Subaru WRX Insurance

Buying Auto Insurance for Your Top Safety Ranked Subaru WRX

(Everything you need to know - and more)

You’re a smart shopper who likes to get a big bang for your buck, which is why you drive a Subaru WRX. While small, the WRX packs a big punch at an affordable price. 

It earned an Insurance Information Institute 2015 Top Safety Pick based on its crashworthiness while maintaining an affordable price, smart styling and exciting performance.

The WRX is one of the best-kept secrets in the automotive world. If you’re lucky enough to drive one, it’s important to protect your vehicle with an equally smart and affordable insurance policy.

Working with one of our independent agents will help you find multiple insurance quotes and put together the perfect combination of protection and price in a Subaru WRX insurance policy.

Millennials tend to be smart shoppers who look for good deals on unique items, which is why they love the WRX. According to Edmunds, 26% of WRX sales are to millennial shoppers. The WRX has a great look and outstanding performance, making it an excellent buy.

Price is always a big draw for Subaru WRX buyers. This vehicle offers super-quick acceleration, sharp handling and standard all-wheel drive, at an extremely affordable price.

The 2015 WRX benefits from a larger cabin and improved fuel efficiency. It also has a brand-new 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that generates 268 horsepower. It gets an EPA-estimated 21 mpg in the city and 28 on the highway. The WRX is available in three trim levels, Base, Premium and Limited.

Safety has always been a major factor with the WRX, making it a very smart buy. All trim levels come standard with both traction and stability control as well as front side airbags, side curtain airbags, a driver-side knee airbag and active front head restraints. Anti-lock disc brakes and all-wheel drive are also standard on all models.

The WRX is a bargain, with all of this performance and safety starting at a very reasonable $26,295 for a base model, running up to $31,195 for a Limited CVT.

A low starting price and plenty of safety features help keep insurance costs down.  

How Much Does WRX Insurance Cost?

Insuring the WRX is fairly reasonable, thanks to its impressive list of safety features. WRX owners can expect to spend roughly $5,200 over the course of five years for insurance. The cost breakdown is:

Year 1: $970

Year 2: $1,000

Year 3: $1,050

Year 4: $1,080

Year 5: $1,100

Insurers like safe vehicles because it lowers their risk of having to pay medical bills, which can quickly add up, even in a small accident. 

Safety features such as airbags, stability control and emergency braking assist make it less likely that you will be hurt in an accident; this lowers an insurers’ risk, and your insurance bill.

Other factors that insurers consider, and that you should consider when shopping for a used vehicle, is the market value of the car as well as the cost to repair the vehicle. The WRX scores well on both counts.  

Where to Find Insurance for the Subaru WRX

Subaru is a well-established brand with a rock-solid reputation for reliability. The WRX is a smart buy, packing in tons of performance and safety features at a fantastic price. Protecting your WRX should be a high priority, and savvy insurance shoppers recognize the value of independent agents.

Trusted Choice independent agents can help you sort through multiple insurance quotes, recommend coverage levels, and do all of the legwork for you. All you have to do is decide which policy best fits your coverage needs and budget.

Make the smart decision and contact an independent agent today about a Subaru WRX insurance policy.

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