Chevy Corvette Insurance

The Chevrolet Corvette: Insuring an American Sports Car Icon

(Everything you need to know - and more)

The Chevrolet Corvette has maintained a special place in American car history for over 60 years. From occupying teenage boys’ dreams to ownership by collectors of classic muscle cars, it's one of a handful of sports cars that has held the American imagination with each edition. 

One Corvette, the Z06, has even reached supercar status with its speed and styling and its $100,000 tricked-out price tag. If you're considering buying one, you'll want to know about the history and present-day popularity of this American icon, as well as how to protect it with the best Corvette insurance coverage. 

If you're already a Corvette owner, being certain you have the proper coverage is important as well.

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 Cost of Corvette Insurance

Went it comes to insuring a luxury sports car or supercar, insurance companies look at three factors. The first is speed. The faster your car goes, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. While all that speed may seem fun and exciting to you, it just brings one word to mind for your insurance company: risk.

Horsepower is another factor. It's not that big engines are a problem, they are just more likely to make your insurance rate higher if that big engine is in a small supercar like the Corvette Z06. All that power is seen as a potential risk, and is factored in to determine your premium.

Finally, the vehicle you own affects your insurance rates. Labels make a difference where auto insurance is concerned. Luxury cars often carry a higher price tag because their parts are more specialized, and they are more costly to repair or replace.

That's why insurance costs needs to be carefully considered before purchasing a Corvette Stingray or Z06 Supercar. Of course, other factors are also considered to determine insurance premiums. Your insurance company looks at you as an individual, considering your gender, age, driving history and location. 

They also factor in things like safety features, history with other drivers, and individual vehicle history. There are many variables that have to be considered when determining an auto insurance rate for your Corvette.

Finding the Best Corvette Insurance Rates

Working with an independent agent can get you an insurance policy to fit your needs. They are your resource for comparison shopping, and can make sure that you get the best coverage at the most affordable rate for your sports car. Contact a Trusted Choice agent today for help finding the right Corvette insurance.

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