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How Altima Car Insurance Rates Compare to the National Average

(Finding the right coverage for your Nissan Altima)

The Altima is a great choice if you are looking for a midsize family sedan. If you are interested in or own an Altima, you are not alone. It is the bestselling vehicle in Nissan’s lineup, and is currently slightly ahead of the Honda Accord for second-place sales in that midsize category, with the Toyota Camry leading the pack.

The Altima is a popular car and is loaded with safety features. Although the Altima often makes the most commonly stolen vehicles list, it is still very affordable to insure. The annual cost of insuring an Altima is around $823, which is much lower than the national average of $1,311.

Altima owners need to find an insurance policy that features the best coverage to protect their ride. An independent agent will help you purchase a policy to fit your lifestyle and at the right price.  

How Much Does Nissan Altima Insurance Cost?

Average Cost of Camero Insurance

The average annual cost of insuring a Nissan Altima is a very affordable $823, which is much less than the national average of $1,311.

When it comes to car insurance, there are a number of factors that you can control, but there are also factors that impact your premium that you can’t control, such as uninsured drivers. Statistics show that about 12.6% of drivers are out on the road without insurance.

This raises the rates for insured drivers because insurance companies have to cover the cost of claims for uninsured drivers and they pass those costs on to insured drivers through higher premiums for everyone.

Even though the Altima is very affordable to insure, adding discounts to your policy will lower your costs even further. Insurance companies offer a wide variety of discounts, and making sure you are getting all the discounts you are qualified to receive is important if you want to get the best price.

There are other factors besides discounts that will impact your car insurance rate. Insurers will review the factors below and they will definitely affect your premium.

  • Credit Rating: Believe it or not, your credit rating has a major impact on your insurance rates. Statistics show that drivers with low credit scores tend to file more claims. If your credit score is low, expect to pay more for your car insurance.
  • Driving Record: This is another major factor that insurance companies consider when determining rates. Speeding tickets and accidents will dramatically increase your premium. Keep your record clean for the best rates.
  • Claim Record: A large number of claims on your policy will definitely result in a premium increase. Pay for small damages out of pocket and save your insurance for major incidents.
  • Martial Status: Married people tend to drive more safely than single people, so if you are married and keep your record clean, your insurance premium should be lower.
  • Your Vehicle: The make and model of your car will also impact your premium. Expensive sports cars cost more to insure than subcompacts. Insurance for commonly stolen cars will be more expensive, and a car loaded with safety features should lower your premium.
  • Your Commute: The number of miles you drive per day will affect your premium. Longer commute times means more chances for an accident. The time of day can also have an impact. If you work at night and are out on the road during the darker hours, your premium will be higher.

What Influences Insurance Costs for Midsize Family Sedans?

When it comes to insurance costs, the Nissan Altima falls in the middle. It is considered a midsize family sedan, which helps to push down the cost of insuring it. Here are a couple of factors that insurance companies will consider when setting the premium for a particular car.

  • Safety Features: A vehicle that is loaded with safety features will help to minimize damage in an accident, which lowers claim costs. Certain modern safety technologies can even help prevent accidents before they happen. The Altima comes standard with a variety of safety equipment.
  • Family Vehicles: The Altima falls into the midsize family sedan category, which is great for insurance rates. Vehicles that are popular with parents tend to be less expensive, since these drivers are more cautious out on the road because they have children in the car.

Nissan Altima Auto Theft and Safety Ratings

Unfortunately, according to statistics from the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the Nissan Altima often makes the list of top 10 stolen vehicles in the country. 

This will have an impact on insurance rates. Cars that are common targets for thieves will carry higher insurance rates, because every time a car is stolen, an insurance company has to pay a claim.

When it comes to a stolen vehicle, you will need to have comprehensive insurance to cover the cost of replacing it. Comprehensive coverage not only protects your vehicle from theft and vandalism, but will also cover damage that is caused by falling objects, storms, and even animals.

If you are not currently carrying comprehensive coverage, a Trusted Choice independent agent will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you add comprehensive to your Nissan Altima insurance policy.

Theft rates are not the only thing that will affect your insurance premium. Safety ratings will also push your premium up or down.

The Altima is considered a Top Safety Pick and scored the highest rating of “Good” in all categories, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety:

  • Moderate overlap front: Good
  • Side impact: Good
  • Roof strength: Good
  • Head restraints and seats: Good
  • Small overlap front: Good

 Insurers care about safety ratings for a couple of reasons:

  • Minimize Damage and Claims: Vehicles that have great safety ratings help protect occupants when a crash occurs, which results in fewer and less expensive claims. New technologies such as autonomous braking can dramatically minimize or even prevent damage caused by a collision.
  • Safer Drivers: Statistics show that drivers who research vehicle safety ratings and buy vehicles that are loaded with safety features tend to drive more safely and file fewer claims.

Repair Costs for the Nissan Altima

The Nissan Altima is actually much cheaper to repair than the national average. As an example, the cost to repair or replace the bumper on the Altima is $540 compared to the national average of $675. 

Bumpers on new cars can be expensive to repair or replace because they are filled with sensors for the airbags as well as other safety systems.

If you want your insurance company to cover the cost of replacing or repairing your vehicle after a collision, you will need to carry collision insurance. If you are not carrying this coverage, the cost to repair your vehicle will be your responsibility.

It is important to remember that you will have to step up and do some of the legwork when filing a claim. Once the claim is filed, an adjuster will be sent out to examine the vehicle and work up a quote for repairing the vehicle. 

It's your job to get at least one other estimate from a mechanic of your choice to make sure your claim check will cover the cost of the repairs. The settlement offered by the insurance company is negotiable. 

If you don't feel it will cover the cost of the repairs, feel free to argue about the amount, but have data (other estimates) to back up your numbers. If you still are not satisfied, all insurance companies have a process you can use to appeal the claim settlement amount.

There is a deductible associated with collision insurance, which you will have to pay before your insurance company will cover the rest of the repair bill. Just like other insurance types, it is best to save your insurance for major accidents. 

Always pay small damages out of pocket, as numerous claims on your policy will dramatically increase your premium.

Where to Find Car Insurance for Nissan Altima

If you are already an Altima owner or are in the market for one, a Trusted Choice independent agent can help you find the right policy for your particular situation.

Our agents will do all of the legwork, gathering quotes and making sure you are getting all the discounts that you are qualified to receive. They will then present the best options to you so you can decide which policy works best for you.

Contact an independent agent today to start your Nissan Altima insurance quote.

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