year Price Range of Jeep Patriots
2017 $12,600 - $16,450
2016 $10,725 - $13,800
2015 $9,000 - $12,900
2014 $7,450 - $11,025

Average Jeep Patriot Insurance Costs

The average adult driver with a clean record will pay $1,258 a year for full coverage on their Jeep Patriot. High-risk drivers or those with multiple violations on their record can pay as much as $2,724, while a driver who chooses a high deductible could pay only $1,100. One of the most costly ages to insure is teens, who can expect to pay upwards of $4,800 to insure a Jeep Patriot. Your rates may vary greatly from these averages. Your agent can help you understand how to get the lowest possible insurance rates for your Patriot. 

The Safety of Your Jeep Patriot

Even though the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) gave the Jeep Patriot five-out-of-five stars on the overall side crash test, it's overall safety ranking is not superb.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) did give the vehicle several "good" ratings, which is the institute's highest rating designation. When it comes down to it, the safer your vehicle is, the more affordable your premium will be.

How Location Affects Your Jeep Patriot Insurance 

Where you live, how far you have to drive, and how much traffic you'll encounter on the road have a big impact on your Patriot's insurance premiums. Drivers who live in large cities can expect to pay around $1,698, in small cities, $1,391 and in rural areas, $944.

Which states are most affordable and least affordable for car insurance? 

Estimated annual car insurance premiums in the United States:

Most Expensive States Annual Premium
Michigan $2,186
Louisiana $1,864
Kentucky $1,718
Rhode Island $1,678
Florida $1,576
Most Affordable States Annual Premium
North Carolina $726
Virginia $754
Maine $776
Iowa $850
Idaho $852

Additional Factors That Affect Your Jeep Patriot Insurance Premiums

  • Safety features like anti-theft devices
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Deductible
  • Credit

Average Cost to Insure a Jeep Patriot

Average annual cost with full coverage and a $500 deductible:  $1,258
Comprehensive:  $248
Collision: $436
Liability:  $416

Save on Car Insurance

Our independent agents shop around to find you the best coverage.

Top Independent Insurance Carriers That Insure the Jeep Patriot

According to a recent US Independent Insurance Agent Satisfaction Study by J.D. Power, the following companies provide excellent service to their insurance customers: 

  1. Progressive
  2. Safeco
  3. Travelers

Get a Jeep Patriot Quote

Your independent insurance agent shops dozens of insurance companies on your behalf so you can get the lowest rates and best auto insurance coverage for your Jeep Patriot. connects you to an agent in your area who understands the local auto insurance requirements. Use the find-an-agent tool today to get in touch with a local independent insurance agent and find the best rates right away. 

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